All Versions of the Samsung Nexus S are Free Tomorrow Through Best Buy

If you can’t handle the skins that phone manufacturers continue to put on top of Android and need something 100% stock and clean, then you may want to head into a Best Buy tomorrow and pick up a Samsung Nexus S.  All variants (3G version on T-Mobile or AT&T / 4G version on Sprint) will be free when you sign up for a new contract by either setting up a new line or upgrading a current handset.

While this device may not have dual-core this and that, it’s still one of the fastest and most stable devices you’ll ever use.  As a “Nexus” device, you won’t find another handset in the world with this pure of an Android experience.  When I first picked up a Nexus S back in April, I couldn’t even explain to anyone how refreshing it was to have a device that was left completely untouched.

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AT&T Announces the Nexus S, Leaving Verizon as the Only Major U.S. Carrier Without It

Yeah, that just happened.  The Samsung Nexus S has been announced for AT&T, leaving Verizon as the only major carrier in the country without it.  You can pre-order it today through for just $99 on new two-year contract or pick it up in stores on July 24.  It’s not the HSPA+ edition you were hoping for either – it’s essentially just like T-Mobile’s version which runs on regular ol’ 3G.

Back to the point made in the title though…hello, Verizon?  Let’s make something happen here, guys.  At least with the Nexus One, we could say, “Well, Sprint doesn’t have one either!”  That argument no longer works though.  Now, we all adore and love the “DROID” franchise to death, but can a brother get a little stock Android lovin’ from time-to-time?

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Android 2.3.5 is Up Next for Phones? Will Enable NFC Secure Element for Google Wallet

Yesterday, news broke suggesting that the Samsung Nexus S 4G on Sprint would be receiving an update to GRJ90 which would activate the secure element in its NFC chip to allow Google Wallet to work.  We’re now under the impression that this update will also bump up the device’s Android OS version to 2.3.5 from 2.3.4.  While the device you are looking at above has a slightly older build number of GRJ85, our tipster assures us that it is the update that was made to work with Google Wallet  and is the reason we believe it will see the bump to .5.

And no, it’s not just a “build.prop edit.”  Enjoy the pics of Google Wallet.      (more…)

A Closer Look at the DROIDX2 and its qHD Display, PenTile at its Not-so-Finest

When the Motorola Atrix 4G first came out with its “qHD” display, we were all expecting it to be the second coming of some religious figure, but after being analyzed by sites like AnandTech, the term “PenTile” was brought into the light and quickly became the downer it word of the moment.  So naturally, when the DROIDX2 (our hands-on) was released to Verizon and sporting that same “qHD” display, we started digging into it to see what we could find.   (more…)

Google Preparing to Launch NFC Mobile Payment System May 26?

Google is inviting media members to a special event on May 26th in New York and Bloomberg has pegged it as the launch of a new NFC payment system through Sprint using the newly available Nexus S 4G.  If they are right, the first 5 cities to see the service would be NYC, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.  Both Google and Sprint would not comment on the matter, but the timing couldn’t be better with Apple’s WWDC starting up the next week.  If a new iPhone is not announced, Analysts are still expecting something big to come out of it; possibly a cloud service or even a similar NFC payment system for this fall’s iPhone 4S.  This would be the second time in a month that Google has announced a brand new, game changing service.

Personally this one excites the heck out of me.  I’m sure there will be thousands of questions about security when it comes to waving your device in front of something to make a payment, but think of how streamlined your life could become?  Sign me up.

So what do you guys think?  Ready to just swipe your device and pay for those 4 happy hour martinis?

Via:  Bloomberg

Verizon Nexus S Pops Up in Android Market – Real, Fake or Just Confusing? (Updated)

Update:  There is absolutely no way to tell if this is 100% real, so we’re moving on from it.  You can apparently edit the HTML with Chrome’s developer tools as well to show whatever device you want.  Sorry all.  Form your own opinions, but we’re sticking with the strong possibility of it being fake.

Update 2:  The guy has now admitted that he changed his build.prop to get Netflix working and that’s why it is showing up like this.  He has apologized, and like we already said, are moving on with life.  Sorry folks!

So as many of you know, we received the picture from above of a Verizon Samsung Nexus S, but were quickly skeptical of it being real due to the fact that you can easily update the name of your device in your Market Account settings.  We shoved the post back to page two because we didn’t want to lead you all on, and then we received this second shot from the same reader to help his case.

Here is his Market Account settings page with the make, model and carrier showing as the Verizon Samsung Nexus S.  These fields cannot be altered from what I can tell, so now we’re back to just being confused.  This screen is also showing that he (or someone) used the device today and that it was registered back in April, but the guy swears he doesn’t own one.

So again, did a tester’s Nexus S somehow get attached to his account?  Are we all being duped?  What?

We’ll let you guys decide.

Nexus S Android 2.3.4 Available to Download for Some Models

The Android 2.3.4 update for the Nexus S is available to download, although you need to know which version of the NS you have, what baseband, and what your current Android build is.  Right now, there are two builds available, but again, make sure you match up your device with the proper build below.

(All info pulled from this XDA thread.)

Currently available:

Model: i9020T, i9023
Baseband: KB1
Build: GRI40

Model: i9023
Baseband: unknown (will not work with KB3)
Build: GRI54

Still waiting on files for these versions to be released:

i9020A: GRI54, KB2
i9023: GRI54, KB3
i9020T: GRI54, KB3
i9020T: GRH78C, JK8
i9020T: GRH78, JK8

If you are one of the unfortunate ones like me that are waiting for yours to arrive, you’ll want to pay close attention to the XDA thread referenced at the top of the post.  It likely won’t be too long now before we’re all up on 2.3.4.

@GoogleNexus is about to announce something, any guesses?

Google’s Nexus Twitter account has been teasing us for 3 hours now and since we’re seeing all sorts of guesses on Twitter, we thought we’d just bring the question to the masses.  Any ideas on what they might announce?  Free Nexus S 4Gs for all I/O attendees?  A Verizon Nexus (hah, right)?  A new phone altogether?  Android 2.3.4?

As always, let us see your thoughts in the comments…