Minecraft Pocket Edition Updated, Survival Mode Now Available

The update all Minecraft fans have been waiting for is finally available. Developers have added the much needed, “Survival Mode” for users to play with. There’s now zombies, and sheep that PC users have grown custom to. More mobs are to follow. Along with the entirely new mode, Creative mode users can now fly around the map for easy masterpiece building. Happy building!

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Say Hello To Minicraft, 8-Bit Minecraft Goodness For Your Android Device

Who doesn’t love a well put together 8-bit game? From the creator of the underground cult classic Minecraft, comes Minicraft. Created as a contest entry, Notch gives you life in a world of finite resources. After your resources have been depleted though, it is time to kill the Air Wizard. You explore the world, chop down trees, mine rocks, and of course, kill zombies. But unlike Minecraft, Minicraft has a single purpose:

The goal of the game is to kill the only other sentient being in the world, making sure you’ll be alone forever.

Kind of a sad theme, but let’s face it, Notch is a genius. Controls were a bit tough at first, but if you have the right amount of screen real estate, then getting the hang of it shouldn’t be too difficult. It was created for PC, but has been unofficially ported to Android by Folstad Consulting Inc. Cheers to them for allowing us to play this great game on our mobile devices. Down below is a YouTube video of the Yogscast performing a livestream of the game. It will most definitely give a helping sense of how the game works.  (more…)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Finally Crafted, Is Live In The Market Now

After suffering a mysterious delay on their game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition creators have finished their work at the crafting bench and came out with something more awesome than a diamond pickaxe. The game is now available for download in the Market.

That means you can get started on punching trees and tilling soil and building houses while you are on the go instead of being tied down to your computer. If that all sounds really boring, you probably have not played Minecraft before, and should definitely give it a try. The demo is free but the full version will run you $6.99. And trust me, if it takes up as many hours as the computer version, it will be the most cost efficient game you’ve ever purchased. (I have over 150 hours in the console version for a ~$20 game.)


Update: The game is now available for many Android devices through the Android Market. Go get it!

Wondering Where The Minecraft Release Is? Doesn’t Look Like It’s Coming Today

A tweet sent out by a worker at Mojang has outed the reason we haven’t heard any news about the supposed re-release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition which was due out today. Dang those pesky bugs. The new release will give almost all Android phones the ability to run the underground cult classic with touchscreen controls, as long as they fix the bugs first.

Last minute bug fixes are just how the development game works, so no worries. We are sure this will make the app better in the long run. We’ll keep you posted.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition To Be Released For Wider Selection Of Android Devices Sept. 29th

Looks like the Sony Xperia Play’s exclusive grip on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft is coming to an end – which is wonderful, since many people wondered when it would have a wider release for Android. Miners can now look forward to September 29th as the date that the ‘rest of us’ get to build our sand castles.

Accompanied with this great news is also a video of Pocket Edition’s on-screen controls. Who wants to go stomping through some dungeons and destroy some zombies with me?  (more…)

Minecraft Pocket Edition Released For Android, But Don’t Get Too Excited Yet

Prepare to cry tears of joy my fellow Minecrafters. Mojang has just recently published Minecraft for Android on the Market. But don’t get too far ahead of yourselves if you do not own an Xperia Play. Minecraft has been released with only one compatible device for the next month or so, and yes, it’s the Play. The full edition of the app will run you $7, so that isn’t anything to cringe too much at, since we were expecting a $10 price tag.  (more…)