Facebook Beats Out Google Maps as 2012′s Most Used App Thanks to iPhone 5

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During the early parts of 2012, Google Maps was doing great. It led the top ten pack of monthly unique visitors against some stiff competition, mostly themselves, but there was still Facebook, Pandora, and Yahoo! Messenger (somehow). Out of the top ten most used apps in 2012 on iOS and Android, Google owns five of them, which is pretty impressive to say the least.  (more…)

Google Teaming Up With Kia and Other Car Makers to Bring Google Maps to Vehicles

Tesla (1)

As an Android fan, I know I’ve looked at some car navigation systems before and thought “Google Maps does this so much better.” Today’s news sounds like a few car manufacturers felt the same way. Hyundai and Kia have partnered with Google so that their UVO voice system now works with Google Search, Maps and Places APIs to find you all sorts of cool stuff while you’re driving from place to place.

Those two companies join the likes of Audi, Mercedes and Tesla as manufacturers who all include the suite of Google apps in their vehicles. Google Maps is one of the most detailed databases and putting that in dashboards of cars is infinitely useful. Let’s hope that more companies catch onto this down the road.

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Australian Police: Using Apple Maps Could Be Fatal

According to Australian law enforcement personnel, a flaw discovered in Apple’s Maps application could prove deadly for motorists if action is not taken. Pictured above is the city of Mildura, although that is not where the city is actually located. Apple has placed the town some 40 miles in the Outback, an environment that if not prepared for or you happen to become stranded in, offers very little in terms of road side service.

Unfortunately, a few Maps users have already found themselves in this situation, needing to be rescued by emergency crews and were found with zero water supply.  (more…)

Google Updates Maps API, Allows App Developers to Completely Utilize Software

Today, Google released an updated Google Maps API, allowing developers to take advantage of the insanely advanced Maps software that Google has slaved over for years. With new access to vector-based imagery, gesture features such as tilt/zoom, and Map layers (traffic, terrain, satellite), apps that use Google Maps just got a whole lot more exciting to use.

I myself don’t develop, but Google sure does like to make it look easy.

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TomTom Debuts for Android, $50 and Good Luck Finding a Device It’s Compatible With

TomTom has finally arrived for Android. Although, I can think of one platform that might benefit from it much more than we can. All joking aside, TomTom is one of the more well-known names in navigation and the application brings 3.7GB of maps and route data straight to your Android device. It doesn’t get much more intense than this.  (more…)

Apple’s Tim Cook Apologizes for Maps Debacle, Says App “Fell Short”

In a somewhat surprising turn of events this morning, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook posted a letter to their customers to address the Maps situation in iOS6. As you all know, the Maps app that Apple has created is, to put it nicely, atrocious. Turn-by-turn directions lead people to opposite sides of town from their actual destination, entire cities are missing, data is appearing that changed decades ago, businesses are showing as being located in bodies of water, etc. It’s a mess. In fact, it’s such a mess, that we couldn’t help but poke a little fun at the entire fiasco.

In Cook’s letter, he admits that Apple “fell short” on their commitment to release a Maps app that lives up to their “world-class” standards. He actually went as far as to suggest alternatives while they work “non-stop” until maps lives up to those high standards. And yep, Google Maps mobile browser version even came up.

I can’t help but think, “Wow, Apple admitting wrong? When was the last time this happened?”

And you’ll notice that he offers no time frame for a quality Maps app. Basically, Apple fans, you better cozy up to Waze, Bing, or MapQuest, because it’s going to be a while.  (more…)

iPhone Owners Waiting on Google Maps App, the Wait is Over – It’s Not Coming

In a recent outing, Google’s Eric Schmidt made one thing very clear – Google has no Maps application in the works for iOS devices. According to Schmidt, the decision was entirely Apple’s and he still feels that they should have stuck with Google’s app. Both Google and Apple were in constant communication on the matter, but in the long run, Apple decided to go with a homegrown alternative instead.  (more…)