Adobe Lightroom Update Brings DNG Raw File and MicroSD Card Support

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Adobe recognizes that a lot of people, professionals included, are turning to mobile devices to get a lot of their photo editing work done. With that said, the latest update to Lightroom from Adobe has hit Google Play, bringing with it a few important features for the pros among us. 

In the update, Lightroom now supports DNG raw files, which will greaten the amount of tweaks photographers are able to do after the fact. In addition, where you can make edits has improved, as Android tablets are apparently just now receiving support for the app.

Lastly, Adobe threw in microSD card support, meaning you can edit files from and save files to your expandable storage. This is a good thing, considering that megapixel size on mobile devices is growing, which leads to much larger files that eats at your onboard storage.

If you fancy yourself a professional, and want to get a bit of work done while on the go, check out the update. Do note, you will need an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription to utilize these changes.

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