Fastboot Recovery Files Released for the DROID Bionic, These Could Save You in a Pinch

Before we start on this, we’ll just remind you that this stuff is something that should not be taken lightly and we recommend that you do your best to fully understand every step of it before proceeding.  This file should really only be used as a last resort if for some reason you think you have bricked your DROID Bionic.  It flashes in a similar fashion using RSD Lite to what you may remember from all of those SBF files in our early OG and DROIDX days.  It could be a life saver and it could also kill your phone.

Again, proceed with caution.  I would definitely tuck these files away though if you plan on doing anything out of the ordinary with your new device.   (more…)

How to: Return DROID2 Back to Stock 2.2 to Receive Gingerbread Update

We noticed that more than a few of you are having issues receiving the DROID2 Gingerbread update due to the fact that you are rooted, have removed bloatware, etc. and wanted to walk you through the flashing of an SBF file – basically the only way you can return to stock to get official 2.3.3.  We should warn you though, that SBF files wipe your device clean and are also pretty dangerous.  This is one of the few ways that you can actually brick a Motorola phone, so be careful.   (more…)

DROIDX2 SBF (2.2.2) Available for Download

DROIDX2 owners, here is a Saturday treat that you may want to consider downloading and storing away.  The SBF for the current stock 2.2.2 build has been released and can be grabbed from the link below.

Download:  VRZ_MB870.sbf

*Note – In order to use this, you’ll need RSD Lite 5.3.1 and the 5.1 USB drivers.  [Download]

Credit for the SBF goes to daywalker04 at XDA.  Credit to TBH for RSD.

Cheers Kenneth!

App of the Day: SBFportable

Today’s app of the day isn’t an app at all. It’s a program. Currently it’s for the DROIDX but has plans to be applied to all devices.

SBF. Did you just tremble a little? Feel a cold chill climb up your spine? How about the word brick? Well no more fetal positions for those of you that avoid SBF like the plague! A collaboration, spearheaded by WugFresh, between some big time Android players has spawned SBFportable. This is a stand alone and automated program for all Windows computers that takes the scary out of SBF.

For those new to the term SBF, here is a little background.  Let’s say you jump into the rooting game and at some point find your device useless because a ROM flashing went wrong, you decide to go back to stock for an OTA update, or you are for some reason left without a working backup.  Flashing an SBF file will solve all of your problems by returning your device to its stock state.  After flashing an SBF file, you are left with a device whose software looks like it came straight out of a box.

What is SBFportable and how does it work?

…here is the first release of a fully automated standalone live SBF exe built with 1KDS’s latest iso (1KDStaz0.8.iso), MobaLiveCD.exe (standalone vm environment via QEMU), and some batch and VBScript I wrote to make it work. Just download it, and double click and it should do the rest; besides pressing 1 once its all loaded up. The file will silently extract its contents to a temporary directory on your local machine and then run…

WugFresh also points out a bunch of must-dos before using this program such as:

  • Making sure your phone is in bootloader mode.
  • Making sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Making sure your computer is fully charged
  • Understanding that SBF-ing wipes your entire phone clean.
  • Making sure your phone is actually plugged into your computer.

So there ya go. I have used it on my DROIDX to test it (although I’m a Linux flashing addict) and can tell you it is almost too easy. No excuses anymore guys. Get a ROM. Get Gingerbread. Get this file and never look back!

Download:  SBFportable_v0.6.exe

Full support can be found here.

*And the AAS app today is The Impossible Game.