Video: CyanogenMod’s New Quick Camera Feature is the Coolest ROM Feature in a Long Time


It happens to all of us: that time where you really want to take a quick picture, but by the time you have your camera app open the moment is gone. CyanogenMod developer Nebojsa Cvetkovic felt the same way, but instead of complaining he wanted to do something about it. CM was one of the first ROMs to implement the quick settings that we have all come to love in stock Jelly Bean, but this new feature currently under review makes those toggles even more useful.  (more…)

CyanogenMod Team Merges HDR Photo Capability Into Mainline CM 10.1 Code


It might not be HTC’s Ultrapixel, but users of CM 10.1 will be excited to hear that their cameras will be getting an upgrade soon. The team has finished the touches on their own algorithm that allows for phones running CM 10.1 to take 3 photos, one at low exposure, one at normal exposure and one at high exposure, to make an HDR image.

There are a few caveats to using this new mode. Since you are taking 3 pictures, you need to keep your camera as still as possible since this new mode is very sensitive to movement, this means action shots probably won’t be suggested. Most mid to high-end smartphones shouldn’t have a problem rendering these kinds of images, though, especially if your camera has zero shutter lag.

If you are anxious to get this new feature in your ROM check the latest build for your device.

Via:  +Cyanogenmod

Developers Provide Working CM10 Alpha for Motorola DROID X2

Sure, Motorola has moved onto the RAZR line as their new pride and joy, but the DROIDX line used to be the top dog in the Android game. Just because the DROIDX2 is a few years old now doesn’t mean it’s dead. XDA developer dragonzkiller has provided the public with an alpha build of CyanogenMod 10 that can be flashed to bring your old device up to speed once again.

But be warned, this is still in alpha stage and a few big pieces are not working just quite yet, namely recovery. Restoring and flashing ROMs isn’t functioning yet, but restoring backups works fine. However, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Calling, GPS and Google Now are a few of the big features that are working. Installation isn’t too complicated but shoehorning new versions of Android into old devices is always tricky. If you want to dust off your old phone and give it a shot, hit the source link below and please make a backup first for safety.

Update:  According to readers, this was updated late last night with working recovery. Go get it!

Via: XDA

Official CM10 Nightlies Available for 4G and WiFi Motorola XOOM Models, Never Say Die

The Motorola XOOM, the original Android tablet, launched Honeycomb as an operating system a while back. Today, the CyanogenMod team is gracing the two models of the device with nightlies for Jelly Bean. This proves that in this fast-paced mobile market, you can still build a quality piece of hardware that can get support for a while down the road.

CM10 is slowly making its way onto more and more devices so it might not be long until we see an official build out for the XOOM. If you are looking to download the Android 4.1 goodness for your tablet right now, hit the links below and get to flashing.