Grand Theft Auto Vice City Back Up in Google Play

Finally! It’s back! After almost a week’s worth of delay, Rockstar has republished Grand Theft Auto Vice City to Google Play. Last week, Android users ran into some technical difficulties with the title, but it looks like R* has been able to clear that up.

The game is listed as $5, even though I think we deserve a couple days of 50% off. Oh well, we have Google Play Christmas sales coming up anyways.

Play Link ($4.99)

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Rockstar Apologizes For Vice City Delay, Hopes to Launch Again By Next Weekend

Well, this will be just a quick update on the failed launch of Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Android. This morning, the game went live on Google Play, got downloaded by a few hundred people, then taken down due to some validating errors with the APK. It sucks, but these things happen. Rockstar issued an apology on their blog and have said that we can expect another release for the end of next week.

Hey guys, due to unforeseen technical issues, the Android release of Vice City will be slightly delayed. Our goal is to get this out for Android by the end of next week. Our apologies for the delay to all our fans on Android devices and please stay tuned for updates.

In other news, the iOS version works great!

Via: Rockstar

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Grand Theft Auto Radio Released for Android, Relive The Timeless Classics

One of the things that made Grand Theft Auto fun to play was the feature of being able to listen to the “radio” while driving or flying around. It made the game that much more enjoyable, which had many people discovering new music that they would go on to love. On top of that, just cruising through the mountains on a chopper listening to Skynyrd’s Free Bird is simply the best feeling ever.

If there are some songs from any of the past GTA’s that you want to hear, you can download GTA Radio. It has most of the popular stations from all of the past games and besides the sometimes slow buffering times, the audio is great. No telling when or if this app will be pulled for some type of copyright violation, but we can enjoy it while it lasts.

Play Link

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Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Coming to Android on December 6th

Back in October, Rockstar Games gave word that we could expect to see Grand Theft Auto: Vice City released for Android sometime this Fall. This morning, they have given an official launch date of December 6, just a couple of short weeks away. The game will sell for $4.99, not a bad price at all for one of the world’s greatest games of all time. Yep, I said that without hesitation. As many will wonder, Rockstar has posted which devices will initially support the game and it’s a pretty good list. And yes, the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3 are on it.

Now all we do is wait.

Via: Rockstar

Rockstar Games to Release Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to Android This Fall

To celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary (Oct. 29), Rockstar Games has announced that they are to release Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for mobile devices in the Fall. For those unfamiliar, Vice City is the next game after the first GTA that was made available for the PlayStation 2 that made stealing cars, getting wanted by the FBI, and other illegal activities involving women fun as can be. The game takes places in the 80s and takes certain aspects from much of that decade’s culture such as movies, music, and video games.  (more…)