Instagram Introduces Video Importing in Version 4.1, Video Recording to Ice Cream Sandwich (Updated: It’s Live)

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Instagram announced this morning that in version 4.1 of their apps on both Android and iOS, users will be able to import previously recorded video from device galleries. In the previous version that introduced video, you were only able to record video through the app, not pick and choose previously recorded clips. This new importing feature also allows you to trim the clip down and choose which section is centered in the Insta-square.

But maybe more importantly, video recording is now available on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich in this new version.

The update should be available later today.

Update:  The update is live, but appears to have employed the dreaded staged rollout method of updating an app. It’s there, but you probably can’t have it.

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Video: Hands-on With New Instagram Video on Android

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Not that it was much of a surprise after a couple of reports broke the news in the days leading up to today’s Facebook event, but yes, they announced that Instagram now has video support. Similar to what Twitter did with Vine, you can record short video clips and then share them with the world.

The new video sharing in Instagram differs a bit because you can record longer clips (up to 15 seconds), toss specially made filters on, and even choose cover art to be displayed in your timeline. I think the biggest deal for me, though, is the fact that I don’t have to open a separate app anymore to see short video clips from friends or people I choose to follow. I now have access to all of my Instagram connections within a single app that does both video and photos. Win, win. So far, the new functionality looks great, aside from a crash or two.

In the clip below, you’ll find a quick overview of the new video features, along with some timeline tips so that you aren’t surprised during a quiet dinner with grandma when your friend posts a video at a metal show (with sound).

The new version 4.0 of Instagram can be downloaded here(more…)

New Instagram With Video is Technically Live on Android

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The new Instagram with video is technically live on Google Play at this moment. What I mean by “technically,” is that we’re seeing another staged rollout, so not everyone can grab the update at once. Also, capturing videos is only supported on devices running Android 4.1 and up.

Should you be one of the lucky few to get in early on the staged rollouts, feel free to share the love in the comments.  (more…)

Facebook Announces Instagram with Video, Will be Available Day One for Android


Today at Facebook’s small press event, Mark Zuckerburg and Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced Instagram with video. Yep, Instagram will now have video capabilities. Using the same app that everyone already has installed, users can record up to 15 seconds with the ability to add separate clips, just like Vine and Cinemagram. In addition, users can choose from 13 custom video filters for their clips.  (more…)

Report: Instagram to Announce Vine-like Video Support at Facebook Event

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With Facebook hosting a small press event on June 20, sources close to both Instagram and Facebook are stating that the social network has something big planned for the photo-sharing filter-happy network. According to TechCrunch, Facebook intends to announce video capabilities for Instagram, almost identical to what Twitter’s Vine application offers. Users can record up 5 or 10 second videos, then upload them for sharing.  (more…)

Instagram Introduces “Photos of You,” A New Way of Tagging People in Photos

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Instagram announced a new feature in an update to both their Android and iOS apps this morning called “Photos of You.” As the name suggests, this is a new way to tag people or objects in the photos you have snapped. It’s a lot like how Facebook photo tagging works, which would make sense since the photo-sharing service is owned by them.  (more…)

Cinemagram Finally Arrives for Android, Think “GIFs on Steroids”


After teasing the app for some time, Cinemagram is finally available for Android. For those not in the know, think of this application as Vine, the video/GIF-sharing app on iOS. You record four seconds of video, apply an effect and then let it rip. The video then either rewinds itself back and forth or repeats itself from the beginning. The app is laid out like Instagram, but instead of still shots, you see GIF-like posts from friends and people you follow.  (more…)

Half of Instagram Usage Now Made Up of Android Users

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One year after launching on Android to a not-so-warm-welcoming from iOS users, Instagram for our favorite platform now accounts for half of the photo-sharing app’s usage. Since launch, we have seen the service hit the 1 million download mark within a day, reach agreement to be acquired by Facebook for $1 billion, and momentarily scare the hell out of users after changing up their ToS. It’s been an event-filled year, but one the company will likely consider a success. Thus far, they have managed to stay true to their roots even though they are owned by one of the largest tech companies in the world.

For me personally, Instagram is still the only social network I use on a regular basis outside of work. Simple square pictures, in my opinion, are so much more enjoyable to consume on a casual level than the personal status updates and political/religious/opinion link sharing that floods the likes of Facebook or Google+.

What about you, is Instagram a part of your life one year in?

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