App of the Day: SBFportable

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Today’s app of the day isn’t an app at all. It’s a program. Currently it’s for the DROIDX but has plans to be applied to all devices.

SBF. Did you just tremble a little? Feel a cold chill climb up your spine? How about the word brick? Well no more fetal positions for those of you that avoid SBF like the plague! A collaboration, spearheaded by WugFresh, between some big time Android players has spawned SBFportable. This is a stand alone and automated program for all Windows computers that takes the scary out of SBF.

For those new to the term SBF, here is a little background.  Let’s say you jump into the rooting game and at some point find your device useless because a ROM flashing went wrong, you decide to go back to stock for an OTA update, or you are for some reason left without a working backup.  Flashing an SBF file will solve all of your problems by returning your device to its stock state.  After flashing an SBF file, you are left with a device whose software looks like it came straight out of a box.

What is SBFportable and how does it work?

…here is the first release of a fully automated standalone live SBF exe built with 1KDS’s latest iso (1KDStaz0.8.iso), MobaLiveCD.exe (standalone vm environment via QEMU), and some batch and VBScript I wrote to make it work. Just download it, and double click and it should do the rest; besides pressing 1 once its all loaded up. The file will silently extract its contents to a temporary directory on your local machine and then run…

WugFresh also points out a bunch of must-dos before using this program such as:

  • Making sure your phone is in bootloader mode.
  • Making sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Making sure your computer is fully charged
  • Understanding that SBF-ing wipes your entire phone clean.
  • Making sure your phone is actually plugged into your computer.

So there ya go. I have used it on my DROIDX to test it (although I’m a Linux flashing addict) and can tell you it is almost too easy. No excuses anymore guys. Get a ROM. Get Gingerbread. Get this file and never look back!

Download:  SBFportable_v0.6.exe

Full support can be found here.

*And the AAS app today is The Impossible Game.



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