AT&T Confirms Galaxy S4 Zoom for November 8 Launch, $199.99 With Two Year Contract

Galaxy S4 Zoom

AT&T announced this morning the availability of the Galaxy S4 Zoom, for the price of $199.99 on a new two year agreement starting November 8. The S4 Zoom is a unique device, to say the least, which features a 16MP back-facing camera, complete with a 10x optical zoom lens. It runs your standard TouchWiz-saturated Android OS, and is much like a Galaxy Camera, but in the shape of a phone.  (more…)

According to Leaked Press Render, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Headed to AT&T

Galaxy S4 Zoom

Late last night, a press render of the Galaxy S4 Zoom with AT&T branding hit the web, which means we could be seeing an official announcement from AT&T sometime soon. The S4 Zoom is an interesting device, first unveiled back in June with some mediocre specs for a device that should be a powerhouse. What makes it completely unique is not only its funky design, but its massive 16MP camera complete with 10x optical zoom. It was made with the mobile photographer in mind.  (more…)

Hands-on Gallery of the Samsung Galaxy NX, Galaxy S4 Zoom, and Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy NX

Shortly after today’s Samsung Galaxy Premiere event, our man Dave had a chance to spend a few minutes with some of the devices they featured on stage, most notably the Galaxy NX mirrorless-Android-powered camera. The Galaxy NX is Samsung’s new top-tier camera with interchangeable lenses that also runs a full version of Android through a 4.8-inch HD LCD display. This is no low-end camera like the original Galaxy Camera of last year, that also happens to have Android along for the ride – this may be the real deal.

The NX wasn’t all that Samsung had on display, though. We’ve got pictures of the Galaxy S4 Zoom (the phone-camera) and Galaxy S4 Mini down below as well. We didn’t have a chance to fondle the Galaxy S4 Active or ATIV Q, so coverage of those will have to continue another day.

For now, enjoy the pics! We’ll be back with more in a bit.  (more…)

Samsung Announces the Galaxy S4 Zoom: 16MP Sensor With 10x Optical Zoom, and Mid-range Phone Specs

GALAXY S4 zoom (7)

Nothing coming at Samsung’s June 20 event in London will be any sort of surprise at this point, as Samsung announced another device expected to be on display called the Galaxy S4 Zoom. As was rumored over the last couple of weeks, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is indeed a camera phone. And when we say “camera,” we don’t mean the little mobile censor on the back of your Galaxy S3 – no, we’re talking about a 16MP point-and-shoot type censor with 10x optical zoom strapped to the back of a phone. Couple that with a touch screen, TouchWiz, Android 4.2, and calling abilities, and you have what Samsung has deemed a “revolutionary” product.  (more…)

This May be the First Picture of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom


When Samsung released the Galaxy Camera last year, most of us wondered why they stopped short of making it a full-fledged smartphone. It had a massive HD display, quad-core processor, full-blown Android operating system, and a variety of other specs that made it better than most phones on the market, outside of the fact that it sported a 16MP rear camera (with 21x zoom). But whatever the reason was, it remained the first real Android smart-camera on the planet with no phone capabilities. So what did Samsung do as a follow-up, and to meet both camera and phone requirements? Created the device you are seeing picture above know as the Galaxy S4 Zoom(more…)

Full Specs Reportedly Leak for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom

samsung galaxy s4

Samsung is apparently going balls to the wall with different variants of their latest flagship device, the Galaxy S4. We have known for about a month that we would be seeing a Galaxy S4 Mini, as well as a Galaxy S4 Active, a dust and water-resistant version of the regular Galaxy S4. One variant that we have not yet covered is the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a device that is said to look like a Galaxy S4 Mini, but comes packed with a massive 16MP camera sensor, capable of a 10x optical zoom. Basically, it’s a Galaxy Camera in the shape of a cellphone.  (more…)