#TBT: Instagram Now Available for Android, iOS Users Lose Their Sh*t

Back in April of 2012, big things happened. The walled city of Instagram was no longer exclusive to those with an iPhone, and let me tell you, existing citizens of that city were not too happy. In fact, many folks took to social media to decry Instagram’s support of Android. One comment posted to Twitter reads, “Instagram is now available for Android phones. Now I’m going to be forced to see what poor people eat for dinner.”

Interestingly enough, at the exact same time, many Android users didn’t understand the hype surrounding the release. Even on this site, one reader said, “I don’t care about lame, overused, and utterly useless photo filters.” Oh, good sir, Instagram is so much more than just photo filters, and only 4 years later are we really seeing how big Instagram has become. Remember, Facebook thought Instagram was worth $1 billion back in 2012, and only a couple of years later in 2014, Citigroup valued Instagram at $35 billion. Now, in 2016, the service only seems to keep growing and adding new features. Pretty good for a service that only lets you add filters to photos and share them, right? (more…)

Poll: Do You Like the Instagram Redesign?

It’s no secret, the Internet’s inhabitants are not too thrilled with Instagram’s new icon. Yeah, it’s sorta bright and obnoxious, but what about the revamped UI? Do people like that? Well, let’s find out.

Earlier this morning, Instagram made official changes to the UI, switching from its long-standing blue-hue look, to a white and black (monochromatic) aesthetic. To me, it’s a nice touch. It allows photos to pop a bit more. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen any change.org petitions going up to have IG reinstate the old UI, so that’s a good sign.

Share your feelings on the icon and new UI down below.

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Instagram Gets New Icon, Simpler Layout in Latest Update (Updated: It’s Live!)

Instagram’s non-flat, retro camera icon that seems about six years beyond its prime, has been replaced this morning by a new app icon and a refreshed design. That’s right, we have a new Instagram icon!

The new icon is an updated take on the original icon, only in rainbow gradient form. Honestly, it’s pretty bad! But hey, I’m no designer and I think (Maybe. Hopefully. Please do me right.) I’ll be able to live with whatever most icon designs interpret this as through their own creations. (Stock?) Rainbow gradient, folks, rainbow gradient.  (more…)

Instagram Doubles Down on Videos in the Explore Tab

Instagram is introducing a revamped Explore section this week, one which highlights more videos instead of plain ol’ photography. When you go to the Explore section, you will find personalized channel called “Videos You Might Like,” which collects videos from across the Instagram community. From here, you can better tune the Explore tab to show videos on topics you are more interested in. The more time that goes by, the more algorithmically curated your experience will become.  (more…)

Pro Tip: Ignore the Jackasses on Instagram Telling You to Turn on Notifications

A couple of weeks ago, we told you that Instagram was on the verge of screwing up your timeline, just like Facebook did a few years back and has yet to fix. The screw-up will arrive in the form of a new timeline that has been re-ordered to show you the moments Instagram believes “you care about the most.” It’s going to be terrible because most of us like things in chronological order. We also like to do things our own way, not based on what Instagram or Facebook thinks we like.

Why are they doing this, you ask? Because Instagram’s numbers show that people miss some 70% of their feeds, they think this new based-on-what-Instagram-thinks-you-care-about timeline is a great solution. It isn’t, just like it isn’t/wasn’t/never-will-be on Facebook. Thankfully, we have “months” to go before this new timeline ever reaches our personal feeds. During those months, Instagram also says that it will “take time to get this right and listen to your feedback.” In other words, there is still hope that they’ll let us turn off their stupid re-arranged feed and let us keep it in chronological order.  (more…)

Instagram is Probably Going to Mess Up Your Feed

In the “coming months,” Instagram is going to start messing with your feed. It’s probably going to suck. Prepare yourselves.

Instagram says that about 70 percent of people miss the content in their feed because growing feeds are becoming harder and harder to keep up with. What they are trying to say is that you are missing photos or videos that were taken earlier in the day or yesterday or the day before because you don’t have time to scroll all of the way back through that many photos, depending on how many people you follow and how active at posting they are. Like Facebook before it, Instagram is going to try and fix this problem by sorting your photos and videos to “show the moments we believe you will care about the most.” (more…)

Instagram Soon to Bring View Counter for Videos

Over the coming weeks, users of Instagram will begin to see view counts on videos, providing exact feedback to those who upload videos how many people are watching the content.

When the change takes place, view counts can be seen on the bottom section of an upload, right where “likes” used to be. Those who either upload the video or view the video can still see exactly who likes the video by clicking on the counter.  (more…)