Google Reveals Redesigned Play Books App Optimized for Nonfiction

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The deluge of Google app updates shows no sign of abating. Today, Google announced a major update for Play Books that features a redesigned reading experienced “optimized for nonfiction books.”

Scott Dougall, director of product management for Google Play Books, posits that eBooks are great when you read them in a sitting but not so great for particular genres, like travel guides and journals. The solution, he writes, was to remake the interface so that jumping between spots of a text and browsing annotations became faster and simpler.

Page navigation is quicker in the new Play Books thanks to a revamped table of contents view, which shows the subsections of chapters in supported titles. Bookmarks have been streamlined into Quick Bookmarks, which let you more easily hop to saved spots. And Skim Mode lets you browse pages in a zoomed-out, searchable view for a broad overview of content, all or part of which can be bookmarked.

The update is scheduled to roll out soon.

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