Report: Google’s Project Hera to Feature UI Redesigns, Better Cross-platform Multi-tasking

Rumors and reports are flying around the Android community this week, surrounding a new piece of work from Google, reportedly titled Project Hera. Giving credence to the speculation are various screenshots which have been taken from various testing devices, showing off an updated look for both Gmail and Calendar.

Not only will Google look to revamp the look of these two applications, but the company will apparently attempt to bring a uniformed aesthetic to all major Google applications system wide.  (more…)

Google Reportedly Readies New UI for Android Gmail Users

We know a few folks around these parts that would go so far as to say Android is somehow the step child to Google. With their apparent love for iOS, showering of Apple’s users with gifts of gorgeous UIs, and Hangouts with Google Voice built-in, it’s easy to see that in no way does Google discriminate against people who don’t rock Android as their daily driver.

If you use Google services, whether on Android or not, you best believe their teams will attempt to deliver a good user experience. For quite some time now, iOS users of Gmail have been treated to a fancy UI, with Android still rocking a mildly-ugly interface for the email service. According to Geek, who posted up screenshots of an upcoming Gmail build, it looks like Android users are in for the same UI treat, finally.  (more…)

MarkAsRead Updated to Version 1.21, Allows Users to Mark Emails As Read and Archive With One Touch

A while ago, we ran a feature asking Gmail to implement a third button to allow users to mark email as read straight from the expanded notification shade. One developer decided to take the idea and run with it, and went on to create MarkAsRead to let users rock a third button. Its latest update to version 1.21 brings with it the ability to mark an email as read and archive at the same time, plus there are design tweaks. (more…)

Gmail Will Always Use an Encrypted HTTPS Connection When You Check or Send Email

Today, Google announced that going forward, all emails coming and going through their Gmail servers will use an encrypted HTTPS connection. Since its launch many years ago, Gmail has supported HTTPS, and the protocol was set by default in 2010, but this new move will ensure to users that messages they are sending and receiving are secure (“100 percent of them”). Google notes that this move became a top priority “after last summer’s revelations.” (more…)

Developer Takes Our “Mark as Read” Gmail Idea, Makes MarkAsRead App

Back in January, we wrote up a “Gmail Feature Request” that focused on the need for a third button in Gmail notifications, specially a “Mark as read” button. That post gave one developer in particular the motivation to make it happen, since there is no telling if Google will ever even consider the idea. And with that, MarkAsRead was born and is now available on Google Play.  (more…)

New Gmail Feature Makes Unsubscribing from E-Mail Lists Easier

Ever been frustrated in your attempts to unsubscribe from a mailing list? Links that allow you to change communication preferences may be mandated by law, but they aren’t always easy to find. Sure, you could use CTRL+F, but Google’s rolling out a simpler way to Gmail users.

Announced at the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group conference last week, the new feature places e-mail unsubscribe links in the header. Google believes more visible links will, in alleviating a major grievance of Gmail users, reduce the amount of legitimate marketing e-mails reported as spam. Sounds like a win-win.

The new feature will roll out gradually beginning next week.

Everything Google is Struggling at the Moment… (Updated)

It’s not you, it’s Google.

The dashboard is showing all things “green,” though. That is clearly wrong.

Update 11:19AM:  We have orange for Gmail!

Update 11:22AM:  Gmail is now sort of back. Can login to accounts, struggling with multiples, though. Contacts hating life. Hangouts won’t sign-in at all.

Update 1:00PM:  Gmail seems to mostly be up now after an hour or so of frustration. Everyone good?

We are seeing issues with Gmail, Google Apps, Hangouts, Google+, and more. Will update this post as things come back online.

Gmail Feature Request: Give Me a “Mark as Read,” Forward, or Third Button in the Notification Preview

Each morning, I wake up to the alarm on my phone, pick it up after snoozing it a couple of times, and then immediately swipe down the notification bar to see what kind of mess is going on in my three Gmail inboxes. Since there are typically dozens awaiting action, the notification preview forces me to enter the inbox to deal with them. But once I’ve done that, the notifications continue to pop up throughout the day (some times before I get out of bed), one at a time, with actionable buttons for “reply” or “delete.” These button additions by the Android team to notifications have been game-changing, if you ask me. Being able to instantly react to an email that comes through your inbox is something I could not live without now that I have experienced it.

I want more, though. With growing displays and resolutions, there is room for a third button. I want a third button! (more…)