Quick Look: Portenzo BookCase for Google Nexus 10

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Since the release of Portenzo’s custom bookcases for the Nexus 7 tablet (review here), we have been major fans. Made from high quality materials, Portenzo cases are pretty much the definition of what I look for when I think about protecting or covering up my tablets. Once we heard they were beginning production of bookcases for the Nexus 10, we knew we would be picking one up.  (more…)

New Nexus 4 Accessories Arrive on Google Play – Headphones With Microphone, USB Cable, and Power Adapter

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Moments ago, Google introduced three new accessories to the Nexus 4 family. The N4 listings include a pair of wired headphones for $19.99, standard USB cable for $9.99, and a power adapter at $15.99.

The accessories aren’t necessarily anything groundbreaking from what we can tell, but the headphones do at least include flat tangle-free cords, aluminum backing, double rubber ear pieces, and a microphone for taking calls. The USB cable and power adapter on the other hand, are exactly what you think they are. Need a spare charger combo? I guess this is an option.  (more…)

Android 4.2.2 “JDQ39″ Binaries Now Available

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Google has released the Android 4.2.2 “JDQ39″ binaries and will now begin pushing the code to the Android Open Source Project. These files, available for the full range of Nexus devices, will greatly benefit anyone looking to make their own ROM’s and or anyone hoping to see new ROM’s completed for any number of devices should be excited by this news.

If you dev, go grab it now.

Via: Google Developers

Day 5 Contest: Win a Nexus 10 16GB From Droid Life! #5daysofnexus (Updated: Winner Picked)


The final day is here! Our week long series of Nexus giveaways known as the 5 Days of Nexus finishes today, with a reader approved Nexus 10 16GB. We asked via poll which Nexus you would be most interested in winning, and 58% said that the Samsung-made Nexus 10 would be it. So here we are, giving away a tablet with an insane resolution to one of the amazing readers here at Droid Life.

This contest will run a bit longer, with a winner being chosen on Monday morning. The Nexus 10 is a solid prize, plus today is Friday, so we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to enter.

Good luck!  (more…)

Poll: What Nexus Device Should We Give Away Tomorrow?

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With tomorrow being the last day of the 5 Days of Nexus giveaways, we figured it would be swell of us to let you, the readers, decide which device you want most. You can either go for LG’s Nexus 4, the ASUS Nexus 7, or Samsung Nexus 10.

So, what will it be?

What shall the fifth day of Nexus prize be?

  • Nexus 10 16GB (58%, 2,683 Votes)
  • Nexus 4 8GB (25%, 1,170 Votes)
  • Nexus 7 32GB (17%, 770 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,611

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