DROID X Still Doing OnStar Ads, Now in Print Form

We saw the Droid X in an OnStar commercial way back in October running the car service’s new Android app, but now we’re seeing it as bold as ever in magazines.  The photo above, sent in at almost the same time by two readers, was featured in Popular Science and as you can tell, is a full 2-page spread showcasing one of our favorite family members.

Another Droid appearance.  Keep sending these in!

Cheers MrBob and @MrKLove1!

DROID Makes “No Ordinary Family” Appearance

Another day and another Droid appearance on a major network’s show.  During the last minute of episode 2 on “No Ordinary Family”, our beloved OG is used by someone who is obviously evil to let their boss know that a job had been completed.  What exactly was that job?  Oh, just for him to use his special powers to take a gun from a police officer and then shoot them with it while walking out the front door.  Yikes.

Be sure to submit any Droid appearances here!

Cheers Justin!

Original DROID Makes Big Appearance on Castle

Maybe we should start up a “DROID Appearances” category on this site since we love covering them so much.  In the latest sighting, the original Droid gets some major face time on another episode of Castle.  In the show, a boy is kidnapped and an OG is left in his place to provide clues to the cops and father.  The kidnapper sends videos, texts and other fun clues all through our beloved Droid.   (more…)

DROID X Makes “How I Met Your Mother” Appearance

You can’t go 5 minutes anymore without seeing the Droid X in either a commercial, TV show or other big screen showcase and that trend continued last night when our favorite family member showed up in an episode of CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother.”   Since I missed the episode, I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of the action and will instead leave you searching your DVR for the fun.

Keep sending these in everyone!

Cheers Brian!

DROID X Dominates Your Cold, Featured in Robitussin Commercial

The Droid X continues is TV appearance domination, this time with a starring role in the new Robitussin commercial.  Feeling sick?  Jump on your DX and head to robitussin.com to figure out what kind of medicine you need!  Or you could just drink an Emergen-C, plenty of water and sleep instead of masking your cold with weird chemicals?  Blurry commercial I snagged after the break.   (more…)

Original DROID Makes Pink Appearance in New Duracell Commercial

Duracell has a new product on the market called the MyGrid and in their latest commercial, they feature a variety of phones charging on it, but most notably is the pink, yes pink Motorola Droid.  It looks like Duracell had enough money to fork out for the Blackberry name, but not our family member’s.  Anyone want a pink Droid?

Jump to the 15 second mark.   (more…)