Tip: Send SMS and MMS in Gmail or the Chrome Hangouts Extension Using Your Google Voice Number

With the Google Voice and Hangouts merger in full swing (again), most of you who use a combination of the service are now noticing an added benefit – SMS and MMS through both Gmail and the Chrome extension for Hangouts. If you have a Google Voice number that has now been associated with Hangouts, you can choose to send an SMS to contacts, assuming you have attached a number to their contact information.  (more…)

5 Million Passwords Possibly Associated With Gmail Accounts Leaked

According to a report which surfaced today, roughly 5 million passwords associated with Gmail accounts, or at least passwords that were once tied to Gmail accounts, have been leaked online.

Coming out of Russia, it has been found that many of the passwords are either old passwords, or are actually passwords associated with other accounts for the same user. For example, instead of the password being tied to your Gmail, it could actually be to your old Yahoo or Pokemon Creed account. Yes, Pokemon Creed is a real thing.  (more…)

Gmail Implements Easy “Unsubscribe” Button for Desktop Users

A newly announced feature, although technically not new for a few people, will allow Gmail users to easily unsubscribe from email mailing lists that tend to annoy recipients.

From now on, if you receive a generic email from a mailing list, there is an “unsubscribe” button right next to the sender. If you no longer wish to receive emails from them, hit that button, and never be bothered again.  (more…)

Gmail Update to Version 4.9 Brings Streamlined Google Drive Attachment Feature

A new update to Gmail brings a streamlined Google Drive file attachment feature, which should make sharing files from your account to another person a few seconds faster.

Before, users would hit “attach file” through an email draft, then select to share a file from Google Drive. Then, they would browse their Drive folders to find the file which they wanted to share. Now, users can select “Insert from Drive,” from the email draft,  completely skipping the part of attaching a file from within Drive. Convenient.  (more…)

Gmail API Available for Developers in Beta

The Gmail app for Android doesn’t always keep up with the pace of innovation – third-party mail clients like K-9 mail and MailDroid introduce features faster, and are infinitely more customizable. Until now, though, that meant compromise – IMAP was the only way for those apps to retrieve mail from Gmail, meaning you lost out on editable labels and server-side search.

Yesterday, Google unveiled its answer to that problem in the form of a beta API for Gmail. Available to developers immediately, the API lets apps tap into the more powerful features of Gmail, like drafts and threading. Google says it’s also a lot faster than IMAP.  (more…)

Gmail on Android Updated to Version 4.8 – UI Polish Included, Save to Drive, and More (Updated)

Google pushed out an update to its Gmail Android app this evening, an update that jumps the version up to 4.8. The update includes a bit of polish in the hamburger, slideout menu.

We are now seeing profile images next to individual Gmail accounts should you have more than one, along with a check mark that shows which account you are currently using. Google also pushed the Settings and “Send Feedback” options down into the hamburger menu, a move that has become somewhat of a standard for Google apps as of late. They previously took up space in the action overflow menu, up in the top right corner. The pull-to-refresh animation is now full-Google-color, instead of the thin blue animation previously included.

So far, that is all we are seeing, but there could be plenty more. We will keep digging and update this post as we have it.

In the mean time, you can sideload the new Gmail 4.8 app through the download link below.  (more…)

Google Services Experiencing Issues – How are Yours Holding Up? (Updated)

We are hearing a number of reports from readers who are experiencing issues with Google services. From Google Play to Gmail to Hangouts to Maps, many are not able to access information, receive messages, login, or install apps.

We are experiencing some issues in Gmail, but not in our Google Apps Droid Life account. The Google Apps Status Dashboard is showing green lights across the board.

Let us know in the comments if you are experiencing issues as well. We will update this post as we have more.  (more…)

Gmail Team Announces Easy Way to Access Google+ Auto Backup Photos

E-mailing photos has never been as easy as it should. The process of transferring pictures from your smartphone to desktop has long been a major pain, but that’s changing for those who use Google+ Auto Backup and Gmail.

The Gmail team announced that, starting today, all photos automatically backed up through Google+ will be accessible via the Insert Photo button in Gmail.  (more…)