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Report: Galaxy Note 7 Usage Still Higher Than LG V20, OnePlus 3T Usage Combined

Mobile research firm Apteligent (used by Netflix, Snapchat, Pokémon GO, and plenty others) published its “2016 Mobile Year in Review” report this week, containing quite a few interesting findings that offer a bit of insight into the current usage statistics for Android smartphones. 

The major takeaway from the report are the usage statistics for the Galaxy Note 7. According to Apteligent’s findings, the Note 7 currently has higher global usage numbers than the LG V20 (launched October), OnePlus 3T (launched November), and HTC Bolt (Sprint exclusive that launched November) combined. For a recalled device, that’s pretty impressive.

Back at the time of the first recall (early September), the Note 7 absolutely dominated global usage numbers for phones launched in the second half of 2016, and it actually took until mid-November for another device to overtake it – the Sony-made Xperia XZ. As of right now, there are a few phones with higher global usage numbers that were launched in the same timeframe, including the Pixel, Pixel XL, and Moto Z.

Unfortunately, there is no graph currently available detailing usage stats between H1 flagships and H2 flagships, but it seems safe to presume that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge would rank quite high. It would also be nice to see where the LG G5 sits against other flagships. The question is, would Note 7 usage stats beat out current stats for the G5? It seems quite possible.

I guess now would be a good time to call out anyone holding onto the Galaxy Note 7. Hey, Note 7 user, now would be a good time to return it!

Via: Apteligent
  • ScottinWinterHaven

    Samsung announced early this month that any Note 7 that doesn’t get turned in after Christmas there will be an update that will brick the Note 7. All carriers will provide to the update on their networks starting this week and next.

  • Chris Wicklund

    It’s interesting that we have yet to hear of a single incident with these phones after the second recall… don’t you think? Even though over a million people were still using them not one issue, and even yet, nearly 200,000 of them still being used and no problems… hmmm

  • dandar

    Looks like Xperia XZ beats the two Pixel phones combined.

  • Good thing my note which is the SM-N930F/FD the Exynos Variant is rooted and customed ROMed.

    Plus Im using an aftermarket battery that is not Samsung, so my chance of fire is significantly reduced.

    I doubt the carriers will block the device mine works fine on AT&T.

    • glimmerman76

      just to bad you cant get on a amtrak train or a plane with the phone

      • I’ve flown 3 times.
        The phone is never checked, they would have no possible way to know the device.

        The back has been replaced with a generic Chinese plate, they would have to disassemble the phone to see the serial# and imei # .

        The boot screen shows note5 and the about menu is a custom ROM build.

        No agency has any fast and quick way of knowing.

        • Alex Louderback

          Orrrrrrrr you could’ve just bought a pixel, dude

          • I won’t deny the truth in your statement except for the fact that I do not like HTC products.

            I have a spare Huawei 6P as my emergency phone.

    • RDPaPa-G

      Somebody get me a parka, I can’t possibly handle how cool this dude is otherwise.

    • David Berry

      You changed out the battery? Did you use a note 5 battery or buy an n7 b4 recall?

  • Ben Tapia

    Makes sense that Pixel XL is so low on the graph… since they’re constantly out of stock.

    • Frettfreak

      Not to mention that the average person thinks they are only available on Verizon. Stupidest move ever by Google.

      • cdm283813

        And people can’t afford it or want a hard credit pull for a phone.

      • Sporttster

        2nd dumbest move by Google..pricing it sky high….they would have sold a ton more had it been reasonably priced.

      • David Berry

        And their extremely overpriced & ugly. What the hell is the half half thing all about? I don’t get it? Rather a note 7 on WiFi & use my note 5. Use the 7 for extra storage since the conoensation offer for accessories is so ridiculous.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    Shows how sad the rest of the Android platform really is. Samsung sold more Note7 in 2weeks than HTC, LG, or One Plus sold in three months of existence.

    Same for the sad Google Pixel Android Authority just don’t wanna tell the truth about that cause they jerk off to Google every year.


    • NexusMan

      How is that sad? You realize there is not an unlimited amount of smartphone buying people? If Samsung sold x million and Apple sold x million…that’s the majority of the market…there’s no surprise there. EVERYone can’t possibly sell the same amount as Apple and Samsung because there aren’t enough people to buy them. As for the 1st Pixel, it’s being sold in store in only 1 carrier, it’s selling more than all Nexus phones that came before it, and it’s still largely out of stock…how in the world are it’s sales sad?

      • jjredfish

        Pixel is a flop. Anything less than 25M sales in a year is a flop. Ask the iPhone 5c.

        • NexusMan

          Oh OK thanks for explaining that.

          Apparently your comment was too, since you deleted it.

          • jjredfish

            Oh, I can put it back… I was trying to be nice…

            Pixel is a complete flop.

            Any phone that sells less than 25M per year is flop according to all the DroidTards who called the iPhone 5c a flop.


          • NexusMan

            Glad you put it back. I wanted everyone to see how big of a fool you are.

          • jjredfish

            It explains a lot that you find truth foolish.

            Pixel is a FLOP = truth.

          • NexusMan

            Truth. Lol. It explains a lot that you can’t comprehend exactly what it is that IS foolish.

          • jjredfish

            Will the Pixel sell anywhere NEAR 25M per year? NO!

            Pixel = MEGAFLOP!!

            Unless, you know, Pixel is the little retarded “snowflake” phone that needs to be treated “special” compared to the normal kids…

            Everyone gets a trophy, even the little Pixel window-licker. LOL!

          • NexusMan

            Your comment is a megaflop. Lol

          • jjredfish

            Will the Pixel sell anywhere NEAR 25M per year? NO!

            Pixel = MEGAFLOP!

            Unless, you know, Pixel is the little retarded “snowflake” phone that needs to be treated “special” compared to the normal kids…

            Everyone gets a trophy, even the little Pixel window-licker. LOL!

      • Jessica Durden

        We are so freaking laughing at this…

      • #Note5 IsBoss

        Don’t give up your day job you wouldn’t be to bright in the manufacturing game. Companies are in business to make money not excuses about the market either you make it or you fold your tent

        • NexusMan

          Don’t plan on it. Just as I’m sure you don’t plan on entering any spelling bees anytime soon. Getting that out the way, companies are in the business to make money. Google is in the business to make money…Along with many other things. Google DOES make money, along with many other things. The Pixel is already projected to make Google an additional $4-5 billion over the upcoming months…Money that wasn’t there before. The Pixel, unlike Apple’s iPhone, is but a small portion of Google’s revenue stream, so it’s actual revenue is not as important to Google the company “making money.” Understand? Success is relative. It’s not so black and white. There are tons of factors to consider…One “business” can make $1million and be a huge success….Another could make that amount and be a huge failure. As for the other large companies, my comments against it being “sad” stemmed more from my lack of surprise at those stats.

          • #Note5 IsBoss

            Oh brother here’s the useless projections and fake stats about crappy Pixel phones made by HTC.

            Let’s understand the truth GOOGLE DOESN’T MAKE PHONES THEY ARE NOT A MANUFACTURER they will always be slaves to the platform period.

            Nothing Google makes matters to the mainstream users hence the poor revenue of all formerly Nexus products and now Pixel.

            We laugh at you useless dudes who bend over and take it up the ass for Google.

            Samsung is BOSS of Android period nothing else matters.

          • NexusMan

            Lol. Um….OK.
            Apple doesn’t manufacture phones either….Your point? And Samsung has been sued several times and lost for patent theft….yea…Real boss. And they are currently going through the most disastrous phone launch in HISTORY with their product literally exploding into flames and they had no idea why. And they had to do a recall costing them billions and completely cancel an entire product…Again…REAL BOSS. Lol. How about you keep taking it up the bum from Samsung with their Apple aping, until one of their phones blows up in your face…. Literally….But make sure you have some good Bluetooth headphones because word is, you won’t have a headphone jack because….Well…Apple doesn’t. Lol

          • squiddy20

            Yeah, “useless projections”, like that time you claimed Samsung would sell 75 million S5’s, while their own analysts were saying they’d sell 50 million, and they went on to sell somewhere around only 35 million (I’m ball-parking those numbers).
            And why don’t you understand the truth (and childishly simple, dare I say, common sense thing) that a company has to start somewhere? For instance, prior to 1977, Samsung wasn’t even in the phone business. Their first handheld phones “sold only one or two thousand units.” (taken from the Wikipedia article on Samsung Mobile) So what if Google *didn’t* make phones? They do now, and they probably will from now on, so get used to it chief.

          • Nickname303

            It’s a pity that BOSS stands for Bunch Of Stupid Shitheads though isn’t it?

        • squiddy20

          “be *too* bright*
          Before telling others how not “bright” they are, maybe you should make sure all your ducks are in a row, such as your spelling and grammar. Wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite or anything.
          Also, he’s 100% correct. There’s a finite number of people in the world, most of whom only buy a new phone every 1, 2, or even 3 years. That effectively puts a limit on the number of devices that can be sold. Or do you think all people are like you and buy, buy, buy all the smartphones that they can? You’re a self-centered moron if you think that. You clearly know nothing of what you’re speaking about, which isn’t much because you didn’t really say anything in your comment, just that he was “wrong” without saying how or why. Typical.

    • calvin35

      Welcome back man! Where the hell have you been?

      • squiddy20

        He was either banned and so created a new account, or couldn’t remember the username/password to his other accounts, and didn’t know how to work the user/pass recovery options literally every website that requires a login has.

    • squiddy20

      1. I love how you literally copied and pasted your comment from Android Authority’s article on this same topic here, and didn’t even bother changing Android Authority to Droid Life. Shows how lazy/stupid you are.
      2. It’s clear you didn’t even bother reading the article, or at the very least look at the pictures, because you would have seen that graph that clearly shows your last statement to be utterly false. Good job. Once again, you’ve proven how much of moronic fanboy you are.

      • #Note5 IsBoss

        Enjoying running behind all my daily comments shows how useless you’re life must be.

        Only unemployed losers do what you do online licking my large ass. Keep on licking it must taste good doesn’t it.

        • squiddy20

          Bwahaha! Your arguments make no sense! I have some spare time (<30 minutes) to reply to most of your comments, and you say I have a "useless", "unemployed" life? I wonder what goes through your head that you can make such assumptions about people based off of so little info, and seemingly connect A to D without ever explaining the connection from A to B, B to C, and C to D. Do you seriously think it takes me all day to write a few responses? It takes just a few minutes to write a more logical, wittier response than what you come up with.

          Also, since you reply to most of my comments too, let's go ahead and apply your ridiculous notions to yourself: you must be "useless" and "unemployed" too.

          Finally, I love how, as per usual with you, you didn't even address/acknowledge the truth or falsity of what I claimed. You just changed the topic and threw in a bunch of adolescent insults. Congratulations on making yourself look like a fool.

        • Nickname303

          Well you got one thing right for once – you have a large ass. It’s a pity that it sits on your shoulders…

    • David Berry

      And the 36 confirmed overheating cases look pretty good considering the millions sold. And most were pre recall. I think they overreacted with pulling it as it sorta showed they had no faith in their product but their hand was forced by media with a target aimed dead set at Samsung’s heart & the whole flight ban. Funny they stopped burning up after they cut them even though most of those have blocked the battery crippling updates that only make the thing more prone to going off as its pulling more amps at those levels. My exy note 7 never skipped a best. The ram management stuff is total nonsense as I’ve never had it shut down apps or games & always have 1to2 g spare.I was disappointed they didn’t bump it to 6st 1st but after using it 4 is plenty good on the exynos version which I was glad we got in oz over the 820. Its a dam shame that its WiFi only now with that vat 11 LTE going to waist. Still thinking of keeping it & using it as storage for my note 5, I like lg.knock on is magic. No one else can do that without a huge impact on battery even with oled screens yet they pull it off with LCD? Magic like I said. Their just a bit tame looking & battery isnt as good as note 7. Avge18hrs with 7hrs sot. Not much comes close. I pulled 11hrs sot once with the battery pack on & its still even ip68. Dam shame it went out like it did. Gonna be a long 7or8months till the 8.

    • Nickname303

      Hmmmm. So how many phones did HTC, LG and Oneplus have to recall and discontinue? Oh, that’s right – none. How many phones did Samsung have to recall and discontinue? I believe it was around 2.5 million! Hahahah
      Samsung are so great aren’t they Dick?

      It shows how sad Samsung fanboys are that they think those facts mean that Samsung is the best…

  • I really liked the Note 7’s design. It’s gone! :'(

  • Me

    If Oneplus would put CDMA radios in their phones, they’d make a killing.

    • Frettfreak

      Lol… Um no. They wouldn’t. I could be wrong but I think the US (sprint and verizon) are the only carriers that use it

      • Ichigo Uzumaki

        I think he meant in addition to the GSM and all the LTE bands in one phone.

      • Me

        On top of their GSM radios similar to what Moto does with their G series

  • trevorsalienarms

    Save for that little “might burst into flames” detail, it was a damn good phone. Real damn good. Easily best of the year, but such an ignominious end.

  • needa

    Nice find Tim. Love looking at these types of stats.

  • NexusMan


  • Destroythanet

    Is that graph accurate? How embarrassing for these other OEMs. Their phones have usage stats similar to or below a phone that has gone through a worldwide recall.

  • Terry

    At least with the G5 I don’t have to worry about my pocket exploding, or my nightstand catching fire, or my truck burning up, etc, etc…..

    • Sean Plantz

      My buddy’s wife’s g5 caught fire while charging on the nightstand, never say never.

      • Terry

        So far I have never had my G5 get overly warm to the touch while it was charging. My old Galaxy S4 use to get warmer than my G5, and it didn’t have quick charge.

        • James_75

          My Note 7 never got hot either….

        • David Berry

          My note 7 has never been above 39degrees c. My note 5 gets hotter all the time. I even use wireless fast charge most of the time unless I’m using it. It runs cooler than any phone I’ve had b4. I think it was a small production glitch that sealed its fate. If that battery got squashed in too tightly or was mid aligned it peircrd or almost oeirced the protective barrier. Sit on your phone or put it in your skinny jeans & bang you get a fire. The numbers were minimal considering the amount sold & the 36 that went up were mostly pre recall & 820 variants. The exy was way better imo

      • Me

        Prob did her a favor, the G5 kinda sucks

    • Daistaar

      I’d like to say it’s just as likely with any device. I’ve had Blackberry and MacBook batteries bulge up and swell eventually leading to failure. Don’t think anyone device is immune to it or less likely to experience it.

  • steadymobb

    This is actually kinda sad. I feel for LG, but after the G3 I probably wouldn’t go back unless the G6 is really impressive. I played with the V20 after returning my Note 7 but honestly didn’t like it. Too unwieldy for me and not a great looking device.

    • Me

      Feel in hand isn’t the best either. LG has a bitter taste for more people than I thought.

  • Valentin

    Ummm….are these statistic accurate? I’m installing a note 7 rom on my note 4 as we speak, so….

    • OF

      Lol. Dude. You’re in the minority.

    • Frettfreak

      I was kinda wondering the same but it’s still kinda crazy lol

  • s0uth

    that just shows you how popular that note line is…. Unfortunate that they became bombs. Hopefully they’ll get it right next year. I’m sure they will.

    • sinfoman

      They better; my note 4 will be getting pretty long in the tooth by then. 😉

    • Miguel

      I have a friend that still has his, the only reason he’s giving it back it’s because of the upcoming update, he told me he’s been waiting on the Pixel XL 128gb but for now he’ll go back to his Note 5.

      • Ilenecgonzalez

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  • AndrewScottRox

    That wallpaper with the black search bar is looking niiiiiiiiiiice!

    • It looked great on the Note 7. Too bad it’s gone 🙁

      • Myrdrid

        Maybe you could get it on the S7 sometime.

    • Gracecrichards

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  • Chris woolley

    Nope I am keeping my Note7, piss off

    • James_Kernicky

      Me too, blocking updates and using it until they block the phone completely

      • Brian Himes

        More power to you. That phone block will be coming sooner than later I reckon.

  • Chad

    Wonder how many people are waiting for a Droid Life review of the V20 before buying it… /s

    But seriously, coverage of the V20 is almost nonexistent, the 3T doesn’t work on Verizon, and I can’t get my hands on a Pixel XL 128G if my life depended on it. By this time, I’ll just wait and see what the S8 will be.

    • Jessica Durden
    • ScottinWinterHaven

      Where have you been like for the past month the LG V20 has been heavily advertised and even droid life has reviewed it. It is the best available phablet smartphone for 2016.

  • usrnamemike
  • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    My V20 is awesome. I like it better than I did my Note 7 before I had to return it. LG just isn’t advertising it very well.

    • FAL_Fan

      The V20 functions well, but it’s nothing compared to the Note 7.

      • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I don’t find that to be true at all, having owned both.

        • FAL_Fan

          I waited for quite a while to return my Note 7 because there was nothing viable on the market, so I went with the V20 and am disappointed. The software is worse, the hardware is worse, feel in hand is worse, front facing camera is as bad as the OG Droid in low light (though in well lit areas the wide angle is amazing!), the battery life is abysmal at best, it takes much longer to screenshot something, and the fingerprint reader is nowhere near as fast or as accurate as the Note 7 and it’s not waterproof. Please tell me how you find it better?

          • it’s me tim-cock.

            That is how you respond to stupidity lol. Kudos!

          • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Well, I can double tap to wake, for one. I also find the ticker display to be much more useful than Samsung’s crippled AOD (especially the GS7).

            I don’t use the fingerprint reader, but from what I’ve seen it’s just as good. And I’d take an always on fingerprint reader over even a faster one that makes you wake the phone first with a button press any day.

            My battery life has been decent. Perhaps you had a rogue app. That said, I have a spare battery and swap it while the other charges when I’m in a hurry. When I’m not, the fast charging is good enough.

            The software experience has been great. I don’t know how you find it worse, other than personal preference. TouchWiz and LG UI are pretty even as far as functionality and performance. I don’t find one to be drastically better than the other. And I also had the GS7 Edge.

            If there hadn’t been a recall, I would have taken the Note 7 back anyway. While a nice device, it just didn’t meet my needs like the V20 does.

          • ScottinWinterHaven

            My fingerprint scanner is very fast. I don’t have a problem with the software the hardware is worse this crap. The LG is really good on both. I heard the Note 7 reviews that it was slow because it need more RAM.
            I get a full day on battery life so even that is crap. But it’s changeable to. The about battery is everybody is a same model smartphone in so many different ways. The battery has fast charging to. The phone will last to 3%. But people complain about battery life as soon as they see 40%.

      • PixelFan

        Pixel beats ever other phone.

      • markwebb

        I agree. I just sold my V20 on Swappa and current prices have dropped like a rock for a phone just released end of October. The phone was very good but didn’t hold a candle (no pun intended) to the Note. Became laggy.

    • ScottinWinterHaven

      Yes they are. Watch prime time commercials and during football games. I seen the commercial for the LG V20 lots of times. If you channel surf during every commercial break your not going to see it.

      • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I don’t watch TV, mainly because I despise commercials, but the general consensus on most news sites is that LG isn’t really advertising the phone well.

  • mickeyB88

    It does look like the Note7 is on a sharp decline. Would be curious to see how January ends up looking after the bricking update