Instagram Announces Instagram Direct, Private Video and Photo Messenger Built Into Instagram

Instagram, the filter-centric social network, took to the stage this morning before a small crowd of press to announce their latest experiment, Instagram Direct. Instagram already lets you share photos with everyone on your list, but no real option for messaging and keeping up with specific followers. Instagram Direct allows users to share photos with select groups of people to keep that inside joke a secret or share something special with a loved one.  (more…)

Snapseed Update for Android Includes HDR Scape Filter, Here are Some Samples


Earlier today, Google held a small press event to show off major changes they are making for folks who use of the company’s social network, Google+. Along with the Google+ announcements, they also showed off an update for their photo editing app called Snapseed. Google purchased this company back in September of last year, and has already made a lot of improvements to the software. Introduced today is a brand new filter called HDR Scape, one that we have pretty much fallen in love with.  (more…)

Bad News: Instagram Bringing Ads to Your Feed

instagram droid life

A whole ton of weak sauce just got poured all over your Instagram feed. Today on the company’s blog, Instagram announced that US users will soon see sponsored posts in their feeds, from brands and companies they do not follow. At first, Instagram will ensure that the photos and video advertisements will be “beautiful and high quality,” but I think in general it’s safe to say that this sucks.  (more…)

Beta Testers: Facebook Home Update Brings Support for Instagram, Pinterest, and More

Facebook Home

If you are part of Facebook’s Android Beta program, a new update that is rolling out today allows you to add feeds from Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Flickr to your Home lockscreen. When you wake your device, you will be greeted with great content from the folks you follow, then when you’re are done, simply unlock and continue with your day. It’s a good addition, one that Zuckerburg said was coming during his interview at Disrupt.  (more…)

Instagram Introduces Video Importing in Version 4.1, Video Recording to Ice Cream Sandwich (Updated: It’s Live)

instagram droid life

Instagram announced this morning that in version 4.1 of their apps on both Android and iOS, users will be able to import previously recorded video from device galleries. In the previous version that introduced video, you were only able to record video through the app, not pick and choose previously recorded clips. This new importing feature also allows you to trim the clip down and choose which section is centered in the Insta-square.

But maybe more importantly, video recording is now available on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich in this new version.

The update should be available later today.

Update:  The update is live, but appears to have employed the dreaded staged rollout method of updating an app. It’s there, but you probably can’t have it.

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Via:  Instagram

Video: Hands-on With New Instagram Video on Android

instagram  video android

Not that it was much of a surprise after a couple of reports broke the news in the days leading up to today’s Facebook event, but yes, they announced that Instagram now has video support. Similar to what Twitter did with Vine, you can record short video clips and then share them with the world.

The new video sharing in Instagram differs a bit because you can record longer clips (up to 15 seconds), toss specially made filters on, and even choose cover art to be displayed in your timeline. I think the biggest deal for me, though, is the fact that I don’t have to open a separate app anymore to see short video clips from friends or people I choose to follow. I now have access to all of my Instagram connections within a single app that does both video and photos. Win, win. So far, the new functionality looks great, aside from a crash or two.

In the clip below, you’ll find a quick overview of the new video features, along with some timeline tips so that you aren’t surprised during a quiet dinner with grandma when your friend posts a video at a metal show (with sound).

The new version 4.0 of Instagram can be downloaded here(more…)