Final Thoughts on CES 2013 From “Them Geek Guys”


CES 2013 is over – has been for two full days now. Editorials on how big of a bust this year’s show was have been written ad nauseam, so this is not one those. Instead of taking 1,000 words to express my disappointment in the lack of blockbuster smartphone announcements, I’ll share the trip that two Droid Life editors had. We always have a blast in Vegas, especially during CES because nothing matches up better than one of the most over-the-top cities on Earth hosting companies trying to out-do each other for a week. Let’s talk about it.  (more…)

NVIDIA Posts CES Booth Tour Video – Shows Off Cars, Tegra 4, Project SHIELD


It seems a little poorly timed, given CES is wrapping up, but NVIDIA has released a short booth tour video which gives folks an in-depth look at the NVIDIA CES experience. With a quick look at the Grid Cloud Gaming system, a behind the scenes peek at Project SHIELD, and the Tegra-powered cars, the NVIDIA booth was definitely one of the best ones there.  (more…)

Catch the Replay of The Droid Life Show “CES Special”


If you missed the live edition of last night’s Droid Life Show, be sure to catch the replay, which we have included above in video. It’s also available in audio-only formats, for those that don’t have time to watch.

During our special CES-themed show, we talked about our favorite announcements from the show, the biggest busts, and tossed in some random stories from Vegas. It was a blast, even if it was a shorter show.  (more…)

Question of the Day: What Impressed You From CES 2013?


Our time at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has come to an end. That’s both a happy and sad statement, mostly happy though, as the show failed to impress as it has in the past. There simply weren’t the number of innovative product announcements that we had seen at previous shows, something that may be the trend going forward for the world’s biggest electronics show.

But even with only a few headline grabbing products, I think it’s safe to say that we all had our favorites. The gamers in the building were blown away by NVIDIA’s Project Shield (our hands-on) and their Grid Gaming System. I found myself drooling over Sony’s new phones (Xperia Z and ZL), something I wasn’t expecting to admit after spending a week in the desert.

To see more of our thoughts on the week, be sure to tune into the replay of last night’s Droid Life Show.

What about you? Was there a certain product that stood out the most? And we’re not necessarily looking for Android-related stuff, but new and exciting tech products in general. Drop into the comments and let us know.

The Droid Life Show: CES Special

dl logo show2

At 5:00PM Pacific, we are going to attempt to launch our first ever live CES special episode of The Droid Life Show. It should be interesting, if anything. With this year’s CES turning out to be one of the slowest in recent memory, we can at least laugh at the lack of news, take you through our lives on the show floor, and fill you in on our random encounters with people like Dennis Rodman. The show may be slow, but Tim and I are still having a great time.  (more…)

Samsung Shows Off “Youm” Flexible Display on Prototype Phone at CES

samsung flexible display

With no price or release date in sight, Samsung was still willing to show off their new “Youm” flexible smartphone and tablet displays at the end of their keynote, today at CES. They were able to show the press a handful of devices, most of which were curved or bent to highlight the technology while still displaying images or video. The most interesting part, though, had to be the prototype device with slanted edges.  (more…)