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AT&T Releases Call Protect App That Blocks or Flags Unwanted Calls

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AT&T released a new app today called AT&T Call Protect that aims to prevent you from having to deal with unwanted calls. The app works on Android and iOS phones that are supported by AT&T’s HD Voice. It attempts to auto block fraudsters, send notices of suspected spam, turn on temporary blocks, and even report spam calls. 

If you want Call Protect without an app experience, you can do that as well. All you have to do is add the feature onto your account and you’ll get automatic fraud blocking and suspected spam warnings. But really, if you want the full experience, where you can report the bad guys that AT&T may have missed, you’ll want the app as well, after you add the feature on.

Here are the four significant features:

  • Automatic Fraud Blocking detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters before they reach your phone. A list of blocked calls can be viewed in the app, and you have the option to unblock any of the blocked calls that you would like to receive in the future.
  • Suspected Spam Warning alerts you on the incoming call screen when you get a call from a suspected spam source – telemarketers, politicians, debt collectors, and more. Available in HD Voice coverage areas.
  • Temporary Call Block lets you manually block unwanted calls for 30 days. These numbers can be renewed every 30 days for continued blocking. Does not permit blocking of unknown numbers.
  • Report Spam Calls allows you to report spam and fraud calls by category to AT&T so we can continually work to improve our service and protect you from as many unwanted calls as possible.

To learn more about activating the service, head over to AT&T’s site. You can download the app at the Google Play link below.

Play Link

Via:  AT&T
  • belle dupont

    From the help of leo privacy i can hide my personal pics and videoes. Thanks for my friend tolding that this one is used to locking videos.This app is the best. I suggest u to download this applock.


  • Jim

    The app is powered by Hiya, so if you use that you’ll understand about how it works. I have a postpaid plan on an AT&T purchased phone so I downloaded it right away and got it set up. This morning it blocked a spam call and notified me of that. I checked the phone number and it checked out as being spam. So for me it worked out just fine.

  • Edward Brandwein

    Apparently only works on phones AT&T sells. Not available for unlocked phones even if otherwise compatible.

  • Trevor

    The past few numbers I’ve had to block via Google Voice have been AT&T calling to sell me ish….ironic.

  • keithsmith22

    Is anyone else having issues with the Play Store link going there and then diverting to some Russian site?

    • btolley13

      Those pesky Russian hackers….

    • Bay_Ranger


    • FirstLast1

      There was a redirect and this is the fault of droid-life.

  • FrankBoston

    Google phone app does this already, no? Block/Report Spam option??

    • Daniel Russell

      I think it does. I’ve gotten at least a few spam callers rejected on my Pixel XL.

  • cromo8

    If its free then great

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Anyone know of a similar app that’s not exclusive to at&t?

    • RazorSky

      Sync.ME is what I use for this. Well I use it to keep my contact pictures updated but it also does call blocking (auto if you want) on Android. App works on ios but not to block calls I don’t think.

    • BSweetness

      Hiya works pretty well. Normally catches a spam call before one ring completes. I’ve been using it for a while across several devices. It used to be called Whitepages. I believe Samsung integrated it into some of it’s phones (although some U.S. carriers crippled it).

      • Ilenecgonzalez

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      • Jim

        This new AT&T app actually IS Hiya, just branded for AT&T phones.

    • Disarmed in CA

      BlackList works for me. You might need root/Xposed depending on your version, not sure. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.baole.app.blacklist&hl=en
      I’m on Verizon but it also worked on AT&T if I recall.

  • Michael Graef

    Fine print: Postpaid customers only. Not available on MVNO prepaid. Bummer.

    • Guest


  • Jona

    but does it work with Wi-Fi calling? I used to have ATT Smart Limits, and was told that I couldn’t use it anymore if I wanted to enable Wi-Fi calling.

    • Guest

      At&t is screwing customer

      HD Voice is incompatible with AT&T Smart Limits

      Non-carrier devices are not eligibile for At&t Hd voice wifi calling

      Additionally, Smart Limits only tracks SMS texting over the AT&T 4G LTE Network

      At&t data charges do not apply to Video Calls made over Wi-F

      Please call +18003310500 for more information

  • Rashad

    Coming soon to your next AT&T carrier phone preinstalled.