Samsung to Issue Galaxy Note 3 OTA Update to Fix Non-working Third Party Accessory Issue

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After Samsung commented last week that there was zero correlation between an Android 4.4 update that was sent out to the Galaxy Note 3 and a stoppage in operation of third party accessories for the device, the company has now announced that an OTA update is being worked on which should resolve the issue. Samsung mentioned earlier that it can not guarantee the working of third party products and users would be better off buying official Samsung accessories. 

Samsung is clear now that the update was in fact at fault and an OTA update is being worked on that should resolve the issue.

Here is the statement from Samsung.

We have currently identified a software compatibility issue with the Galaxy Note 3 update to Android 4.4 (KitKat) and select 3rd party accessories. A software update will be available shortly. We are committed to offering a diverse and reliable mobile experience for all customers, providing continued support and solutions for any issues that arise with product updates for both Samsung manufactured and third-party accessories.

Good on you, Samsung. Glad to know you didn’t purposefully break any third party compatibility.

Via: ArsTechnica




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