Corning Intros Gorilla Glass 5, Will be Featured on Devices Later This Year

Corning announced Gorilla Glass 5 today, supposedly stronger than any glass they have made before. According to Corning, Gorilla Glass 5 survives up to 80% of the time when dropped facedown from 1.6 meters (a little over 5ft.) in the air onto rough surfaces. This means, when you whip your Gorilla Glass 5-featuring smartphone out of your pocket and it falls onto the ground, 4 out of 5 times it should survive. I don’t know anyone whose pockets are 5ft. up in the air, but you get the idea – it’s tough glass.  (more…)

Corning Can Now Print High Quality Photos Onto Gorilla Glass

Corning announced Vibrant Gorilla Glass this week, offering device manufacturers another way to help distinguish their designs from the pack. With Vibrant, Corning can print high-quality, multi-color images directly onto Gorilla Glass, giving devices a more custom appearance. For example, on the backside of the Galaxy S7, a water drop could be printed onto the glass, but more realistically, logos and device model names could also be printed. (more…)

Corning is Working on a Sapphire-Like Material, Could be in the Next Gorilla Glass

Corning, makers of Gorilla Glass, the industry standard for hardened glass protection on mobile devices, said on Friday that it has developed a new material that brings together sapphire-like scratch resistance and the toughness of Gorilla Glass 4. While they wouldn’t share details on a launch of the product or which devices it would be used in, they did compare it specifically to Gorilla Glass 4, so one could surmise that this material will be in the next version of Gorilla Glass for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.  (more…)

Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 4, Formulated Specifically to Protect From Every Day Drops

This morning, Corning announced new Gorilla Glass 4 for smartphones, a new protective barrier that “provides at least two times improved damage resistance over competitive aluminosilicate glass, as measured by retained strength after damage events, resulting in improved mechanical durability of the glass to in-field damage events, such as drops.” Oh, you want the details in English? OK, we can do that.

You are likely familiar with Corning, since their Gorilla Glass products have been protecting smartphone displays for years now. The device in your pocket or in your hand right now, is probably protected by Gorilla Glass 2 or 3. Since their launch in 2007, Corning has seen its Gorilla Glass products featured in more than 3 billion devices.  (more…)

Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass 3, Stronger and More Scratch Resistant Than Ever

Gorilla Glass 3

At last year’s CES, we watched as Corning unveiled Gorilla Glass 2, the thinner and supposedly stronger version of its older brother. It was a talking point for all new phones going forward. If your new smartphone didn’t have GG2, you simply weren’t as awesome as the guy sitting next to you who did. Whether or not this product actually helped any of us with phone drops or battles with stone countertops can probably be debated for days, but what we do know, is that Corning is back to give us the next version – already.

Next week, Corning will show off Gorilla Glass 3, which as expected will be three times stronger and more scratch resistant than its predecessor thanks to “new glass composition with durability enhancements.”

That sounds lovely, but I’m already looking forward to Gorilla Glass 4, which will hopefully be flexible and able to outlast a pocket drop.  (more…)

Gorilla Glass 2 Featured in the Samsung Galaxy SIII

Were you disappointed when Samsung mentioned that the Galaxy Nexus did not have Gorilla Glass, but some other “fortified” type of protective display product? You won’t be with the Galaxy SIII as Corning has announced that their new Gorilla Glass 2 will be on the year’s most anticipated Android device. This next-gen Gorilla Glass is 20% thinner than the previous version, yet equally as strong.   (more…)

Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass 2” Will Blow Your Mind, Again.

Arguably the coolest video of 2011 was Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass.” It racked up over 17 million views and gave us a look into a future that includes nothing but touchable surfaces, almost Minority Report style. It could be years and years before we see anything close to a world like this, but after watching this new version, you will again wish that it was happening now. Fully touch-capable walls that can share in real time with tablets and are interactive? Yes, please. Changing the theme of your car through a tablet and a swipe? Mmmhmm. How about live augmented reality video using a tablet in something like a state park? Corning believes in it.   (more…)

Video: Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass 2 At Their 2012 CES Booth

We have been hearing all sorts of good news about Corning’s newest creation: Gorilla Glass 2. Surrounding the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) are ads and posters promoting Gorilla Glass 2 that is 20% thinner and even stronger than the previous version of Gorilla Glass.  Down below we have filmed Corning’s full product demo that happened right at their booth.  (more…)