Verizon is Done With You Note 7 Holdouts: Will Kill Your Calling, Might Charge You for Cost of Phone Too

Two weeks ago, Verizon pushed a software update to remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices on its network that had not yet been returned after Samsung recalled the device. The update was supposed to limit the device’s ability to charge, rendering it useless to owners who refused to get rid of the phone. Today, according to a report out of Fortune, Verizon has said that it will take more extreme measures to kill off the Note 7 once and for all because thousands of people refuse to turn the phone in.  (more…)

Report: Samsung’s Note 7 Battery Probe Says Bad Batteries Were Main Problem

Samsung has not yet shared with us the results of its probe into the Galaxy Note 7 and why its batteries were catching fire, forcing the company to recall millions of devices, but a report out of Reuters claims that the batteries used ended up being the “main” culprit. That thought matches reports of faulty batteries following the initial Note 7 recall. However, additional rumors since the full recall and cancellation of the Note 7 have led people to believe that design may have also been a part of the problem as well.  (more…)

Hey Airlines, You Can Stop Warning People About Exploding Galaxy Note 7s

Yesterday, the FAA announced that airlines no longer have to start their pre-boarding notifications by telling the world that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a ticking time bomb and is banned from planes. That doesn’t mean the phone isn’t still banned from planes, but airlines no longer have to tell you every time you step foot on one of their planes.  (more…)

Samsung Will Reveal “Very Soon” the Root Cause of the Note 7 Battery Issue

This afternoon, during their official press event for CES 2017, Samsung took the stage for the first time since the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Their opening remarks addressed the recall directly, noting how “challenging” the past year has been. Samsung Electronics America president Tim Baxter also suggested that the company is close to revealing the cause of the phone’s battery failures.  (more…)

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 Battery Killing Update Arrives Today

Just a quick heads-up, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 owners, but the big update is coming today. No, not Nougat. This is the update that will stop your phone from being able to charge, rendering it useless.

T-Mobile set today as the target date for this update to begin rolling out a couple of weeks ago, right after Samsung announced that they were ready to take extreme action against those refusing to return their Note 7 device. I think it’s clear that Samsung wants all Note 7 devices recalled, so that they can move on to what’s next.  (more…)

Verizon is Going to Let Samsung Kill the Galaxy Note 7 on January 5

Last week, shortly after Samsung announced that it would issue a software update that would stop the Galaxy Note 7 from charging and render remaining units useless, Verizon came forward to suggest that they would not be participating in such madness. Big Red said that they weren’t fans of killing the phones of customers during the “heart of the holiday travel season” and that they “do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation.” But now today, Verizon is letting Galaxy Note 7 owners know that they will indeed participate in the software update after all, only not until January 5.  (more…)