Shadowgun: DeadZone Public Beta Hits Google Play, Tegra 3 Devices Only For Now

Madfinger Games has pushed the public beta of Shadowgun:DeadZone into Google Play today, looking for users to help them make the game better. For now, only Tegra 3 devices will be able to take part in the beta, but who knows how long that will last.

As the developers look to improve network and server connections, you can experience some lag in between games, but nothing that should be out of the ordinary for a beta. Anyone looking for some actin-packed multiplayer action should go download this immediately and try and find me in a lobby. Good luck trying to win though.

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Madfinger’s Shadowgun: Deadzone Hits Private Beta, Open to the Public in Coming Weeks

Madfinger Games has been teasing Shadowgun: Deadzone for too long! We just received word that they have opened a private beta to European players and the U.S. will also be receiving the same beta treatment here in the next two weeks.

Madfinger will want to start testing network connections, fixing bugs, and other misc. things that could spell trouble for a massive online multiplayer game such as Deadzone. The open beta for the U.S. will be in Google Play, so everyone that wants to take part can have super easy access.

I am definitely pumped for this release and we’ll let you know as soon as the beta goes live for us here in the States.

Madfinger Teases ShadowGun Deadzone Multiplayer Addition As We Still Await Release Details

We won’t get into how long we’ve been waiting for the multiplayer “Deadzone” version of SHADOWGUN, but do know that we played it all the way back at CES in January and we were told that we could expect a launch in Q1 of this year. As you may have realized, Q1 was really long ago and we’re now sitting in Q4, still awaiting release information.  (more…)

NVIDIA Announces Their TegraZone Player Choice Winners, No Surprises Here

Last month, our friends over at NVIDIA held their first annual Player’s Choice Awards to determine which Tegra-optimized Android title was the best of the best of the best, sir. Major titles such as Shadowgun, GTAIII, Dark Meadow, and many others were up for three top titles – Best Graphics, Best Gameplay, and Best Overall. We had many of our own readers vote, so let’s get down to it.  (more…)

Game Developers Group Together for “Because We May” Promo, Slash Prices on Your Favorite Games

For one week, a team of game developers has collaborated to bring consumers some great titles at discounted prices. This team of smarties has created a website that lists out some of Android’s (along with other platforms) more popular titles such as World of Goo, Shadowgun, Osmos HD, at discounted rates. Buying straight from the developer is a good way of supporting these guys/girls and letting them know that Android is undoubtedly the sweetest mobile platform around. Follow the link below to see if that game you’ve wanted really bad is finally on sale. Also note, that it’s not just Android games being sold – there are apps available for iOS, Mac, and even Steam users. Winning much?

Via: Because We May

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Google Play Deals Have Started, Apps for Just 50 Cents and Daily Google Play Deals

The deals have started in the Google Play Store. Google said they would be hosting a ton of awesome deals, but we didn’t know it would be starting this quick. Games like ShadowGun, Osmos HD, and tons of others are just a $0.50 in the Play Store. From what Google said, we can expect these deals to last for seven days, but we don’t know if they’ll be swapping out apps each day. Might want to hurry and snatch them up quick before the deals disappear.

Also, Google Play Deals which change everyday for this week are just $0.25. Enjoy!

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Google Play Deals 

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SHADOWGUN: The Leftover is Available in the Android Market Now


The expansion pack for SHADOWGUN dubbed “The Leftover” is available today in the Android Market. This new addition can be downloaded through the game if you already own it, bringing you 4 new levels, new enemies, new guns, and a whole lot more. For those that do not already own SHADOWGUN, you will have to fork out the $5 for the game to get this expansion pack. Go get some!

Market Link

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Madfinger Games To Release ShadowGun: Leftover This Week For Android

Fans of the over-the-shoulder shooter ShadowGun are in for a treat. According to the Madfinger Games forums admin RAZO, ShadowGun is about to receive an update this week in the Market which shall include 4 new levels, new enemies, new guns, and a whole lot more. Previously, this version of ShadowGun was exclusively for iOS, but now Android is finally receiving the love.  (more…)