Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Finally Launching for American Android Users Tomorrow? (Update: It’s Live!)

Plants vs Zombies 2

PopCap took to its official Plants Vs. Zombies page on Facebook, hypebeasting what could be the release of Plants Vs. Zombies 2 for American Android users. Finally finally finally. It was launched just a little bit ago for iOS, and there were plenty of conspiracy theorists out there saying Apple paid PopCap off to hold back on an Android release. Who knows if that was the case.  (more…)

Apple Reportedly Paid EA a ‘Truckload’ of Money to Keep Plants vs. Zombies 2 a Temporary iOS Exclusive

Plants vs Zombies 2

The timeline has gone from “early summer” to “summer” all the way down to “sometime this fall.” Even still, PopCap and EA assure us that Plants vs. Zombies 2 is coming eventually. The delay of the Android version of this game has gotten out of hand, but news today straight from inside EA say that there is a reason behind it: Apple has paid to keep it delayed.  (more…)

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Finally Arrives Tomorrow…on iOS


Well, it’s August and Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is finally launches tomorrow. Wait a tick, what’s that? Do we see an iOS-exclusive launch taking place? That’s right, PopCap’s sequel to the incredibly successful first Plants Vs. Zombies is not launching on any other platform besides iOS, at least for the time being. Are we incredibly shocked? No, not at all, but it still sucks for big PvZ fans like us.

When it was announced that it was hitting iOS, users took to Twitter to find out about support for their favorite mobile platform. According to the official Twitter for PvZ, there is no news to share at this time regarding a release for other platforms, but that we should “stay tuned.”  (more…)

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Finally Launches, Although It’s a Soft Launch in Australia and New Zealand

Plants vs Zombies 2

Could Plants vs. Zombies 2 be the next Duke Nukem Forever? Sure, they haven’t been developing the game for more than a decade or anything, but with all of these delays and soft launches, it sort of feels like it. Today, PopCap’s Sr. Producer Allen Murray, took to the company’s blog to announce the availability or lack thereof of their upcoming mega title.

The game has technically launched, but it’s a soft launch that is taking place in only Australia and New Zealand. Yeah, that’s kind of a bummer for anyone who has been waiting for this sequel since earlier this year.  (more…)

Video: PopCap Posts Up Some Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Sneak Peeks

Plants vs Zombies

If you have the patience to stand when companies post ten second teaser videos for upcoming games, then this should put a big smile on your face. PopCap, the makers of the original Plants vs. Zombies game, began their teasing process for the upcoming mobile title, Plants vs. Zombies 2. From the entire twenty seconds we have seen so far, we know there will be pirate zombies, as well as some other characters that we aren’t as certain about.

Check below for the two trailers they have already released, plus they promise to release others in the short future. Hooray. (more…)

PopCap to Launch Plants vs. Zombies Sequel in 2013

Plants vs. Zombies, one of the more entertaining mobile games of the last few years, will have a sequel some time in the first half of 2013, according to the game’s creators. This morning, PopCap announced that the “underground growth” of the new PvZ is expected to launch by “late spring 2013.” They plan to introduce a bevy of new features, settings, situations, “designed to delight the franchise’s tens of millions of fans.”

Personally, I can’t wait. Plants vs. Zombies was one of those games that Android enthusiasts had to wait what seemed like an extraordinary amount of time to get. Hopefully this time around, they launch on a variety of platforms.  (more…)

Peggle Released on Android, is FREE Today from Amazon

PopCap released Peggle onto Android today through the Amazon Appstore and as expected, is free.  The game itself is pretty silly, meaning it reminds us of Plinko from the Price is Right, but with a unicorn as the host instead of our main man, Bob Barker.  Yeah, we get that this is one of those super popular games from iOS, but man, 75MB for a kids game?  OK, that may be a little harsh after just 5 minutes with it, so we’ll instead leave it to you guys to tell us why we should obsess over this for the next few days.

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