CyanogenMod Announces the M-Series Builds, Not Quite a Nightly, but Not Quite a Release Candidate

It takes a certain type of Android user to flash the latest nightly to your phone whenever you see it. You’re living on the cutting edge, expecting bugs while keeping your phone as up-to-date as possible. However, some people like a bit more stability to their lives. CyanogenMod is looking to split the difference here with the new M-series builds.

On their blog post, the CM team said “These builds should be stable enough for daily use, and we encourage feedback and bug reports.” It’s important to note that these builds are tagged as “experimental” and that you still might run into some bugs, but not as much as a nightly. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus has its first M1 build ready for download now, but if you’re looking for the full list of M1 devices, hit the source link below and find your device.

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CyanogenMod Shows Off New Streamlined Boot Animation Destined for CM10


If you loaded up any unofficial builds of CM10 on your phone yet, you may have noticed that when it first boots it still has Cid and the CM9 logo plastered on it. The CyanogenMod team is moving towards complete CM10 development and therefore wanted to update the boot animation to reflect this.

The animation is definitely slimmed down and simplified over the CyanogenMod animations that we have seen in earlier versions. Boring for some, but the animation does look more professional and almost ready for primetime. The code is still waiting to be signed off on by the team before being implemented. What do you think?

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CyanogenMod Posts Update to Galaxy SIII Build Using New Unlocked Bootloader

The kexec development to get custom kernels onto the locked-down Galaxy SIII was nothing short of valiant, but since yesterday things have changed. An insecure bootloader can be flashed to the device now making things much easier. To reflect this change, the CyanogenMod team has released an alpha build of CM10 that has to be paired with the new bootloader.

This build has better 4G connection than had been reported in the earlier builds along with a few other bugfixes and changes. The link below has the downloads for both the CM10 file and the bootloader in case you missed it.

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CyanogenMod 9 Stable to be Released Tonight, Then It’s on to CM10

After months of hard work, the CyanogenMod team will release CM9 as an officially stable build, tonight. Even with CM10 work on the rise, they didn’t want to see all of the time spent on CM9 to go unfinished, thus the reason for still releasing it. Going forward though, only bug fixes will be addressed, meaning, your time with CM and Ice Cream Sandwich together will likely be limited as CM10 inches closer to a stable release.

A stable build for the GSM Galaxy Nexus (maguro) has already been released, even though it wasn’t supposed to have been. If you have that device, feel free to grab it here. Owners of other devices, your love will come tonight.

As an outsider looking in, I can’t help but give props to the CM team for finishing this even though it’s built off of Ice Cream Sandwich. They spent countless months working on this and their work deserves to be praised.

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HTC G1 Never Says Die, CM10 Up and Running on the First Android Phone

In the latest episode of “This phone has Jelly Bean before my phone?” we have the HTC G1, otherwise known as the HTC Dream. The first widely available Android device now has a (semi) working port of CyanogenMod 10 that has been shoehorned into the aging phone. Developers have gotten together and made a pre-alpha for the phone that is available for download now, but the build is extremely rough around the edges.  (more…)

DROID Bionic Receives CM10 Alpha Build

The first CM10 Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) ROM for the DROID Bionic has been made available by developer dhacker29. It’s definitely an “alpha” build with things like the camera not working, but if you had already grown bored with Ice Cream Sandwich, then this is your next step. These alpha ROMs are usually just for tinkerers and testers, so proceed with caution.

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Preview Build of CM10 for Verizon Galaxy Nexus Available Now

If you have been wondering (like myself) why other devices were getting CyanogenMod 10 previews before Google’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus, you are not alone. Brint Kriebel, the CM manager for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, took to Google+ today to release a preview build that is available for flashing now.

While Kriebel says that this has been the daily driver on his phone for a few weeks now, he does stress that it’s a preview build and not a release: meaning bugs are expected. All the major parts of the phone are working though, data, camera, NFC and all that so if you are feeling like getting your CyanogenMod on hit the source link below. Remember, since it’s a pure AOSP build there are no Google Apps included in this build. Have fun, but please, make a back-up first!

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Developer Ports Unofficial AOKP Build to the Nexus 7


Developer nize2beme uploaded a port of AOKP for the Nexus 7 to the forums at RootzWiki last night. So far, this is a very early alpha build and in order to get it booted up and running, he says he needed to take pieces of code from the newest CM10 source. At the moment, the developer is looking to get it up and running with more stability, then will add custom features such as a tablet mode tweak and all of the other battery mods and other AOKP customizations.

If your Nexus 7 is unlocked, rooted, and running a custom recovery, then feel free to give it a go. Be sure to make a backup.

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