Google Maps 7.5 on Android Secretly Matches iOS Version – Now Pulls Hotel, Flight and Restaurant Reservations From Gmail

Yesterday afternoon, an update to the iOS version of Google Maps rolled out, bringing with it hotel, flight, and restaurant reservation info that it had pulled from Gmail. In other words, Google Maps on iOS became a lot like Google Now. If you have emails from flight reservations, upcoming hotel bookings, or a confirmation email from something like OpenTable, Google Maps will show you information in card-like panels should you search for those specific places related to those reservations.

Well, guess what? The update started rolling out on Android last night as well, as version 7.5. We received the update figuring there had to be something to it related to this iOS update and sure enough that’s exactly what we’re looking at. Of course (and to no one’s surprise), Google hasn’t updated the listing of “What’s new” yet in Google Play, so we had to do the in-app searching on our own. There could even be more included in the update, but we know it at least includes this snazzy new Gmail-pulling trick.  (more…)

Gmail for Android Updated to v4.7 – Includes Vacation Responder, Sending Attachments of Any Type, and More

Gmail received a really nice update this morning to version 4.7. In the update, the Gmail team has introduced Vacation Responder, as your way to set an “out of office” through the Gmail app, rather than the web. They also are finally allowing you to attach more than just photos and videos. With 4.7 onward, you can attach almost anything from PDF files to .zips to documents to .apks (as long as they aren’t over 25MB). And last, you can print hard copies of emails thanks to built-in print settings (as long as you are on Kit Kat). Oh, you should see performance improvements on devices with low memory, thanks to Project Svelte.

As always, we have the .apk available for you to download below should you not have received the update through Google’s stage rollouts method.  (more…)

Google Allowing Users to Download a Copy of Gmail and Google Calendar Data

Security is a top priority for many people these days, and for most of us, Google is at the center of most of our services. Google introduced a Takeout service almost a year ago that allowed Google users to take all of their info with them if they ever decided to move to a different service. Starting today, Gmail and Calendar data will soon be specifically available for download for all Google users who choose to leave.  (more…)

Tip: Gmail on Kit Kat Includes One Finger Zooming

YouTube Preview Image

You know that trick in Google Chrome and Maps that allows you zoom seamlessly with one finger? That would be with a double tap, hold then drag? That same trick works in Gmail on devices running Kit Kat. My Nexus 5 is currently allowing me to perform the trick, as is my Moto X on Android 4.4. However, the same experience can’t be had on my Moto X running Android 4.2.2.

Just sharing.

Cheers Jason!

Gmail Adding More Quick Action Buttons to Help You Get Things Done Faster

gmail popouts

For a lot of people these days, the email inbox is like Grand Central Station with information coming and going constantly. Google is hoping to make that experience a little bit better for Gmail users by adding in even more time-saving buttons that they refer to as “quick action buttons.” Now you can get more done without having to leave the safety of your inbox tab.  (more…)

Gmail for Android Receiving Update to Conversations View, Other Minor UI Tweaks


Today for Android users, Gmail is getting a minor boost in its user interface. Starting with the conversations view, threads that have multiple messages back and forth will be better paired with a card-style UI, allowing for an easier time viewing messages. In addition, when you select multiple messages for archiving or deleting, a large “check” will appear, making sure you know exactly which messages you are working with.  (more…)

You Can Now Make Calls in Google Hangouts, Continues to be the Future of Google Voice

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.43.17 PM

This afternoon, Google announced that making calls through Hangouts will go live over the next couple of days. Since the move from Google Talk to Hangouts happened shortly after Google I/O, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of calling through Gmail. To make up for the wait, Google has gone ahead and made calling “better than before.”  (more…)

Boomerang is the First Decent Gmail Replacement App Available for Android


If you have heard of Mailbox for iOS and are currently awaiting its arrival for Android, today is not that day. Sorry about that. Although, this app best relates to Mailbox, called Boomerang, an alternative email application that can replace the standard email and Gmail apps that come installed on our devices. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Gmail application for Android, but like everything else, there are things about it that could be a lot better. Boomerang brings a great design, along with some cool features, making it one of the first apps to actually make us consider dropping the Gmail app.  (more…)