Benchmarks Claim to Out Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs

It’s probably safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the entire year. I can tell you right now that this phone won’t be for me, but there is no denying that people love their super-sized phones. The tech media thought the original Galaxy Note would never catch on; boy were they wrong. Samsung has sold millions upon millions of Note variants each year, proving that our world lives by a “bigger is always better” mantra.

The popularity of the Note series has led to a wave of rumors and speculation about future versions, because well, people can’t seem to get enough Note talk. We even dubbed Note owners “cult” members during the early Note 2 and Note 3 days. They are a serious and passionate bunch, to put it nicely.

And that leads us to today, where purported specs have been spotted for a device that could be a Galaxy Note 4. The specs come to us via AnTuTu benchmark, a site that has been pretty hit or miss over the years when it comes to providing us information early. But hey, hypebeast, right? This is the Note 4 we are talking about. (more…)

Report: Two Galaxy Note 4 Models Being Produced, One With a Curved OLED

On Tuesday, news broke on a rumor that pinned Samsung to produce the Galaxy Note 4 with a QHD display and Snapdragon 805 processor. Today, more rumors are pouring in, claiming that there isn’t just one version of the Galaxy Note 4 this year. According to Korea Times, sources claim there will be two models of the Note 4, one which features a regular flat OLED display for the masses, and then another model which could feature a curved OLED display for niche markets.


Samsung Boss Denies “Premium” Galaxy S5 is in the Works

What’s that? You were still ignoring next month’s Galaxy S5 because months of rumors claimed there would be an ultra-premium model on the way with a QHD display and metal body?  Samsung Mobile boss JK Shin told Korean media that there is no such device and that reports of its existence are “wrong.” That’s disappointing, but are you surprised at his denial? No.  (more…)