Google App Update Wednesday: Maps, Camera, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and So Damn Many More

You probably already realized this, since we wrote up three Google apps with updates before noon, but yes, today is Wednesday and that means Google is unleashing new goodies upon us. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the updates that have already rolled out today (some yesterday too), along with download links and details to their changes (if they have any). A bunch of these updates are minor bug fixes, but a few do have substantial changes.

Should other apps receive updates, we will try our best to update the list.

Go get ‘em!  (more…)

Google Offering Up Free eBook on Android Photography Through Google Play

free book

Google is currently sending out invitations for Android users to download a free copy of Android Photography, an eGuide written to assist smartphone users in taking better pictures. The book is written by Colby Brown, a professional photographer who specializes in fine art, so you know you at least have someone that is quite competent in walking you through the process. (more…)

Android 4.2.2 “Jelly Bean” Headed to Google TV, Play Books Gets an Update


There is a ton of good stuff coming out of this year’s Google I/O, so while we take a break from the madness, let’s try to get you caught up on the happenings. Last night, an update was pushed out to Google Play Books, allowing for users to upload their own files such as PDFs and EPUBs. There is also a refreshed design for your library and table of contents pages.  (more…)

Pre-Order Your Books Straight From Google Play Starting Today

Starting right now, book lovers can start to pre-order upcoming titles that they can’t wait for right through Google Play. There is a new page dedicated entirely to pre-orders, which is a nice way of seeing what is soon to hit the market. This is cool for the bookworms, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some music pre-orders in the future.

Raise your hand if you actually buy books from Google Play.

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Google Play Books “Turns the Page” With Update – Adds Dictionary, Notes, and More

If reading on your Android device is something you do from time to time, then it may have become a bit easier today, thanks to an update that Google pushed out to Play Books.  The update adds a few features that basically makes it a brand new app. When you open the app after the update, you’ll find additions such as a quick translation tool, a dictionary feature, the ability to highlight and take notes, and even Places, which shows you a certain location on Google Maps when it’s mentioned on the page.

Go pick up the update and let us know what you think.

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