Developer Takes Our “Mark as Read” Gmail Idea, Makes MarkAsRead App

Back in January, we wrote up a “Gmail Feature Request” that focused on the need for a third button in Gmail notifications, specially a “Mark as read” button. That post gave one developer in particular the motivation to make it happen, since there is no telling if Google will ever even consider the idea. And with that, MarkAsRead was born and is now available on Google Play.  (more…)

New Gmail Feature Makes Unsubscribing from E-Mail Lists Easier

Ever been frustrated in your attempts to unsubscribe from a mailing list? Links that allow you to change communication preferences may be mandated by law, but they aren’t always easy to find. Sure, you could use CTRL+F, but Google’s rolling out a simpler way to Gmail users.

Announced at the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group conference last week, the new feature places e-mail unsubscribe links in the header. Google believes more visible links will, in alleviating a major grievance of Gmail users, reduce the amount of legitimate marketing e-mails reported as spam. Sounds like a win-win.

The new feature will roll out gradually beginning next week.

Everything Google is Struggling at the Moment… (Updated)

It’s not you, it’s Google.

The dashboard is showing all things “green,” though. That is clearly wrong.

Update 11:19AM:  We have orange for Gmail!

Update 11:22AM:  Gmail is now sort of back. Can login to accounts, struggling with multiples, though. Contacts hating life. Hangouts won’t sign-in at all.

Update 1:00PM:  Gmail seems to mostly be up now after an hour or so of frustration. Everyone good?

We are seeing issues with Gmail, Google Apps, Hangouts, Google+, and more. Will update this post as things come back online.

Gmail Feature Request: Give Me a “Mark as Read,” Forward, or Third Button in the Notification Preview

Each morning, I wake up to the alarm on my phone, pick it up after snoozing it a couple of times, and then immediately swipe down the notification bar to see what kind of mess is going on in my three Gmail inboxes. Since there are typically dozens awaiting action, the notification preview forces me to enter the inbox to deal with them. But once I’ve done that, the notifications continue to pop up throughout the day (some times before I get out of bed), one at a time, with actionable buttons for “reply” or “delete.” These button additions by the Android team to notifications have been game-changing, if you ask me. Being able to instantly react to an email that comes through your inbox is something I could not live without now that I have experienced it.

I want more, though. With growing displays and resolutions, there is room for a third button. I want a third button! (more…)

Google is Killing the “Display Images Below” Button in Gmail, Coming to Android in 2014

How many times in your life have you clicked that link? You know, the one that says “Display images below” in almost all of your Gmail messages. Hundreds of times? Thousands? It’s a safety measure, but man, how long have we wished Google would find a better way to handle images in emails. Turns out, they have as of today.  (more…)

Google Maps 7.5 on Android Secretly Matches iOS Version – Now Pulls Hotel, Flight and Restaurant Reservations From Gmail

Yesterday afternoon, an update to the iOS version of Google Maps rolled out, bringing with it hotel, flight, and restaurant reservation info that it had pulled from Gmail. In other words, Google Maps on iOS became a lot like Google Now. If you have emails from flight reservations, upcoming hotel bookings, or a confirmation email from something like OpenTable, Google Maps will show you information in card-like panels should you search for those specific places related to those reservations.

Well, guess what? The update started rolling out on Android last night as well, as version 7.5. We received the update figuring there had to be something to it related to this iOS update and sure enough that’s exactly what we’re looking at. Of course (and to no one’s surprise), Google hasn’t updated the listing of “What’s new” yet in Google Play, so we had to do the in-app searching on our own. There could even be more included in the update, but we know it at least includes this snazzy new Gmail-pulling trick.  (more…)