Adobe Revel Comes to Android, A Private Photo Sharing Service With Cloud Sync

One of the best features of iOS is Photo Stream, an iCloud connected service that allows users to upload pictures to be shared in an album only select friends and family members can view. Android, though it now has Google+ backup of photos, still doesn’t feature an easy medium for friends and family members to upload pictures into one album. Adobe Revel, which has been on iOS for three years now, looks to fix this by coming over to Android with a nifty suite of features.


Adobe Express 2.0 Hits Google Play, Brings Streamlined UI and Photo Filter Slider Controls

An updated version of Photoshop Express hit Google Play this morning, version 2.0, bringing a redone user interface as well as additional features. The app has been rebuilt from ground up and is completely compatible with Android 4.4. It’s good to see Adobe still loves Android.

Adobe focused on making the app easier to use, placing popular tools and features at the top of menus when editing photos, such as preselected filters, as well as adjustment settings for brightness, cropping, red eye detection, and the popular auto correct feature.  (more…)

Adobe Photoshop Touch Now Available for Smartphones


This morning, Adobe released Photoshop Touch for iOS and Android smartphones. Previously only available for tablets, Adobe was able to shrink this powerful program down into a smaller-display friendly app and slap a $5 price tag on it. Much like the tablet version, Photoshop Touch brings countless editing features right to those gorgeous fingers of yours.  (more…)

Adobe’s Photoshop Touch Updated – Support for Higher Resolution Images, New Effects, and More

Today, Adobe pushed out an update to Photoshop Touch that brings some very classy features and bug fixes. For starters, there are two new effects called Shred and Colorize for you to utilize, two new languages (Russian and Portuguese), and the ability to edit images up to 12MP while still retaining the high quality of image.  (more…)

Reminder: New Installs of Adobe Flash to be Blocked Starting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day that Adobe marked as the beginning of the end for Flash on Android. Starting tomorrow, updates of Flash from Google Play will be limited to those who already have it installed on their device. Meaning, no fresh installs – only updates. Development of mobile Flash for Android was killed off in November, but the software has seen updates from time to time for security fixes.

As mentioned plenty of times previously, the newest version of Android is unsupported by Flash, so many users out there basically have no use for the application. If you’re running a device that does allow for the install of Flash, you may want to install it today before it’s gone for good.

R.I.P. Flash.

Adobe Reader Receives Sizable Update – Text Adding and File Organizer Included


Adobe Reader received an update this morning that brought with it an “Add Text” tool. In a previous update, Reader was given signature support, form filling, and doodling fun, but you weren’t able to simply add text. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried either, so I’m excited for this new addition. The Reader team also improved the file organizer, allowing you to create folders and copy, move, rename and delete files. They included more form filling options as well.

  • Add text to your PDFs with the Add Text tool
  • Use forms that have Field Validation, Calculation, and Formatting
  • Organize and manage your documents in Reader’s improved file organizer. Create folders, copy, move, rename, and delete files.
  • Help us make Reader better by optionally sharing anonymous usage data with us
  • Fixed several bugs and performance issues

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