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If You Buy an LG G6, You’ll Get a Free Google Home

lg g6 free google home

When the LG G6 goes on sale some time in the next week or two (not fully confirmed on dates yet), LG is going to hand you a free Google Home if you pre-order or buy the phone by April 30. That’s a free $129 gift for buying into what we already believe to be one of the best phones of the year.

All you’ll do once the LG G6 is on sale is take your your purchase information to the link below, fill out a form, and sit back to wait for your free Google Home to arrive. The promo is a limited time deal, so if you want the freebie, you’ll want to order an LG G6 within the first few weeks. 

LG G6 / Google Home Promo Link

  • Scottyshao

    Will lg sell these phones on their website directly? I would like one to pre order asap but I have no clue where to go…

  • Fred

    LG needs to just sell the G6 for 499.

  • seattle tech

    The verizon price just leaked $672 new line with google home and a free 43″ tv. Not bad at all. Looks like LG is not acting like the new HTC anymore.

  • illregal

    my body is ready.

  • Murphy’s Magnet

    Anyone know if Google Home works with the Ecobee3? I know Amazon Echo does and Assistant doesn’t.

    • so far, only through apps like IFTTT. you can’t say a specific temperature, just program a pre-determined temp. There’s a drop down for temperature in IFTTT when building the recipe/applet. it won’t accept the # part of your command. it looks like it would when building it, but it doesn’t work.

      • Murphy’s Magnet

        That is what I was afraid of. I switched out the Nest for an Ecobee3. I prefer the way it works, but I figured I’d lose Google support.

      • SION1771

        That was before. Now they’re compatible directly; no other hub or app required. Amazon is constantly adding things to their compatibility list.

    • SION1771

      I know that Echo /does/ work with Ecobee3. They send out a weekly ‘things Echo does’ e-mail and two weeks ago they reviewed all the Ecobee3 commands. Like “heat up (cool down) the main floor” and it will increase (decrease) the target temp 2º. Sign up for that e-mail!

      • Murphy’s Magnet

        I think I will. Thanks

    • mcdonsco

      Works fine with it

  • David Stevens

    And it’ll outprice itself for me to even consider it…. 650 or less would be ideal, but I’m sure they’re gonna price it 800$ I have to consider resale when buying my phones an LG probably has the worst long-term value. I see people selling V20s at 300-350 in my area.

    • TechGirl90

      “but I’m sure they’re gonna price it 800$”

      I surely hope not! their LG V20 they priced it at 800 dollars, I don’t think LG would price the LG G6 the same as the V20, that will be crazy, I really hope they don’t price it at 800 dollars. 🙁

    • The Doctor

      $672, per Android Central

      • BSweetness

        On Verizon. Verizon often has the lowest full price for new phones, so it could be higher elsewhere.

    • Scottyshao

      Where would you get that figure? Its only like USD $672 from att or tmobile full retail. SO you are way off.

  • ck125

    Cant forget it also comes with those free boot loops as well. The LG special lol /s

  • mcdonsco

    Here’s to hoping best buy does a deal with a payment plan on this.

    Since jumping back on Verizon, after being on cricket and buying full boat for a few years, I’ve discovered the payment system is awesome when there are deals since you can buy them on the best buy deal (last one I did was the LG g5 for $5/month, $120 total w/free spare battery and charging cradle)…Then, pay it off on my Verizon account and sell it for more than twice what I paid for it 🙂 … Then…repeat.

    Come on BB, do a payment plan deal on this at launch, my Verizon account is ready!!!

    • Futbolrunner

      Not a bad idea at all. I may have to try that. Can’t you only do that a limited amount of times every 2 years?

      • mcdonsco

        I did it a few times over the course of a week, but doing it on the same day seems to cause glitches in Verizon’s system (literally, glitch, spoke to Verizon in detail on it – lost out on getting two more G5’s because of it).

        So, will stick with buy, pay off one day, buy pay off another day.

        No limit as far as I know other than trying multiple in the same day doesn’t work so well.

    • ck125

      Yeah but once you pay it off you lose the bill credits correct? So really you’d be paying more than the $120 unless I’m missing something

      • mcdonsco

        The deals I was buying had no bill credits involved at all, just a straight $5/month…So, $120 and no activation fees since I don’t activate on my account, just pay off and sell.

  • TechGirl90

    You know what will be cooler than the Google Home offer?

    LG RELEASING THE DARN PHONE!! MY WALLET IS COLLECTING DUST! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad52f1d2ceceb98497ade2993d819acb3e61d2dab95a535ed2900c33f6a1e770.gif

  • Tyler Durden

    Just might have to jump to it on T-Mobile get the google home then jump to the S8+. Not bad.

    • Violet Fleming

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    • SeanPlunk
      • Tyler Durden

        You care enough to comment so I appreciate your concern, honey 🙂 <3

        • SeanPlunk
          • Tyler Durden

            Good to know you can open wide, you’ll need that for later 🙂

          • Chris Pasionek

            You would have to return the google home with returning the LG when you jump between phones, just a FYI

          • Chris Pasionek


    • seattle tech

      Good call do it!

      • El_Big_CHRIS


      • Tyler Durden

        Unlimited jumps is nice!

    • Manbearpig

      I’m thinking thank God for jump on demand!!

  • enigmaco

    Think I’m going to get the V20 still

  • BobButtons

    “wait for your free Google Home to arrive”

    Any idea how long that’ll take? It always seems with promotions like this that it’s quite a ways down the line. Not gonna complain about free but for some reason they always seem to take ages.

    • Mike

      Took me about a month to get my free headphones from LG using the same promo site. The quicker you get in the better as they ship them in order of sign up.

  • blackbird2150

    This is the type of stuff that makes it so hard to be Fi subscriber. I like my 6P but my company just implemented a new app for work emails, but it requires file level encryption, not whole disk. And of course to convert means i have to wipe the phone. Would love to be able to justify buying a new phone but with Fi, it means buying a Pixel or waiting for Pixel v2…

    • BobButtons

      I’m in the same boat. I’ve been on a 5X since launch and while it still covers my needs to this day, I long for devices that of course aren’t functional on Fi. I put device selection as the first thing I’d improve in a survey for them. But my ~$30 plan with 3 networks of coverage (US Cellular helped a ton where I live) it’s hard to give it up. Google’s little perks here and there help a little.

      • [email protected]

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      • Kristina Watts

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    • drewthebrave

      Same boat here. My Nexus 6 is great, but battery life is starting to wane. The value proposition of Fi makes it hard to justify switching to another phone, as much as I like the G6. Looks like I’m waiting for the Pixel 2…

  • Josh Evenson

    And still no price on the G6?

    • Nope! We should know by next week.

      • Josh Evenson

        Nice! Thanks Kellex! Highly considering the G6 to replace my Nexus 6, and this Google Home deal makes it even better.

        • Have zero complaints about the G6 so far. Think it’ll be a phone most will enjoy. And yeah, this certainly sweetens the heck out of the purchase.

          • Josh Evenson

            Good to hear, looking forward to the full review.

          • disastrousrainbow

            You should be complaining about the lack of stereo speakers. 😛

          • MetroGnome711

            So I had a G3, a G4, and a V20… but software seemed to always cripple the experience. How is this phone with that? Are you noticing slow downs? Is that software just awful?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Review next week? I can’t wait for a review without preview software

          • glimmerman76

            after the G5 it has to be something special….

          • mcdonsco

            Curious, I know it won’t be a battery monster like the z play, but is it better than most for battery life?

      • TechGirl90

        Really hope it stays within the 700 dollar price range, and if it’s lower than that, that’s even better.

        I want to buy this device unlocked!


        • glimmerman76

          what and never get updates? Look at the unlocked g5 they said summer before an update.

        • seattle tech

          Verizon $672 with free google home and 43″ tv with a new line

          • TechGirl90