Specs: Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Notes

Specs comparisons are always fun, especially when they involve new phones like Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S5. While they only tell a portion of the story, putting specs for devices on paper gives you an idea as to how big or little the changes are from one device to the next. From reading your responses to yesterday’s unveiling, we get the feeling that most don’t consider the GS5 to be much of a boost over the GS4.  (more…)

Video: Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy Note 3 vs. Moto X vs. Nexus 5

Whenever a new flagship device from Samsung or HTC or Motorola or any other major manufacturer comes out, we like to compare it to the current competition. So since the Galaxy S5 was unveiled today, and Tim and I got our paws all over it, we decided to put it up against the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 in one video to show some of the differences. After that, we brought in the Moto X and Nexus 5 since we know how many of you have at least one of those two devices.

We’ll have more thoughts on the Galaxy S5 in general, but for now, prepare for video overload as we continue our coverage this evening.  (more…)

Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3 Receiving Kit Kat Today as Build VPUCNAB

Sprint appears to be a step ahead of the other carriers in the game when comes to updating their Samsung devices to Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat.” Last week, before Samsung had even announced their list of devices to receive the latest version of Android, Sprint went ahead and began updating its version of the Galaxy S4. This morning (or really late last night), they took the next step and started the push of 4.4.2 to the Galaxy Note 3.

Included in the update are things like better media controls on the lock screen, restyled navigation and notification areas, more Emoji, consolidated location settings, wireless printing, and more. The update will rollout as build VPUCNAB.  (more…)

New Samsung Commercials Take Direct Shots at iPad Air and iPhone, LeBron James Included

Samsung kicked off a new marketing campaign this morning using ads that show off both the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 up against Apple’s latest and greatest. They are to the point in their praise of the features filling up their Galaxy products while making sure we all know the same can’t be said for the iPhone 5s and iPad Air. They are casual in tone, at times silly, and will certainly help reinvigorate a battle we have been watching for years now.  (more…)

Samsung Confirms List of Phones and Tablets to Receive Kit Kat, Updates Begin Today

Been waiting impatiently for a list of Samsung devices that are guaranteed to see the update to Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat“? We now have one, thanks to Samsung. The list features devices you would expect like the Galaxy S4 and S3, Galaxy Note 3 and 2, and Galaxy Note tablets. According to the Android behemoth, updates should begin as early as today, though “availability varis by carrier and product.”

Since we already saw Kit Kat show up for the Sprint Galaxy S4 last week, there could be more at any time. As soon as we learn of specific carrier models receiving updates, we’ll be sure to pass that info along.  (more…)

Samsung to Issue Galaxy Note 3 OTA Update to Fix Non-working Third Party Accessory Issue

After Samsung commented last week that there was zero correlation between an Android 4.4 update that was sent out to the Galaxy Note 3 and a stoppage in operation of third party accessories for the device, the company has now announced that an OTA update is being worked on which should resolve the issue. Samsung mentioned earlier that it can not guarantee the working of third party products and users would be better off buying official Samsung accessories.  (more…)

Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 Now Available From Verizon for $249

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold is now exclusively available from Verizon for $249 on new 2-year contract. Well, it’s up on Big Red’s site, but currently showing as on “backorder” with a ship date of January 30. We aren’t exactly sure how that’s possible since the listing for it just went live this morning. Either they had four of them in stock or Rose Gold is hotter than a Moto X slashed for Cyber Monday. Or maybe they are calling it “backorder” since it won’t ship for a few extra days. Whatever.

If $249 and a new contract doesn’t sound like the time of your life, you could buy the phone through Verizon’s monthly payment plan called Edge (please don’t), and pay $27.15 per month for a couple of years. You could also buy the phone out right for $649 off-contract.  (more…)

Third-Party Accessories Stop Working with Galaxy Note 3 After KitKat Update, Fixable with Root Access (Updated with Comment from Samsung)

Samsung’s blockbuster sales of Galaxy devices may invite comparisons to Apple, but the similarities between the two companies end there. That is, until the Korean electronics behemoth revised its policy on third-party accessories.

Taking a page from Apple’s playbook, only accessories certified by Samsung – i.e., those made by companies willing to license Samsung’s identification chip – will be compatible with devices going forward, starting with the Galaxy Note 3. Some Note users who updated to Android 4.4 KitKat found that out the hard way when the S-View function their third-party cases stopped working. (more…)