Aio Wireless to Take on Sprint’s Framily Plans, Intros New Group Plan Discounts

Sprint’s Framily plans give groups of people the opportunity to save money per month on their wireless bills – when more people join a group, the less their bills will be. You have probably seen the silly commercials on TV that Sprint has released, so let’s go ahead and cut to the chase. AT&T’s subsidiary, Aio Wireless has introduced their own form of group rates, but sadly, they don’t have an awesome name like Sprint does with Framily.

Group Save Discounts allow up to five additional lines on an account, with each additional line on top of the primary account bringing in a monthly discount. The first eligible line has no monthly discount, but the second brings $10 a month in savings. The third line will nab you a $20 month discount, with the fourth and fifth eligible lines each bringing $30 in monthly savings.  (more…)

So You Want to Switch to Pre-Paid? My Experience in Dropping the Big Carriers


We always talk about it, the final straw that would break our back. There’s always something that the big wireless carriers could do to make us leave and take our business elsewhere. Threats however are only words until you actually decide to take the initiative and switch, but where do you go outside of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint? Pre-paid carriers have always sounded exciting to the people locked into lengthy and expensive contracts, but they don’t usually have the best reputation: sketchy service, throttling data speeds, the list goes on. Luckily for you, I’ve decided to brave the unknown and dove headfirst into the world of pre-paid carriers. Let’s talk about how it went. (more…)

Verizon Ups Data Limits on New Prepaid Plans, Likely in Response to Competitors

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Back on February 1, Verizon introduced a new set of prepaid plans that were laughable, to say the least. These new plans started at $60, which would get you unlimited talk and text along with 500MB of data. The second tier landed you the same unlimited benefits, but only 2GB of data for $70. Keep in mind that neither is capable of connecting to Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network and are instead stuck on their insanely slow 3G CDMA network. Also, prepaid offerings from companies like SmartTalk offer unlimited talk, text, and data for as little as $45 per month on HSPA+ networks.  (more…)

AT&T Launches Aio Wireless Subsidy, “a First-Class Wireless Experience at a Value Price”


It seems T-Mobile has kicked off the race to supply customers with new ways to finance their carriers with their UN-carrier brand that does away with phone subsidies. AT&T wants to get in on the fun by announcing a new subsidy named Aio (pronounced A-O). The new pay-as-you-go carrier offers a few mid-range smartphones, but encourages that you bring your own, and unlimited (albiet throttled) data all for pretty cheap.  (more…)