Madfinger’s Shadowgun: DeadZone Official Launch Pinned For November 15

The beta is coming to a close, folks. This morning, Madfinger Games released the official launch trailer for Shadowgun: DeadZone, which gives us a November 15 release date. For those that have been playing the beta with me, don’t worry, your stats should be carrying over and you won’t lose any of your rankings. When it does go live, it’s expected to be free-to-play which is a huge plus for fans of the series.  (more…)

Madfinger Has Halloween Themed Update for Dead Trigger Coming Out


I don’t know about you, but I still love blowing the heads off of zombies. Yesterday, Madfinger Games announced that a special Halloween-themed edition of Dead Trigger would land on Google Play. Naturally, it’s “coming soon” with no official date, but I would guess this Friday or next Monday at the latest.

From the image above, we can see there’s some pumpkin-brained zombies and maybe there will even be some new weapons and maps? And speaking of Madfinger, have you tried out the Shadowgun:DeadZone beta? It’s still my favorite game at the moment.  (more…)

Madfinger Teases ShadowGun Deadzone Multiplayer Addition As We Still Await Release Details

We won’t get into how long we’ve been waiting for the multiplayer “Deadzone” version of SHADOWGUN, but do know that we played it all the way back at CES in January and we were told that we could expect a launch in Q1 of this year. As you may have realized, Q1 was really long ago and we’re now sitting in Q4, still awaiting release information.  (more…)

Madfinger’s Dead Trigger Update Goes Live, Early Buyers Receive Good Compensation

Madfinger pushed an update for Dead Trigger this morning. If you happen to be one of the many people who bought the game for a dollar before it was made free due to “unbelievably high piracy rates,” you’re going to love this update. For those that purchased, there is a brand new alien gun, new Story missions, new items such as a laser turret and mini-mortars, and free gold + Casino chips. Not bad.  (more…)

Madfinger Credits “Unbelievably High” Piracy Rates on Android for Price Change to Dead Trigger

Last week, Madfinger Games published an updated version of Dead Trigger to Google Play. Along with the massive update, the publisher also decided to drop the game’s price from a low $0.99 to completely free. Many early buyers were somewhat confused by this decision and took to Madfinger’s social media outlets to see if they intended on either refunding people’s money or would give them all in-app credit.  (more…)

Dead Trigger’s “More Blood, More Guns, More Gadgets” Update is Live (Update: It’s Now Free to Play)


According to Madfinger’s Facebook page, the Dead Trigger V1.1.0 update is live. Now that the app is uploaded to Google Play, all we have to do is wait for it to become visible to users. The update brings additional gadgets, guns, and brain splattering goodness to the title which was already a huge hit with most FPS lovers.  (more…)

Madfinger’s Dead Trigger to Receive Major Update: “More Blood, More Guns, More Gadgets”

Once Madfinger’s Dead Trigger hit Google Play, it instantly skyrocketed to the top of the charts and has since been able to maintain a very high popularity level among mobile gamers. With its insanely awesome graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and endless amount of zombie killing, Madfinger Games is looking to make it even more brutal with the games newest V1.1.0 update.