Video: DROID RAZR MAXX Hands-on at CES

After taking a tour of the DROID 4 while stopping by the Motorola booth here at CES today, we had to get our hands-on time with their newest creation, the DROID RAZR MAXX. You won’t see too many differences between the MAXX and the previous DROID RAZR, but you will see a decent change in thickness of the device and battery life. The MAXX contains a huge 3300 mAh battery which is capable of 21 hours of talk time and two days of music streaming.

The video action is down below – you can see our quick photo gallery from last night right here. (more…)

Video: DROID 4 Hands-on at CES 2012

We just finished up a solid 3 hour session at some of the various booths here at CES and have a barrage of videos to show off. The first up is the DROID 4, also known as the world’s thinnest 4G LTE slider. We know that many of you have been waiting patiently for a slideout device like this, so hopefully this video helps you decide if it is indeed for you.

This is our second time with it in hand and will admit that it feels nice. One of the drawbacks to most devices with a physical keyboard is the weight and thickness, but this phone is light and thin. We aren’t a fan of the screen, as Moto appears to have gone back to the same PenTile matrix that they used in the Bionic and DROID3. Other than that though, it comes off as another solid release from Big Red and Motorola.   (more…)

Google Partners With Las Vegas Convention Center to Provide Indoor CES Maps


Attending CES? Be sure to check out Google Maps and their indoor maps feature, because it now includes the Las Vegas Convention Center for CES along with a variety of hotels. Basically what I’m suggesting, is that you ditch the 10MB CES app that updates on the daily, and go with GMaps instead.

Via:  Google

Tuesday Poll: What Was Your Favorite Announcement From Yesterday’s Press Events?

It’s only been two days here in Vegas at CES, but we already have some really exciting news from a wide variety of manufacturers and carriers.  Motorola and Verizon have teamed up again to bring us the new RAZR MAXX and the DROID 4.  Those of you who like smaller tablets might be more pumped about the 4G LTE powered Galaxy Tab 7.7 from Samsung or how about Asus bringing an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet to the market for $249?  So far, it has been a great year and we are just getting started.  CES officially starts today.

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Verizon Partnering With The Daily To Release Android Application On Select Devices

The news application that has been quite the hit on the iPad has now been announced as coming to the Android world thanks to Verizon today. The two companies have signed up to bring the subscription based application to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 first. The Verizon version of the tablet will have it pre-loaded and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that was announced yesterday will get the application at a later date, no word on any other devices.

You get a week of the Daily free on Verizon and after that you can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription, which will cost you $3.99 and $39.99 respectively. This is a great option for any newshead out there, the Daily is a great outlet. Will anyone take advantage of this if it comes to other devices like the XOOM or WiFi Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Quick First Look: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with 4G LTE

Rounding out our time at PepCom’s Digital Experience from last night, we have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with LTE that is headed to Verizon. With its beautiful Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.4GHz dual-core processor, ultra thin body, and perfect one-handed size (for some), this might be Big Red’s best tablet. We would have liked to see a beefier camera in the back (only 3MP), but that’s really our only complaint. Well, that and the fact that it is still running Honeycomb.

No exact release date has been given. We will see what else we can find out when we get more time with the device this afternoon at VZW’s booth. And here’s to hoping we don’t see it for $499 on-contract, especially with Asus and NVIDIA getting ready to drop a Tegra 3 device of similar size for $249.

Enjoy the pics!   (more…)

Quick First Look: DROID RAZR MAXX With Its 3300mAh Battery and the Purple RAZR


Looking almost identical to the original DROID RAZR, we have in front of us the DROID RAZR MAXX. At first glance, you probably would think that this is the same exact phone, only Motorola thickened it up a tad by somehow upping the battery from 1780mAh to 3300mAh. Yep, that’s a ton of battery juice. The rest of the specs all remain the same when you compare it to the regular RAZR, but this phone – according to Motorola reps – will get you through 2.5 days of streaming music, 21+ hours of talk time, and even more when sitting idle. This is clearly the Android phone for the daily grinder that can’t seem to find the time to plug in their device every few hours.

First impressions? Truthfully, I’m a little mad that this wasn’t released originally instead of the DROID RAZR. At 8.99mm thick, it is still incredibly thin and would have given the Nexus a real run for top dog status knowing that it had such a massive battery inside. It feels great in hand with that added thickness over the regular RAZR, but it is definitely not “thick.”

For more shots, including some of it compared to the Nexus, hit up the break. Purple RAZR also below.   (more…)

Quick First Look: DROID 4 by Motorola

The DROID 4 is finally official on Verizon. And after stopping by Motorola’s booth last night at PepCom’s Digital Experience, we had a chance to play with this 4G LTE dual-core wonder.

First impressions? It is a lot lighter than I expected it to be. Many of these sliders tend to carry that “tank” tag, but not the D4. It was light, the slideout mechanism felt solid, the keyboard with its side lit keys was very nice, and the overall size in hand was where it should be. The screen though, tough to come to a verdict on just yet. As far as we know, this is not the Super AMOLED Advanced that the RAZR carries and could just be the qHD PenTile matrix display that we saw in the Bionic and DROID 3. We will get confirmation on that when we sit down for some extra quality time, later today.

For now though, enjoy the pretty pictures. We will have video and detail hands-on time later today.   (more…)