Moto 360 Small and Large Pictured on Wrist

The new Moto 360 (2nd gen) continues to surface in new photos as we approach IFA, where reports have suggested that Motorola (and a number of other OEMs) will unveil its new wearable. In today’s set of images, we get shots of what are being called the Moto 360 Large (Moto 360L) and Moto 360 Small (Moto 360S). Both pictures show devices on wrist, with one showing the new smaller model next to the original Moto 360 for size reference.  (more…)

Motorola Says Moto 360 Update With Interactive Watch Faces is Now Rolling Out

This morning, Motorola posted new release notes for the latest Android Wear update to hit the Moto 360. This is the update that includes interactive watch faces (examples), device to device sharing, Google Translate, and more. According to the changelog, Motorola also tossed in a new “Weather Microapp” that shows current weather and a four-day forecast.

In order to update, you will need to have more than an 80% charge on you watch. To check for it, head into Settings>About>System updates. If you are prompted to update, simply swipe left on the System update notification, touch “Open,” and select “yes” when it asks if you are ready to install.  (more…)

Here are 21 Interactive Watch Faces to Get Your Android Wear Watch Ready

The next Android Wear update to hit your smartwatch will introduce interactive watch faces. These new faces will allow you to interact with your watch like never before, meaning you will be able to tap on them to quickly view the weather or your calendar or even launch an app. The watch faces could allow you to toggle between steps taken, calories burned, change dials that show, or tweak a watch face’s HUD, depending on the app.

To help get you ready for all that interactivity, Google has posted a collection of the watch face apps they partnered with to launch the new feature. There are 21 in total, but I’d imagine others will get their watch faces ready as quickly as possible now that the new API is available.

Keep in mind that none of the new interactive features work until you receive the next Android Wear update, which will slowly rollout over the coming weeks.

You’ll find all of the new watches and the link below.

Play Link

interactive watch faces

LG G Watch R Finally Gets WiFi Support in Latest Android Wear Update

Back in May when Google said that an update to Android Wear would introduce WiFi to almost all of your favorite smartwatches, there was plenty of excitement to be had at the added functionality in brought that no longer required a constant Bluetooth connection to a phone. Of course, LG G Watch R owners were not a part of the original WiFi party, as the watch was left off of the initial list of devices scheduled to receive WiFi.  (more…)

Android Wear Update Introduces Interactive Watch Faces

This morning, the Android team announced a new update to their Android Wear platform that introduces interactive watch faces. An interactive watch faces gives developers the opportunity to bake in more advanced features and information to watch faces with fewer taps. Now, as Google points out, “with just a tap” your watch face can “change its design, reveal more information, or even launch a specific app.”

In the examples below, you can see how a watch face could have shortcuts to steps, weather, calendar, missed calls, etc., all that can be quickly launched with a tap. You could also use taps to toggle between items like calories burned, steps, or distance with a fitness watch face.  (more…)