Minecraft Now Available for Samsung Gear VR, Priced at $6.99

For anyone who owns a Gear VR and compatible smartphone, Minecraft Gear VR is now available from the Oculus Store. Priced at $6.99, Minecraft Gear VR brings the same experience as Minecraft: Pocket Edition, but this time, you can be inside the world that you create. Both a survival and creative mode is available for playing, but more importantly, multiplayer is completely supported.  (more…)

Alpha Test Minecraft: Realms, a Cross-Platform Multiplayer Experience

Ahead of official launch, which isn’t even scheduled yet, users can alpha test the upcoming Minecraft: Realms game, an actual cross-platform multiplayer experience for fans of Minecraft. At launch, Minecraft: Realms will allow players on iOS, Android, PC, and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft (Xbox One) to be in the same world simultaneously, bringing that teamwork spirit that was so popular when Minecraft first launched for PC way back in the day.  (more…)

Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode is on Sale for Just $0.49

For a limited time on Google Play, you can pick up Minecraft: Story Mode, published and created by Telltale Games, for only $0.49. Typically priced at $4.99, this is quite a deal for fans of Minecraft and Telltale.

In this game, you play as a team of Minecraft realm dwellers, tasked with saving your world from dark, magical powers. You will travel across the land all of the way to the Nether in your quest to make your home safe again from the Ender Dragon. All five parts of this episodic series are available for multiple platforms, and your $0.49 purchase unlocks the first chapter. Once you are completed with that, you can purchase a season pass or each chapter individually via an IAP.  (more…)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update With Player Skins and Fishing is Now Available

Last week, an update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition was teased by the Mojang team, and this week, the update is available for all to download on Google Play. Inside, players can now customize their character’s skin, allowing for a more entertaining walk through the caves. Players are given a few free skins, while other skins can be purchased via IAPs. You can also upload your own skin via the web, then apply it for free.  (more…)