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Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Floodgates Now Open

samsung galaxy s8

You could argue that Samsung mostly skipped Mobile World Congress this year. Sure, they announced a fancy new tablet and VR headset with controller, but we’re so used to them showing off their new Galaxy S phone for the year that it was hard to pay close attention. Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in 28 days or so, though, which means we’ll now see a new leak for the phone every 5 minutes. Yes, the Galaxy S8 leak floodgates are now open.  

Last night, Evan Blass posted up an official-looking render of the device, giving us the cleanest, non-blurry view of it yet. The image is up top, and it shows the black model with its tiny bezel, all-display front and lack of traditional home front button. It reveals three side buttons, including a volume rocker (left) and power button (right), along with a mystery button we have not seen before. Rumors suggest that will be a dedicated button for launching Samsung’s new Bixby assistant. Finally, we get to see a dual-edged display, what is likely an iris scanner up top next to the front 8MP camera, and beautifully rounded corners.

But that’s not the only leak. This morning, the crew at BGR showed off a handful of photos of a device in the wild that aren’t just blurry-cam shots. Here are a couple of them:

The photos don’t reveal anything we haven’t already seen a time or two, but they are cleaner shots than usual. You get a nice view of the all-display front with virtual navigation buttons (that we’re told by multiple sources are customizable), shots of both sides, and a look at the bottom with headphone jack, USB Type-C port, and speaker.

The whole phone looks very much like a Galaxy Note 7, only with the display stretched to all corners of its front. And that’s a pretty cool thing, since the Note 7 was one of the best phones in terms of size, shape, and design. Well, if you take away that whole battery situation.

What do you guys think?

Via: @evleaks | BGR
  • I really hope those nav buttons are themeable

  • Armaced

    I like my s7 edge better. If they offer a 64GB or more internal storage option, I might be tempted.

  • xzero425x

    I honestly feel like it might be a dedicated camera button. One of my favorite things was the double tap quick launch on the camera home button. Which is kinda gone now. And a awesome Samsung thing. So maybe… :))

  • Dsn

    Its no Note 7

  • Patricia Redman

    Soooooo, they’re taking about the new Galaxy S8 and all y’all can talk about is the guy’s nails??? SMH

  • mirorfloydka

    I could do without the iris and fingerprint scanners. Dont want so close the internet.

    Butt why not let us have a dedicated music app that will flip between cd cover and inside artwork, whatever we embed in our music file.

  • Jay Quir

    You guys blurred out the pinky nail😂

  • francoj

    Also they are using that mate 9 sensors they are going to run 4 6 8 Ram one more key surprise is they are coming out with a a docking charger that is small you could install in your vehicle for fast charging and 0 to 30% charging in less than five minutes

  • francoj

    There is a 3D embedded sensor on the Galaxy S8 and also in the back so that is the surprise of the Galaxy S8 there is a 3D
    fingerprint sensor in the front screen as well you could use the back or the front as well as 3D touch just like the iPhone

    • Turb0wned

      Proof? Because if that were true, I’d jump back on the ship. Can’t stand rear fingerprint scanner.

  • WTF with those homely round corners on the display panel?

  • Debra Dukes

    Lol what are you guys talking about Fingernail ??? Roflmo

  • Debra Dukes

    I think it looks allot like a Tall IPhone which is making me nervous.Thanks so much guys for keeping updated love reading Droidlife appreciate it very much.I just wish they would start leaking the Note because these leaks like I said looks like Tall IPhone Thanks again Deb

  • Tony

    I personally am tired of hearing about Samsung phones. There are plenty of other options for Android phones. I tried one and took back the device. They will break if you drop it at all. My colleagues have broken theirs even with a Otterbox on them. I am talking about the S7 and S7 Edge here. They are pretty to look at but are not very shatterproof. Also a lot of people are reporting a solid line down the left or right side of the screens now. At $690 and $790 for these two handsets how ridiculous is that. Rumors are the two S8 phones will be even more.

    • Cakefish

      My S7 is fine. No line on screen here. I think that was exclusively an edge thing, not the flat model. And even if there was, it’s the kind of thing covered under the 2 year warranty that Samsung provides.

  • Brad B.

    Geeked that it doesn’t have a Samsung logo on the front. Reminds me of my Nexus S.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    And here I am with a pixel…

  • The Doctor

    Kind of underwhelming.

  • Synacks

    So….. what is that new button on the side underneath the volume buttons?

  • Roman reigns can’t wrestle

    This doesn’t look (aesthetically) like a bad device….it’s not for me…but for the normal consumer they’ll love it

  • stabone

    I’m ok with the home and multitasking button, but that back button looks really awkward. It looks like that space is there because they couldn’t figure out a good place for it to be. It should have been between the line and the point.

  • Jon

    Using the pixel now but I was really looking forward to this. Gonna pass for sure I will never be able to use a phone with the edge screen. Also I don’t like the tiny bezels on the top and bottom. Seems like such a pain to use.

  • OligarchyAmbulance

    Another year, another Samsung design that everyone loves and I think is atrocious looking.

    The Mi Mix is how you make a bezel-less, good looking phone.

    • Banglaz Bless

      The mi mix is a big ass unwieldy and horrible looking device. To each his own.

      • needa

        It’s far from horrible looking, but still not a phone that I would want.

        • G5

          No, it’s horrible looking.

  • needa

    The top and bottom bezels don’t speak to me like the G6 did.

  • ushneb

    I thought the Back and App Switcher buttons were reversed on this series? I mean, reverse as in the way everyone else does it but Samsung.

  • Jonathan

    I already find it to be a PITA to reach the top of the screen of my S7 (or the bottom, depending on how I’m holding it). They just added MORE screen real estate that was unneeded. I would have preferred to see the phone shrink in size if they were going to implement a mini-bezel like this. Also… curved display. BLEH. For the first time since the S3, I may be looking at other phones.

    • gvanmeter

      You have small hands.

      • Cakefish

        I have tiny hands. My hands are suited to iPhone SE and Sony Z Compact sized devices. I can’t use my S7 one handed, my thumb will not reach the other side of the display, or the top. Praise be to small phones!

  • TechGirl90

    I feel that this is an accident waiting to happen with Samsung continually using this design choice, but the wallpaper is nice though, it would look good once I get the LG G6. 🙂

  • DanSan

    please dont be a dedicated button for their stupid voice assistant. a button i cannot remove for a feature nobody will use..

    • Averix

      Hopefully it will be a button that can be used for a different purpose selected by the user. I’d love a shutter button that would bring up the camera.

      • DanSan

        That’s what the volume down button is for.

        At this point it’s a completely unnecessary button.

        • Averix

          No it isn’t. Volume down doesn’t launch the camera. I can be a shutter button in the camera, but it can’t launch it. With the removal of the physical home button, there is no fast button shortcut to get to the camera. Maybe that button already does a long press for Bill Bixby and a double press for camera. Maybe.

      • Frettfreak

        would be nice if they allowed that. However, remember the early s-voice days and it was hard coded to the double home press (or long press… i cant remember) but they changed it in an update down the road so that you could use whatever instead of s-voice.

        • Averix

          Due to massive backlash. Maybe they’ll just include a nifty “What do you want that button over there to do?” feature right out of the gate this time.

  • mcdonsco

    I’ll reserve judgment until I get it in hand, but so far I’m really not liking the 18:9 aspect ratio.

  • Alix8821

    Really want to see alternate color options. Can’t but trust black metal. Everyone I know scratches theirs up way more than uncolored aluminum….

  • IJK

    “Sorry, something went wrong.” No kidding – it is another explosive Samsung device. “Try again.” I don’t think so, Samsung; I have had enough of your hot phones.

    • Banglaz Bless

      That comment is utter crap!

  • trevorsalienarms

    I think I’m tired of this S7E stand-in for my Note7. Ready for the S8.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Apparently they are there for a functional reason – the screen doesn’t crack as easily when dropped on a corner.

  • Xious

    Can’t say I’m a fan on the rounded display corners, but to each their own.

  • steadymobb

    Still waiting to see a leaked pic of the ‘orchid grey’ color option. All I’ve seen is black (which looks okay) and a couple shots of gold (which I definitely don’t want).

    • Jeremy Turnley

      I am wanting to see this as well. I imagine it’s going to be like the current silver, but not reflective.

      I also wonder what happened to all of the other colors? The S7 had coral blue, three different blacks, white and rose gold in various countries. The Coral Blue version of the N7 was actually the first version to sell out, so they know more bold colors DO sell, why only give us bland ones?

      • discopunkk

        I really want them go bring back the coral blue though I don’t think they will. Really wanted to get the N7 in that color.

      • steadymobb

        I know. I was dissapointed to learn they wouldn’t be coming out w/ a coral blue version. I thought they would for sure since it was so popular. I feel like they might eventually like Samsung always does but I want to get this thing like YESTERDAY – can’t wait, still using an s6. I’ll probably get the grey depending on what it looks like.

      • Cakefish

        I want green, blue and red phones.


    Although it’s clearly real, this is in the fake new basket once that BGR watermark is on the pics

  • Aaron T

    No app tray? Hope that’s an option still.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Wow, hadn’t noticed that. I hope so too, or they are using the Pixel’s “swipe up” method. 🙁

  • Tigglejk

    Man, that’s a good looking phone. Definitely stands out from the rest of the pack.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    It really wouldn’t surprise me if Samsung themselves leaked these photos. Ready to sell this Pixel XL with a quickness. Every pixel or pixel xl I’ve watched reboot has screen burn where the bottom navigation buttons are and on top. Crossing my fingers with no issues with the GS8+!

  • Jess

    Whoever phone this guy posted, will be fired. You see those dashes and circles along the top and bottom side, which almost looks like bunch of sensors. Those are basically the new barcode that they can tell whose phone it was given to.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Yeah, probably. The barcodes only tell what case company the phone was sent to, but those fingernails will tell them which person it is for sure.

      • Jess

        Yes but the company keeps record of who has those phones.

  • MichaelFranz

    i think im sold. Assuming the G6 doesnt blow it out of the water and the S8+ doesn’t blow up

  • Daniel Garcia

    Any word on Price?

    • Pootis Man

      Probably north of $800. Just a guess considering the new processor and the inclusion of a much bigger display.

      • Daniel Garcia

        For the S8+ i agree but will the normal S8 be that way as well. Now that I think about it, i dont remember what the S7 cost.

        • Pootis Man

          The S7 was I believe $699 and the S7 edge $779. So I’d say $700 plus for the normal version and $800 or more for the S8+.

      • Jeremy Turnley

        That’s probably low, I’d guess $900 for the S8+. The price will be at LEAST as much as the Note 7 – there’s a good chance these even have the digitizer for the S-Pen built in given the emphasis Samsung put on that at MWC. If that’s the case, it literally will have every feature of the N7 with more stacked on.

        I’d guess I will have to fork out $10-15 a month extra on my JOD lease once I upgrade.

        • Pootis Man

          That’s a lot money for a phone. Considering its Samsung though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up costing that much.

          • Jeremy Turnley

            It’s the same price range as the iPhone 7, which is Samsung’s only real competition in the market. They have to push the limits to compete with them, and that’s expensive because Apple fans will literally pay anything Apple wants them to pay to get the new phone. It’s not like anyone really NEEDS all these features – it’s all about the wow factor and keeping people from looking at the iPhone and saying “that’s so much nicer!”.

  • Suicide_Note

    I would love this hardware paired with stock Android. It’d be the perfect phone.

  • hawkeinmd

    Take my money now!

  • ChrisI

    The top picture has lots of sensors and circles and slats.
    Good god.

  • sc0rch3d

    who cares about the look, most of us will stick a case on it. wow us with something more than aesthetics and a screen/battery combo that will likely not be any better than other flagships. I can’t imagine the screen (albeit bigger in smaller body) is that much better than S7 line. srsly, some of the deals coming out so that stores can clear inventory are insane…jump on those.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Verifying the accuracy of this leak….

    YUP That’s pretty accurate.


    • Tyler Durden
    • kretz7

      The phone isn’t square in the picture, should the text? Am I missing something?

      • Jeremy Turnley

        He’s pointing out the DirectTV app not working as proof it’s authentic, since the DirecTV app sucks in real life.

        • hkklife

          Everything about DirecTV sucks, other than PQ.

          • Frettfreak

            that…and Sunday ticket! lol only 2 positives

          • illregal

            It’s a lot worse since the ATT takeover. It wasn’t so bad before.

    • The Internet is yours for the day. Do with it as you please.

      • niuguy

        Not butt-stuff though.

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        • Armaced

          Are you on some other internet?

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  • NeilGeorge

    Love it.. this or the Note aargh

  • seattle tech

    Damn that looks hot!!

  • Tyler Durden
  • Fitim

    Did yall blur that dudes long and nasty finger nail… lmao

    • RazorSky

      Coke Nail.

    • Yes indeed we did. It was vomit inducing.

      • Averix

        Thanks for that. It was soooo gross.

  • Joey Sandoval

    It looks really nice. Just that ui. Eww

    • Miguel

      I’ll just throw Nova and Package Disable on it and call it a day.

      • Synacks

        all day

      • alberteezy

        Theme store, good lock, and you are good to go!

  • Bourne, Jason C.

    Here come the leaks and the G6 has been nicely slid off the front page news section of the phone world.

    • Tyler Durden

      Which is good

      • Bobb

        G6 is a great looking phone

        • Bigmatt503

          But, it’s an LG

        • Tyler Durden

          About the only thing going for it

    • G5

      Nahh, This thing is fugly. They finally got rid of the Home button and hard keys but make it gross looking. WTF Samsung.

      keep on with the G6 news please. Hide this gross thing from us.

  • disastrousrainbow

    I gotta say, I’m digging the look Samsung’s going for with the buttons and certain UI elements. There’s something futuristic, almost Alien-font-ish about it. I just want stereo speakers. That’s my main buying factor between it and the G6.

    • elemeno

      Futuristic UI elements remind me of Honeycomb.

  • Jake L

    Fantastic looking phone, good job Samsung! Still not enough to switch from the pixel xl or the upcoming pixel 2.

  • So without the physical home button where is the fingerprint sensor going to be? On the back?

    • Bourne, Jason C.

      According to leaks, right next to the camera on the back

    • Suicide_Note

      Next to the camera on the rear.

  • alberteezy

    In terms of design the G6 in my opinion looks a lot more polish. I guess Samsung has a bit nicer software. Does LG have custom themes and something similar to good lock?

    • seattle tech

      To me the g6 looks like a blocky boring phone

  • T4rd

    I guess the back is too cringe-worthy to show in all these leaks. =p

  • Plot Twist: The S8’s chassis is actually from all the returned Note 7’s, they just upgraded the screen and added a side button.

    Anyway, I normally wait on the Note line but this is definitely my next phone. Can’t wait for its release.

    • Matthew Dickinson

      I’m still going to wait for the Note 8 this fall. Loved the Note 7, hopefully we will get the perfect mix of the two with the Note 8.

      • I wish I could wait on the Note 8 but I have this iPhone 7+ that I just can’t deal with much longer. Figured I’d give Apple a try until the next Note is released since the 7 was discontinued, let’s just say I wish I went with the S7 instead

        • Josh LaCelle

          I hate the S7 edge right now. After going back to it from the Note 7 it was so hard for me to get used to.

          • Tyler Durden

            So weird people say this. I got better performance, better battery life, and better design on my S7 Edge

          • Josh LaCelle

            Seriously, I hope your joking!

          • Tyler Durden

            Not even gonna be a dick and correct that.

            But why would I be joking? They’re literally the same phone specs wise besides the smaller battery in the Note 7. I just had a better experience with the S7 Edge.

          • Josh LaCelle

            Similar phone spec wise, yes. But a brand new phone as far as the refined design of the Note 7! And to disagree with that is just plain stupid and ignorant. Glad, you had luck with your S7 edge and it was perfect, but mine, on the other hand is crap. Simply put! And I had three different S7 devices! All the same!

          • Tyler Durden

            Exact same specs and just cause the Note 7 is later doesn’t make it better.

            Anyways because you’re being a dick, it’s spelled you’re*

          • Josh LaCelle

            I am quite surprised you are smart enough to point out my grammatical error! Good job Tyler!

            Did I say it was because the Note 7 came later? No, you are just arguing stupid like you do on here. See Tyler, I think you are just an egotistical jerk that likes to be right. You resort to brainless name-calling when people aren’t ignorant like yourself. Don’t comment on others posts if you can’t handle a disagreement!

          • Tyler Durden

            I’m just saying, I’m not sure how you love a Note 7 and not an S7 Edge when they’re the exact same phone. In my personal opinion, the Note 7 was shipped early with garbage firmware. Now go cry about your S7 somewhere else

          • Josh LaCelle

            Don’t try and back down after making a complete fool of yourself. But if they are the same phone then why are you fighting with me on the fact that the S7 edge is superior in every way from the Note 7?! You obviously can’t even think rationally! I am not going to continue to fight with an ignorant egotistical (yea, I like that word) fool!

        • Matthew Dickinson

          We picked up some MXPs to get us by. These phones were definitely a step backwards after using the Note 7s for just a month.

        • chikinnn

          I too picked up a iPhone 7 plus and god I can’t stand it..

      • Teehee

        I really hope Samsung decides to put their Harmon audio in their Note 8 line.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          They said at a recent event that it will be 2018 before we see actual Harman stuff in their devices. They are giving us tuned earbuds and speakers, but not actual Harman hardware until then – if, of course, the sale of Harman goes through.

    • seattle tech

      I wonder what the note 8 screen size will be.

      • Frettfreak

        6.5″ lol … like holding a nexus 7 to your head when you talk on it too.

  • Shawn

    It’s kinda ugly

    • Josh LaCelle

      Far from ugly! Whats your problem? Lol!

      • I find it a bit ugly as well. I’ve never been a fan of Samsung’s designs.

        • Josh LaCelle

          Personal taste I guess. But Samsung has the best looking phones on the market, IMO.

          • I prefer a more industrial/all-metal look, rather than going for the fashion-centric audience with all glass bodies.

          • Josh LaCelle

            Understandable! But metal phones do come with compromises. And dBrand fixes that!

          • Snowbo13

            I have to much issue with all metal phones in the cold. Too much battery drain. When I get the phones warm again and powered back on the battery is usually at 40%. happened with my htc and current 6p

    • NAM37

      It’s a black rectangle with rounded corners. What is there to find ugly?

    • MacNificent

      Very. Looks like we’re going back into time. Looks like an HTC Incredible 2 lol

  • Thanks for blurring that nasty nail.

  • discopunkk

    So will this have the totally unnecessary 18:9 screen ratio like the LG G6?

    • This is supposedly the reason for the 18:9 & 18.5:9 screens.

      Whether it is 18.5:9, as rumored, or 18:9, the fact is that the Galaxy S8 display will sport the 2:1 format called Univisium, which tries to unify footage shot for digital or theater distribution, so we have one and the same going forward.

      • discopunkk

        Guess I’ll be sticking with what I’ve got now then not that I don’t like it. I’m just not I interested in a phone with a screen designed for content that doesn’t exist yet for mass consumption. I’ve seen footage of various media, apps, etc. being played on the LG G6 and it looks terrible with the added black bars.

        • Tyler Durden

          Phones aren’t even out and apps aren’t updated for it yet so give it time. (Though devs do a better job for IPhones in this regard) so we will have to see

          • discopunkk

            Apps I’m not too worried about but video is a whole other thing. I know the 2:1 ratio will eventually be the standard but that means nothing to me when it comes to current content. I don’t get having a big screen that will crop most videos. There’s future proofing a phone and then their is just doing something to be gimmicky.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          With the GS8+, even with the black bars the video will still be larger than most phones’ entire screens. It also looks weird because of the silver bezels, if you get the black version, the bars should just blend in.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Saw BGR and almost threw up in my mouth a little. . . .

    But I’ll take the leak. Things are looking good…. As for the BGR leak it’s missing sensors at the top so I’m assuming this was an early prototype.

  • Phil Stout

    Don’t get the hype. I’ll stick with my pixel.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Of course you get the hype. But you’d rather keep your Pixel, and that’s fine.

      • Phil Stout

        Nah, really don’t get it. Feel like Samsung is all about pushing non-AOSP bells and whistles but none of them are really that useful. Curved edges – another differentiator that just sells a “wow” factor, but again, not useful

        • seattle tech

          While every new version of android picks up features from samsung

        • Jeremy Turnley

          That’s a funny thing to say considering most of the differentiating features of the Pixel aren’t part of AOSP (at least initially), or overly useful either. Daydream is just Cardboard with a prettier skin for the most part (and not quite as good as GearVR, which itself isn’t that great), Assistant doesn’t actually get much use once you get past the initial tinkering phase, and 24/7 support is nice, but I can’t imagine it really gets used much (it’s also a “me too” feature that Amazon had a few years ago). All the rest (cloud storage, easy switch etc), Samsung had before them on the S7 or earlier.

          Basically, AOSP is more about Samsung than you are giving them credit for. It’s just a year or so behind them.

          • Phil Stout

            I’ll give you credit on all your points BUT Assistant. With it now working with Google Home (which I have 3 and 10 integrated light switches, a thermostat, and other things) I use it a lot.

          • Jeremy Turnley

            I do all of that without assistant. It’s nice, but not a necessary part of the infrastructure. Wink and Alexa have done what Assistant and Home do for a year or so now. The entire product line introduced at the Pixel event were things that other companies had already had for at least a year. Like I said at the time, the whole thing felt like an Apple event, not a Google one.

            That being said, I’ll be grabbing some Spot units for my Shield when they become available. It’s always nice to have a few more options to control your home.

        • The Doctor

          Those “bells and whistles” are more practical than your buttery smooth software. I’d take IP68, expandable storage, wireless charging, and Samsung Pay over buttery smooth software any day of the week.

          • TC Infantino

            I agree, and I don’t understand why Google still doesn’t get that people want expandable storage.

    • Suicide_Note

      I love my Pixel, but aesthetically the S8 is a supermodel, and the Pixel the fat chick working the drive-thru at Wendy’s.

      • Orion

        Hahaha great assessment.

    • G5

      Me neither, I will too.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Did you guys censor the fingernail??

    • Did you even see the original? I’m glad they censored it.

      • sefirosu

        DAAAAAAMMMNNNNNN! That’s nasty!

      • Jeremy Turnley

        That’s factory work for ya. At least he still HAS all his fingers. On that hand at least.

        • kretz7

          That looks like it’s used for coke. What purpose would this serve in a factory?

          • MACGRUBER

            Damn… Don’t come here much. Been here twice in the past week and coke has been mentioned both times. I think I’ll stick around.

          • Jeremy Turnley

            I was referring to the cracked and broken other nails as well as the long one.

      • Futbolrunner

        My eyes!! Gah!!

      • Steve A. Reno

        Maybe he uses it for a screwdriver in a pinch.

      • Where can I see it?

    • Yes, yes we did. Welcome.

      • Eric
      • MJ

        Could we just get you to clip your fingernails?

        • hocobo

          It’s a coke nail.

          • MJ

            It’s cool you know the person in question personally to know that but what about the rest of his fingers?

        • The one that is censored is the cocaine scoop.

          • MJ

            Did you even read the discussion before you posted this comment?

          • Yes, I did. I’m not even sure why you ask that. You asked “why doesn’t he clip his fingernails?”, did you not? If not, I sincerely apologize. It certainly wasn’t my intention to offend you. I thought your question was a real question, for which you wanted a real answer. Perhaps you were joking or being sarcastic and I simply don’t understand your humor. If that’s the case, I apologize as well.

            I honestly didn’t realize that my reply would provoke such a vicious personal attack, but I do understand that sometimes differences in the way we communicate, especially on the internet, can be easily misunderstood. If I did misunderstand something you said and responded inappropriately, I apologize. Please believe I would never do something like that on purpose. So if I offended you in some way or hurt your feelings, I am sorry.

            So, yes I did read the entire discussion, but it is likely that there is something I read in it that I misunderstood, which may have caused me to respond incorrectly.

            I’m always looking for ways to become better, so if you have any constructive criticism about how I could have better responded to your question, or have any tips for me in general on how to be more helpful, I respectfully ask that you provide that feedback to help me in my ongoing quest for quality improvement.

          • MJ

            Seriously, do you use cocaine? I can’t believe you wrote that endless essay and you still didn’t read the discussion. LOL

            I asked why the person in question didn’t clip his FINGERNAILS. PLURAL! I was not referring to THE fingernail.

          • Actually, my friend, your comment is in reply to the comment “did you guys censor the fingernail”. So it’s really funny how adamant you are about insisting that I somehow misread the conversation, when the conversation is about the coke nail! LOL! I thought you would eventually get it, but you’re not all that bright, are you son?

            Suggestion: if you do want to know specifically about the non-censored nail, comment in your own thread rather than one about that specific fingernail, OR if you want to hijack this thread, which is about the censored nail, at least refer to the “other” fingernails. Above all, be sure you are right about what you are saying when you are attacking someone else, especially when you are the guy doing what you are criticizing. ROTFLMFAO.

            And it’s none of.your business whether I ever did drugs. And it’s a silly question in this context. Would one only know what a hypodermic needle looks like if they are a heroin addict? Smarten up.

          • MJ

            Damn, you are a moron and now BLOCKED.

          • Oh. And that affects me. You act like it should be devastating.

          • So, were you actually wanting to know the specific reason the nail on his index finger isn’t clipped? That’s odd.

      • Brad B.

        New favorite Android site.

    • BGR is gonna get a bunch of extra clicks today from folks just wanting to see that grotesque oddity.

    • socarwolverine

      Yeah, that’s definitely a coke fingernail.

  • Butane87

    I really hope those nav buttons are themeable

    • Seriously.

    • seattle tech

      The nav buttons look great.