Mega-Gallery: Ice Cream Sandwich Walk-through from Nexus S Port

One of the first fully working Ice Cream Sandwich ports has been produced and made public to anyone with a Nexus S. Kellex and I just spent the last hour drooling, ooohing and awing over this thing on our very own devices – it’s super impressive. It’s not the Android 4.0 that you saw at the Hong Kong event and is instead the version we saw a few weeks prior running on none other than a Nexus S. It works, has almost all of the goodies you have been teased with, and will likely make the Nexus S our weekly driver for the next week or so until the Galaxy Nexus is released.

So what we have for you below then, is a massive gallery of how almost all of the new features in ICS will look. You will see the new launcher, widgets, Gmail, camera app, dialer, People app, gallery, keyboard, browser, swiping notifications, Google Talk account switching, etc. If you need a rehashing of all things Android 4.0, we hope this helps.   (more…)

Galaxy Nexus ICS vs. Nexus S ICS – So Many Differences

We are doing our best to forget about the fact that Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus will not be unveiled next week at CTIA, and have instead found ourselves analyzing the hell out of the two ICS videos that have popped up in the last week. There are so many differences in them that we just had to point them out to everyone to get community opinions.

The first video we attached is from the Nexus S running ICS that was reportedly purchased on eBay.  It looks almost exactly as we had all pictured in our minds – Honeycomb turned tiny.  The second video is from this morning’s mega-leak featuring the G-Nex. It’s almost like the grown up or more polished version of ICS that we had actually hoped for.  One looks minimal yet sophisticated and buttery – the other looks like stock tablet Honeycomb, which is not necessarily a compliment.

So let’s dive into the differences that we easily spotted and then talk about them afterwards.   (more…)

Nexus S Purchased on eBay Gives Us a 2-Minute Ice Cream Sandwich Preview (Video)

It was only a matter of time before someone jumped on eBay to buy a phone only to find that it came pre-loaded with the latest and for-the-most part unseen version of Android aka Ice Cream Sandwich.  The Nexus S pictured above and on video below was just released over at Engadget, giving us a fabulous look at Android 4.0 and all of its cyan-greenish tints, Honeycomb lock screen, recently used app scroller, and more.   (more…)

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Today in other Android news…

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Who Says NFC Was Only Built for Making Payments? How About Unlocking Doors Too.

YouTube Preview Image

With all of this Google Wallet and Nexus S talk this week, we wanted to point out that NFC can do more than just make and receive payments.  In fact, after watching the video above that demonstrates how Near Field Communication can also be used to do things like unlock your house, we are more excited than ever for companies to start widely adopting it.  Now, the phone in the video is clearly an iPhone, but just imagine it as your Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

What other uses can we get out of NFC?  I’m thinking cars, right?  We already have keyless entry and start-ups, why not NFC too?  Can you imagine how lovely life would be if you didn’t have to carry around 3 different sets of keys all of the time?

Via:  Engadget

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Android Back in Space – Nexus S Gets Down With Some Spheres

YouTube Preview Image

To break up talk from that other phone that seems to be popping up so often, we wanted to share this latest video from the Android team that features the Nexus S back in space.  Pretty cool to see some of the smartest people on the face of the Earth talk about how they chose Android because it’s easy to program for and easier to customize to their liking.  Anyone ever envision that an Android-powered device would be helping control spheres and robots from space so that humans can sit back home in safety from the evil things that are surely to be seen in Apollo 18?  Wait…I just wait fictional on fact.  Apologies.

Via:  Google Mobile

Swype Beta To Receive Updated Version This Week, Lacks New Skin

If all you Swypers have been waiting for an update to your keyboards, then start checking your Swype Installer this week. Word from Swype HQ is that updates will begin rolling out soon (hopefully tomorrow), and it will bring your Swype version to the same that runs on Sprint’s Nexus S 4G. Unfortunately, it is said to lack the black sexy skin that Sprint’s version rocks so well.

Thankfully, we have an unofficial word from an official member of Swype’s team that everything in these updates will soon be leaning towards custom skinning ability. Why this has been such a hard thing for them to implement beats us, but later is better than never. No word on official changelog yet, but once we get the press release, we will be sure to post it.

Everyone still rocking Swype, or have you moved on to bigger and better things? Let us know.

Via: Android Police