Moto Intros $30 Style Shells Made From Gorilla Glass

For Moto owners who have a Moto Mod-supported device, the OEM just launched a new type of Style Shell, made from Gorilla Glass.

With these fancy shells, you can pop on a new look whenever you want, and thanks to the durability of Gorilla Glass, they should be quite resilient to everyday usage.

Currently, we’re seeing 5 styles available directly from Motorola, each priced at $29.99. While I don’t see myself using something like this, especially at $30 a pop, maybe your phone could use a makeover?

Follow the link below to check out the whole collection.

Motorola Link

20 Replies to “Moto Intros $30 Style Shells Made From Gorilla Glass”

  1. Let’s bring MotoMaker back for these things. Aside from affordability, that was easily the best selling point for Moto over the last 5-10 years.

  2. Moto Z is to slippery to old without something on it. Wouldn’t be the end of the world if this broke…may as well give one a whirl.

  3. Using the phone naked is enough for me to avoid this.

    Moto mods are great… Until you break your phone because you can’t fit a case on it.

    1. I’ve been using a phone from the Z line for about a year and a half (got the original Z Force on launch day), and I have never felt like my phone was ever in danger. I have the bumper case, and I have a tempered glass screen protector on the face (since the shattershield can’t really break but it sure as hell can scratch). I’ve dropped it multiple times from varied heights and it has never had a problem. If I drop it with a mod on, the mod tends to pop off but that’s not a big deal.

  4. The new Motorola style shells are made out of curved Gorilla Glass 5 so when people say it’s made out of glass the back of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is made out of Gorilla Glass 3 the iPhone x back is made out of cheap glass and it cracks Easley.

  5. As I always have one of my other functional (battery or speaker) mods on my phone, I don’t see myself ever using plain shells.
    Now, if they released a battery mod with cheap changeable shells or skins, then they would have something that might interest me.

  6. Buy one of these, then put a case on your phone, lol.

    That’s the main prob with all of these other (non-style) mods though; you can’t use them with any sort of case on your phone. The best you can do is use a bumper case, but they don’t provide much protection either.

    1. I do have a thin bumper and a glass screen protector for cosmetic scratches on my Droid Z Force as well as a battery mod. Between those things and the built-in ShatterShield feature of my screen, I always feel plenty protected with my phone. I have never felt a need for a case.

  7. Just what we need on smartphones, MORE GLASS.

    My God.

    If their phones had wireless charging then I could *maybe* see the reason (though plastic works just as well)…but without WC…why glass?


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