Madfinger Games Celebrating 4 Year Anniversary by Updating Popular Titles This Month

There are few companies out there that have taken the mobile gaming industry by storm quite like Madfinger Games. This is the company behind games we have been playing for a long time, such as DEAD TRIGGER, Shadowgun and Samurai Vengeance. Four years and 60 million downloads of their games later, here we are today, and Madfinger wants to celebrate by giving us more of what we love.  (more…)

Dead Trigger 2 Launch on Android Imminent, Get Your Trigger Fingers Ready (Updated: It’s Live!)

dead trigger 2

It is always nice when a game company announces a launch date and sticks to it, unlike some games we know. Madfinger Games, the studio behind the popular Dead Trigger series, said that October 23 was the day that we could expect to get back to killing zombies and they were not lying. Dead Trigger 2 is about to launch on Android fairly soon.  (more…)

New Dead Trigger 2 Trailer Shows Off the Tegra 4 Enhanced Environments

Dead Trigger 2

Madfinger released a new trailer this morning for their upcoming release, Dead Trigger 2, showcasing the work they have been doing with NVIDIA’s fancy new Tegra 4 processor. Thanks to the Tegra 4, game developers have been able to greatly enhance the environments and graphics that players see as they make their way through various feature-rich levels killing hordes of zombies.  (more…)