Snapseed and ShadowGun:DeadZone Both Headed to Android Devices in Early 2012

Yesterday at NVIDIA’s press event we got a sneak peak at a couple of apps that are sure to get Android users excited. If you happen to own an i*ad, then it is quite possible that you have heard of Snapseed. It has recently won the “iPad App of the Year” award, but is now coming to Android. The Snapseed application allows users to turn any ordinary photo into a work of art. With its amazing filters and effects software, it is no wonder why it won app of the year.

Another announcement that came from yesterday, is that MadFinger is working on a multiplayer edition of ShadowGun. It’s called ShadowGun: DeadZone and it will keep folks busy for a long time with the ability to play with others just as you would any other online multiplayer shooter.  And from what we saw yesterday, they were playing with Xbox controllers. Oh boy.  (more…)

Tegra 3 Optimized SHADOWGUN Now Available in the Android Market

If you picked up a Transformer Prime (our hands-on) this week…err…if you pre-ordered one and have yet to receive a cancellation notice, then you’ll be excited to know that the Tegra 3 version of SHADOWGUN can now be purchased in the market. Well, you can purchase it once your tablet arrives, whenever that may be. Week of December 19 we were told. Anyone received one yet?

In this quad-core optimized edition, you will find “console-quality water, enhanced rag-doll physics, particle effects, enhanced shaders and dynamic textures.” And all of this is possible thanks to the Tegra 3 chip and it’s ultra-powerful GPU.   (more…)

ShadowGun Previewed On Tegra 3 Device, Running Smoother Than Ever


There is no doubt that ShadowGun can make even the best dual-core processors run a bit laggy.  But what do you get when you try it on a Tegra 3 quad-core device?  You get epic gaming annihilation filled with guns and bacon.  The developer of ShadowGun has been working hard to make sure their game is at tip top shape when NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 launches for the masses.  And from the demo video above, looks like they’re doing a great job.

Your first chance to scoop up a Tegra 3 device will be with the Transformer Prime, which is set for some time this month.  As the excitement builds, so does John Slade’s muscles.


ShadowGun and Sprinkle Now Compatible With Non-Tegra 2 Powered Android Devices

The previous releases of ShadowGun by Madfinger Games and Sprinkle were both for Tegra 2 devices only.  There should be plenty of happy gamers today though, as both games have dropped processor restrictions and shall now work on different types of Android devices.  As you an see in the pic above, all my glorious devices are compatible and that makes me a happy camper.  To top it off, there has been a free version of Sprinkle released and it rocks.  Go have some fun!

ShadowGun Market Link

Sprinkle Market Link | Free Version

Via: Android Next

And the Winner of the NVIDIA and SHADOWGUN Giveaway is…

With the release of SHADOWGUN to Tegra devices yesterday, NVIDIA asked if we would be interested in giving away a tablet and some other prizes to one of our fantastic readers as a way to celebrate. Like we would turn that down, right? So upon agreeing, they shipped us over a Sony Tablet S (powered by Tegra), a Jawbone JAMBOX speaker, and a $25 gift card. The prize packages is valued at over $700 and is one of the more impressive you’ll find anywhere.   (more…)

SHADOWGUN Now Available for Tegra Devices, Win a Sony Tablet S and JAMBOX to Celebrate the Launch!

You all know SHADOWGUN by now, right? The game that brings beautiful console-quality graphics to your Tegra 2 powered device? Well, folks, it has finally been released and can be found through NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone for $4.99.

We have had the game for a couple of weeks now to get a good feel for it and can easily say that this is one of the more graphically impressive games we have ever seen on a tablet. No one is lying when they say “console-quality.” The AI (artificial intelligence) is fairly advanced, the gameplay itself has been thought out precisely for tablets, and the 3D environments are obviously top notch. Again, it looks phenomenal.

You can view the game in action through a number of videos here and here.   (more…)

SHADOWGUN for Tegra 2 Devices Should Be Out October 26

The much anticipated SHADOWGUN that has been demoed and teased for months is finally going to make it to the market, according to Madfinger games who produces it. October 26 is the day for anyone with a Tegra 2 device, meaning it will be available in the Tegra Zone for a price of $4.99.

We have actually had a chance to play it a bit and can easily say that the future of mobile gaming looks very bright. We all know that a quad-core-enhanced version of the game is one the way as well, but trust me, the Tegra version looks very, very impressive.

On a related note, what would you say if I told you that we had a Tegra 2 tablet, Jambox and giftcard to give away to celebrate the release of it? Would you be interested? Stay tuned for details as we approach the launch date.   (more…)