Select Square Enix Titles 50% Off Through Google Play, Final Fantasy IV and V Included

A massive sale on Square Enix titles is taking place on Google Play, allowing all of you Final Fantasy fans to snatch the titles up to 50% off their usual prices. As you may know, these games are usually listed in the $15-20 range, so to be able to pick them up for 50% off is quite the bargain.

In addition to just Final Fantasy titles, there are also Dragon Quest titles, as well as Chrono Trigger, all under done by the same Square Enix teams.

All links to Google Play are placed below.  (more…)

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VI Hits Google Play, Priced at $15.99

Square Enix pushed another addition of the Final Fantasy series to Google Play today, this time being Final Fantasy VI. FFVI first debuted back in 1994 and has been completely recreated for mobile devices. If you have purchased any of the other Square Enix’s titles, then you will know what you are in store for. A true Final Fantasy experience worthy of your hard-earned cash.  (more…)

Final Fantasy IV: After Years Hits Google Play, Priced at $15.99

Square Enix, the publisher and developer behind the Final Fantasy series, released Final Fantasy IV: After Years to Google Play this morning, a port that should have true fans going nuts. The game has been 3D and touchscreen optimized, so it should play as a Final Fantasy you have never seen. Square Enix tends to hold its titles to a very high standard, and for that, you can expect to be paying quite the premium price.  (more…)

Final Fantasy Dimensions Turns One on Google Play, Celebrates With 50% Off Sale

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Dimensions has hit its one year anniversary on Google Play. To celebrate, they are hosting a pretty sweet 50% off sale on the $20 title, bringing it to just $10.

I know what you’re thinking – “Hey Tim, I’m an Android user. $10 is a lot of cash!” You’re right my friend, $10 is pretty steep for a mobile game, but with an almost full 5-star rating on Google Play and hordes of fans praising its name, it might be worth a look if you’re into epic quests on your smartphone.  (more…)

Relive the Original Final Fantasy, Now Available on Google Play for $7

If you have been living under a rock and are not aware of Square Enix’s game juggernaut that is the Final Fantasy series, let me tell you that they are on their thirteenth chapter of the series right now. The games have a huge following and the original few iterations of the series have an even more dedicated group of fans. If you’ve been itching to replay the original Final Fantasy, today is your day.

The original game, with a graphics overhaul, is now available in the Play Store for $6.99. You get to play the same game that was introduced back in 1987 and embark on a “quest to restore the crystals to their former luster.” Compared to Final Fantasy III on the Play Store which is $15.99, this looks like a bargain. Pick it up if you are feeling nostalgic.

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