Android 4.3 Factory Images Already Available for Nexus 4, 7, 10, and GSM Galaxy Nexus

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.00.49 AM

And just like that, we’ve got Android 4.3 (JWR66V) factory images already available for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (WiFi and HSPA), Nexus 10, and GSM Galaxy Nexus (takju and yakju) variants.

If you don’t want to wait for the OTA to arrive or a .zip to flash, you can always flash factory images in adb. These do wipe your phone though, so keep that in mind.

Via:  Google Developers

[Deal] Woot Selling Refurbished 32GB Nexus 10 for $380

nexus 10 woot

For the next two days (or until they run out), Woot is selling the 32GB version of the Google Nexus 10 for $380. That’s a heck of a deal. The retail 32GB version of Google’s big-screened tablet runs $499 through Google Play, so even though this is refurbished, you are saving yourselves at least $100. When you compare it to the 16GB version, you are still saving yourself around $20, plus some shipping costs. Shipping on Woot is $5, while Google currently only has a $13 2-day shipping option.

Again, this is refurbished and not brand spankin’ new, though some would argue that refurbished models perform better than new since manufacturers have had a chance to fix issues.

Via:  Woot

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Refurbished Nexus 10 Tablets Show Up on Groupon, Priced at $429.99


It’s hard to pass up a good Groupon sometimes, especially when it focuses on a flagship Android device. Today, they’re offering up a refurbished Nexus 10 32GB for the price of $429.99, down from its list price of $499.99. That’s a total of $70 in discounts, plus on orders of $15 or more (or something like that), shipping is free. Kind of a win/win if buying a refurb’d device doesn’t bother you.  (more…)

Quick Look: Portenzo BookCase for Google Nexus 10

Port 2 Header

Since the release of Portenzo’s custom bookcases for the Nexus 7 tablet (review here), we have been major fans. Made from high quality materials, Portenzo cases are pretty much the definition of what I look for when I think about protecting or covering up my tablets. Once we heard they were beginning production of bookcases for the Nexus 10, we knew we would be picking one up.  (more…)

New Nexus 4 Accessories Arrive on Google Play – Headphones With Microphone, USB Cable, and Power Adapter

nexus headphones

Moments ago, Google introduced three new accessories to the Nexus 4 family. The N4 listings include a pair of wired headphones for $19.99, standard USB cable for $9.99, and a power adapter at $15.99.

The accessories aren’t necessarily anything groundbreaking from what we can tell, but the headphones do at least include flat tangle-free cords, aluminum backing, double rubber ear pieces, and a microphone for taking calls. The USB cable and power adapter on the other hand, are exactly what you think they are. Need a spare charger combo? I guess this is an option.  (more…)