Special Droid Life Show Live Tonight at 5PM From CES!

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With our CES trip wrapping up, we figured it was time to try and squeeze in a live Droid Life Show to talk about the week that was. While the big announcements were lacking, there were still a couple of products that generated substantial buzz on the show floor and in press rooms.

So, join us at 5:00PM Pacific or a few minutes after to hear our thoughts on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. We’d also love to have some reader questions, which you can drop in the comments or live during the show.

Video: Quick Hands-on With the ZTE’s 1080p Grand S LTE [CES 2013]


We’re still at CES, attempting to find any news that might be worth your time. The best we could do was the ZTE Grand S LTE, a 5″ 1080p phone that’s headed to China. Yep, it’s another phone that you will never see in the States.

But if you did, it’s not bad. It comes in a variety of colors, including Pink. It’s super thin, has an above-average looking display, is powerful with 2GB of RAM and a Qualcomm processor, and runs one of the most atrocious looking Android skins we have seen in a while. So again, the phone isn’t bad, but it’s also not good.

So, check out the video and plan your next trip to China.

Watch Pebble’s E-paper Watch CES Press Event Live [CES 2013]

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While Samsung is on the main stage this morning doing its keynote thing, another company is doing a press event that might actually be worth a look. Remember Pebble, the e-paper smartwatch company that took Kickstarter by storm earlier this year, amassing a whopping $10 million in funding? Their CEO plans to show off the watch and all of its features before finishing things off with a Q&A session.

You can watch the event live at 9:00AM Pacific through the embed we have included below. Since the watch is still months from shipping, this should tide you over until that happens. (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Will You Buy NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD?

Project SHIELD

On Sunday evening, NVIDIA made the largest splash of CES with the unveiling of Project SHIELD, a cloud based mobile gaming system that allows users to play PC titles right on the device. NVIDIA has worked years on creating the infrastructure and hardware of SHIELD, but some are still unconvinced that the device could become largely successful. The reason for this apparent doubt is that NVIDIA has yet to announce any type of pricing for the device, which people have guessed could cost anywhere from $199 all the way to even $499 and beyond.

From the few hands-on reviews we have seen so far of the device, the hardware seems to be of utmost quality, making some other Android-powered gaming systems look rather cheap and plasticy. The speakers are loud, the display is clear and bright, and all of the buttons and triggers seem to be what you would expect on any top console gaming system (Xbox 360, PS3) on the market today.

So, without knowing how much it is, would you buy one? Feel free to let us know the price point you are hoping NVIDIA can meet in order for you to be interested in the device.

Will you buy NVIDIA's Project SHIELD?

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Verizon Could Follow T-Mobile’s Lead by Ending Carrier Phone Subsidies

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T-Mobile for the past month has been kicking around the long-held idea that the carriers should discount the price of mobile devices on their network. Subsidies like this make our phones cost less and the carriers bank on making their profit in the monthly contracts afterwards. T-Mo is planning on getting rid of these plans in 2013 and move towards other plans that they say will save customers money in the long run. Verizon and AT&T are understandably very curious how this experiment will go down.  (more…)

Video: Hands-on With the Sony Xperia Z [CES 2013]


Last night, Sony announced the Xperia Z, a device that at first didn’t seem like it would be all that intriguing considering the history of Xperia devices. Previously, the phones did feature some high-end specs and hardware, but since the phones never fared well with consumers and weren’t available on a range of carriers, they are sometimes forgotten. Well, it could be safe to say that might change with the new Xperia lineup.  (more…)

Video: Quick Look at the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 With LTE [CES 2013]

note 10.1 lte

Holy logo!

Soooo, we spent a couple of minutes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that was announced yesterday for Verizon. You can tell in the video that I’m struggling to come up highlights (or mystified by the 4G LTE logo on the back), and that’s because this device has been out for quite some time already as a WiFi-only tablet. This version simply has a 4G LTE – the only difference.  (more…)