Google’s Calculator App Hits Google Play, Brings Android Wear Support

Google’s own Calculator application is now available for downloading on Google Play onto any Android device you have, allowing Google to send updates and new features more quickly to your device for the app. For the longest time, the Calculator app has been baked into the system, as it is on nearly every mobile phone ever made, but this continues Google’s work to strip out most apps and have them available right from Google Play.  (more…)

Verizon Adds Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE to Line-Up as Well, Now Up for Pre-Order

The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, after returning from the dead on AT&T this week, is also now up for pre-order at Verizon. Priced at $449 with a 2-year contract or $499 at full retail, the WU2ELTE is an expensive product, likely because its the first LTE watch.

With that LTE connectivity, Verizon is pushing its ability to connect to your phone number to send text messages through their Verizon Messages app, place calls to family and friends, search for nearby restaurants, and listen to music. Because of that LTE chip inside, you don’t need to be tethered to a phone at all times – it’s very much a stand-alone device.  (more…)

Thursday Poll: What’s the Most You Would Spend on a Smartwatch?

Through the past couple of days of announcements, it is starting to feel like Android Wear is on the verge of becoming a mainstream technology and fashion item. I say that because it’s not just tech companies making watches; the fashion brands are now fully embracing smart wearables for your wrist. Michael Kors, Fossil, Casio, and Nixon all have watches arriving in 2016. Fossil even said to expect over 100+ this year out of its family of fashion brands. Outside of those non-luxury brands, companies like TAG Heuer also plan to launch a full “collection” of smartwatches, which may be joined in another year by Hublot and Zenith.

See, the world is getting on board with smartwatches whether you are ready or not. This isn’t just a techie nerd niche any longer. We have legitimate fashion brands fully committed to making smartwatches that will be sold in jewelry stores, at Macy’s or Nordstrom, and in skate shops.

For today’s poll, we want to know how much you would be willing to spend on any of these new smartwatches (or just smartwatches in general). We are seeing some priced at $395, others at $500, and expect many to be well above those price points depending on the brand. Of course, we also will continue to see those in the $200 range.

What’s the most you would spend?

What's the Most You Would Spend on a Smartwatch?

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Expect “Real” Collection of TAG Heuer Smartwatches Next Year, Maybe Hublot Too

I hope you weren’t expecting TAG Heuer to be a one-and-done in the smartwatch arena, because within the next year, they should launch a “real collection” of them, according Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and president of the LVMH Watch Division.

During a range of interviews at Baselworld, Biver talked about creating a new version of their Connected watch (our review) that could arrive in six to eight different models. He called it a “real collection” because the current Connected model is only available as just that, a single model. With a “collection,” we could see different designs, metals, styles, and price points.  (more…)

Nixon Mission is the Fashion Watch Brand’s First Android Wear Watch

If you have been wondering why there has been so much watch talk around these parts over the past couple of days, it’s because Baselworld is going on over in Switzerland. Baseworld, for those not familiar, is like the CES or MWC of the watch world. It’s a massive watch event where all the biggest watch brands in the world gather to unveil their new products for the coming year. Everyone from Rolex to Fossil are announcing products, some of which happen to be Android related.

Next up, we have Nixon, a younger lifestyle-focused watch company who tends to cater to the skate or surf crowds. They announced a watch this morning called the Mission, which they are calling the “world’s first ultra-rugged, action sports smartwatch.” There are certainly other rugged watches on the market, so they must be banking off the “ultra” term here.  (more…)