DROID X Update is Build 4.5.621 – Fixes a Whole Bunch of Bugs

And would you look at that. Moments after we received word that a new DROID X update was on the horizon, we have an official changelog. As expected, it fixes a number of issues that were included in the device’s Gingerbread update. The browser experience is improved, music player stability is addressed, there will be less message errors, and whole bunch of other tweaks. It took a while, but the DX experience should be improved once again.

The update is 15.2MB in size.

More info.

DROID X Lives! Update Will Arrive Soon, to Motorola Feedback Members Sooner

The DROID X is by all means one of Motorola’s most significant Android smartphones ever. Its release was accompanied by a massive marketing campaign that we were fortunate enough to be a part of, but it also marked the beginning of locked bootloaders. After almost 2 years though, it is still apparently on Moto’s radar for updates. According to emails being sent to MFN members, something new is on the horizon.   (more…)

Custom CM9 ROMs Becoming More Stable For DROID2 Global and DROIDX

We have been searching around the Interwebz trying to make sure everyone is able to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich as much the next person.  The underground developers are working hard to bring CyanogenMod 9 to as many devices as possible and the DROID 2 Global is the newest phone on the list.  It may not be daily driver stable, but at least we know that Moto’s locked hardware is still receiving love from the community.

Have any DROIDX owners been enjoying the EncounterICS ROM we posted a week ago?  Then make sure you download the newest beta version which has been receiving tons of love from the community. It now has working MMS, but still lacks camera functionality.

Threads:  DROID 2 Global | DROIDX

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Ice Cream Sandwich Makes Its Way To The DROIDX In The Form Of EncounterICS


Development for the DROIDX is still going strong and Ice Cream Sandwich has unofficially made its way to the handset thanks to the underground Android developer community.  A dev by the name of firstEncounter over at RootzWiki got a little tired of not seeing enough ICS for his device and decided to go ahead and start making one that worked properly.

He must have done pretty well because we have been getting lots of emails regarding his work.  From the looks of the forum post, his ROM almost has all the fully working features one would hope for in a daily driver.  The ROM is based on CyanogenMod 9 and has working radio/data, SMS, WiFi, hardware buttons, and so much more.  But as always, there are a few things that are not working as well such as the camera, MMS, and voice input.  Development is continuous so we are sure to see some of those kinks worked out soon.  (more…)

Custom ROM Tuesday: ICX For The DROIDX – Taste Of Ice Cream Sandwich

Who doesn’t love getting a tidbit of what the future holds in store. We have been given tastes of Ice Cream Sandwich here and there and it was only a matter of time for a developer to bring his interpretation to the table. Recently released is “ICX” coming from Mobile Sensei, and it definitely looks good. There seems to be a bit of ICS, Sense, and Blur all thrown into one.

This ROM comes with plenty of themes, so go have some fun you Android hackers. Please be sure to follow all instructions given and don’t forget – make a backup!

Download and instructions here.

Via: Android Forums

Reminder: Yep, the DROIDX Keyboard Update 4.5.605 is Still Rolling Out

Our inboxes and Twitter timeline indicate that a bunch of you were not aware that the DROIDX keyboard fixer had started rolling out already.  In case you missed it though, build 4.5.605 became available to most handsets last Wednesday and really has just one purpose – to stop your keyboard from acting all crazy on its own.

To pull it if you haven’t already:  Menu>Settings>About phone>System updates.

DROIDX Update to 4.5.605 is on the Way, the Keyboard Bug is Finally Getting Fixed

The original DROIDX Gingerbread update brought with it a massive list of bugs that were eventually fixed – well, except one.  The keyboard remained a problem even after a couple of updates were pushed out by Moto and Verizon.  That bug will go away though, over the next couple of weeks when the latest 113MB fixer is made available.  Not sure why a keyboard fix takes 113MB (maybe to fix the current root method?), but that’s what we have here.

More details.

Update:  Some folks over at RootzWiki pulled this .605 file a couple of days ago.  There has been some discussion around the phone actually being more buggy after loading it.

Update 2:  Hearing now that the update will start to roll out on the 19th.

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