NVIDIA is Making Project SHIELD a “Truly Great Piece of Hardware”

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Free-to-play may be all the rage right now, but NVIDIA doesn’t want that to mean that their new Project SHIELD will be anything cheap or cheaply made. SHIELD will carry all sorts of games on its platform, from free-to-play all the way up to triple A blockbusters from big name development companies.

NVIDIA wants to do something special with their new project, but doesn’t want people to think that open operating system and open game selection will mean this will be a lower quality device. They don’t want to be razor or printer companies who only profit on the sales of razor blades and printer ink to make their money. NVIDIA is planning on making an awesome handheld, “one that fits comfortably in your hand, delights your eyes and blows out your ears.” Don’t expect this piece of hardware to be on the cheap end of anyone’s budget when it launches.




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