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instagram save shit

Instagram Finally Lets You Categorize Saved Posts

When Instagram first introduced "Saved Posts" to their apps in December, they didn't include any sort of way to organize those saved items. Who knows why, but today that changes. Saved Posts can be categorized in a way you should have been able to from day 1....

Save Your Live Videos From Instagram With Latest Update

Before today, when a user went live on Instagram and then the video ended, there was no way to save that video onto your phone's storage. After today's update, that changes.  With the latest update to the app, any time you go live on the service, at the end of...
new instagram icon

Instagram Testing Multi-Photo Albums in Version 10.7.0

Somewhat hidden inside version 10.7.0, which is trickling out to users on Android, Instagram appears to be testing the ability to showcase multiple photos in a single post. You have probably seen this feature enabled for advertisers on your timeline, but if...