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Report: Huawei to Ditch Android Wear in Favor of Samsung’s Tizen for Next Smartwatch

Huawei Watch

In a previous report, it was detailed that Huawei was not intending to launch an Android Wear smartwatch anytime too soon, which likely would have been a Huawei Watch followup. Adding insult to injury for Android fans, the most recent intel out of South Korea claims that the company may be ditching Android Wear for Samsung’s Tizen OS, at least for the time being. 

The reasoning behind this reported decision is actually Google, with a Samsung official claiming, “Huawei was looking for an OS other than Google’s Android as the US firm had not been very collaborative.” Apparently, Google was not willing to work with Huawei on specific needs they were after, while Samsung reportedly pledged to fully cooperate in having Tizen OS “tailored” for Huawei’s smartwatches.

With all of this behind-the-scenes drama going on, it must be noted that on the consumer-facing side, Samsung states that it has not received any official request from Huawei to collaborate on a smartwatch. Essentially, Samsung is denying the latest reports.

While the idea of Huawei not producing an Android Wear watch is disheartening, it should be known that Tizen on the Gear S2 from Samsung wasn’t all that bad. In fact, we enjoy it rather well, leading us to believe that this move is not the end of the world. For Android Wear, though, partners are running thin.

Now would be an awesome time for Google to confirm plans on launching its very own Android Wear devices.

Via: The Investor | SamMobile
  • MrUniq

    I’ll admit I like my gear s2. Just. As good as an Apple Watch I was wearing.

  • Wow, the comments! I guess I should give Tizen a more serious look. Still wear my OG 360 every day and couldn’t live without it at this point. I like AW and for someone like me constantly on the go, it’s really great. Battery still lasts right at 12 hours, all I need.

  • stayflyer

    this may work out better, I like my huawei watch a lot and actually convinced two co-workers to get one they love it too. my biggest gripe with the s2 was the size but the s3 should work fine.

  • jonathan

    Google is finally putting their foot down against these oems that think they can do whatever they want, these oems are nothing without Google, I want to see them make their own os and see how far they go

  • Gr8Ray

    The smartwatches race to the bottom.

  • M3D1T8R

    Lame. I just ordered an Asus Zenwatch 2 on super sale for $119 (amzn). I’ve been curious about these since Android Wear first came out a couple years ago, and figured at this price I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll finally be able to try it out first hand and see if it has enough functionality for me to keep. If not, easy return.

  • Stock Android guys will never admit Samsung has the better product..

    • trixnkix637

      Different uses for different users.

    • PerhapsNever

      Depends on the definition of “better” product. Tizen is actually not too bad for smartwatches and other wearables. However, it does lack a lot of apps and developers are wary of developing for the platform.

  • lsh99

    I have no problem with the combination of Huawei’s hardware and Samsung’s software

  • AbbyZFresh

    To honest, Tizen has proven itself to stand pretty well against Android Wear despite the app gap.

    • Leif Sikorski

      I think many don’t really care about apps anyway. People seem to like
      – custom watch faces … both have hit
      – notifications … works on both while i think the Tizen layout is more user friendly
      – some basic fitness features … both have it
      – easy usability and decent battery life … here Tizen wins by far (imho)
      – performance … Tizen is probably the fastest of all watch OS’s on the market
      Android Wear is also more build around voice input while Tizen has its focus more on the rotary bezel. I still think that speaking with the watch is something many many people don’t like so the user experience of Tizen is more attractive and practical for the masses.

      There might be use cases where Android Wear is better, but for the mass market I see much more benefits in Tizen.

  • drcaveman

    Absolutely love My Gear S2 Classic with LTE, it replaced my Moto 360 Gen 2, the battery is awesome the OS interface is actually well though out, battery life is great and S Health is miles better developed then Google Fit or MotoBody.

    • Ryan

      When did you get your Gear 2? I picked up the Moto 360 Gen 2 last year after using the Gear S2 for ~2 days. At the time there just wasn’t a good selection of apps and I couldn’t find an easy way to keep and use all my google info, e.g. contacts, maps etc. and I had to download Here maps on my device as google maps wasn’t supported. I’m still happy with my 360 and recently started using the midu app which is essentially the exact app I was envisioning to use when I first heard about AW. My wife has the gear fit2 and enjoys it so maybe next year I’ll see what samsung has to offer.

      • drcaveman

        Got it right after the announcement of the new ones, as Samsung indicatted it being kept on sale as the smaller option, I prefer the smaller watch. Only thing I missing is Google voice, but s voice has actually gotten really good. The new setup let’s here maps run independent of the phone. App wise it’s still limited as compared to Android wear, but notification wise I haven’t missed a thing. Messenger, WhatsApp hangouts and even Google music all have perfect integration. Also have noticed a massive battery improvement in my Note 5 switching from Fit and Moto Body to S Health

  • steadymobb

    AW is laggy and convoluted. Tizen is simpler and does what I would need a smartwatch for

  • John

    Oh no the horror!!!!! Ok I’m over it. Next!

    • kirko77

      Really! There are so many choices now that personally I couldn’t care less.
      If anything, it might make Google add more features to satisfy OEMs like Huawei

  • Godzilla

    Im still waiting on release and price info on the Gear S3 line. They look amazing.

  • Xious

    If they would release Wear 2.0 already, maybe people would be more impressed with Android Wear. I love my Moto 360v2, but it does get annoying every once in awhile. Wear 2.0 seems to address some of those annoyances.

  • CoolSilver


  • json405

    I agree the apps on the Gear S2 are not as abundant but the most useful ones are very well made. Android Wear 2.0 better be awesome or else I’ll just go with Samsung for my wearable option.

  • rakoskjc

    Android wear is not good. anyone who uses a samsung watch will see that the OS is much more evolved.

  • Jon

    Smart move. I have the Samsung Gear 2 and I just got the Gear Fit 2 for free with my Note 7. Both excellent watches and I’ve enjoyed them better than Android Wear watches I own.

  • seattle tech

    Google’s iron fist control over android wear. Can’t apply the same technique to watches like they do to Android.
    Tizen on watches is superior to android wear in almost every imaginable way

  • Chris Knepper

    What’s with all the iOS shills in this comment thread? MacRumors is that way ->

  • ddevito

    Huawei gets a gas face.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Tizen watch OS is better than Android Wear. It definitely feels more complete and properly structured

    • James_75


    • T4rd

      I haven’t read much about the Tizen watches. Do they pair well with non-Samsung phones too without any neutered functionality?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        The old ones didn’t pair at all. They new ones work fine with non-Samsung phones.

        • Andre

          How about apps though? does it have a good amount of selections? That’s the only thing I’m worried about

          • chudilo

            No not really. Notifications do work quit well though. Voice commands are meh (as there is only one mic). Can’t reply to Hangouts messages but receiving messages works well including images. Step counter and heart rate monitor work relatively well.
            Placing calls from the watch is silly, but you can certainly pick up the call while you go search for the phone.

          • Andre

            Hmm sounds like Android wear is still superior at this point

        • T4rd

          Yeah, but does it have the same functionality on non-Samsung phones as well? That’s what I was really asking.

          • jrod3737

            The only noticeable lacking is not much voice support unless you have a Samsung phone. It takes about a day to realize that the voice interactions weren’t all that great in the first place.

    • Averix

      After having two Android Wear devices and the Gear S2, I couldn’t agree more.

    • IgotGAME

      Agreed! I’ve been telling people forever that Tizen is better than Android Wear and one of the primary reasons is battery life. I’m still rocking my Gear S and love it! I was actually replying to a text using it, and using the swipe like keyboard on it, this morning as I wasn’t right next to my phone.

      • glimmerman76

        Yeah well my lg urbane 2 will outlast my gear s2 and gear s2 classic. I like tizen but the lack of google now stinks.

        • master94

          Do you not use any apps on your watch?

          • glimmerman76

            sure I reply to texts and use google now.

          • master94

            Why does the battery not list any apps? I haven’t used Android wear in a long time so I can’t remember my battery screen. Does it not show up?

          • glimmerman76

            I tried like messenger and others and got nothing

    • akellar

      Having owned multiple Android Wear devices, Pebble’s, and now a Gear S2 – you are dead on. AW is the worst of the 3 OS’s in my opinion.

      • mustbepbs

        Agreed. I haven’t used Tizen, but I have used Android Wear, watchOS and Pebble. I’d put Pebble on top of usability and battery, watchOS at features, performance and apps and Android Wear at customization.

        Android Wear is awful through and through. Here’s hoping Android Wear 2.0 is a step forward.

    • Morris

      I liked Tizen a lot but the big problem was I couldn’t use Google Now and that’s why I returned it. I tried so hard to not be bothered by it but it kept coming up

    • Joey

      Apple watch kicks butt

    • master94

      Couldn’t agree more. Android wear feels so unfinished compared to Tizen.

  • Grayson

    I recently bought an iPhone 7 Plus to switch things up for a while and was hoping to continue using my Moto 360 since Android Wear watches support iOS. I always considered multi-platform support to be a huge advantage of Android Wear. In theory, it is, but in reality, Google clearly doesn’t give a crap about iOS support. There is a bug in the Android Wear for iOS app that causes Android Wear watches to completely drain their battery in about 3 hours, and Google has left it unfixed for almost two months despite every review for the app complaining about it. So I picked up a first gen Apple Watch on clearance for super cheap and updated it to the newly released watchOS 3 and I have to say, I vastly prefer it to Android Wear, even compared to using Android Wear paired to an Android phone. Google is falling behind with Android Wear and needs to get serious, and quick.

    • Dlang123

      I gave up Android Wear on Android, I preferred my Pebble to all of the Android Wear watches. But I switched to an iPhone 7+ and an Apple Watch too. I think I like Watch better as well.

    • Duffman

      I’m really thinking about doing the same thing next year. Supposedly next years iPhone will see a big hardware revision and honestly, I’ve had Android since the Nexus one (iPhone 3G before that) and I’m just bored of Android. My 6P doesn’t run smoothly and Android Ware just isn’t seeing any advancements (OG 360 owner). I’m seeing this story more and more.

      • Fred

        You’re bored of Android but going to move to a platform that is locked down?

        • Duffman

          It’s still a different OS that I haven’t played with in a while. Having it “locked down” has nothing to do with being bored of Android. I’ve jailbroken iPhones just like I’ve rooted Android phones. Heck, I was themeing my iPhone 3G before Samsung ever thought about adding it to Touchwiz. To be honest, I’m sick of the poor performance of my 6P and I don’t even play any games. Just scrolling in Chrome blows.

          • Brock Dawkins

            Performance in an iPhone isn’t going to be much better to be honest. My wife’s ip6 is struggling right now with battery and lag. I have tried literally everything to fix it, nope. Don’t understand what’s wrong with these phone manufacturers.

          • OligarchyAmbulance

            I’m not sure what the issue is with her iPhone, but the 6S and 7 both have blown away my 6P in performance and speed. I had no idea there were phones that could be this smooth.

          • Brock Dawkins

            How’s your battery life? Last two iOS updates have been destroying.

          • OligarchyAmbulance

            It’s amazing. I end the day with like 50% left after what I would call a medium amount of use.

          • Brock Dawkins

            Weird. Your the first person in forever that has said their battery life is amazing. Awesome!

          • OligarchyAmbulance

            Yeah I don’t know. Everyone I’ve seen online has been raving about the 7 Plus’s battery.

          • Tieland

            I feel the exact way. I’m on my phone constantly, always reading news on the go, and chrome just sucks. I’ve had Androids for 6 years now and I’m getting over their lack of refinement.

          • dsnotgood

            Use Opera browser. Blows chrome away

          • dsnotgood

            Agreed chrome sucks. Use Opera browser. Miles better.

    • cdm283813

      Forget about Android Wear with any iOS device. Your best and most reliable option is the Apple Watch. My Moto 360 is flat out terrible with my 6S and SE, haven’t tried with my 7 Plus. Pairing and a day of use works just fine but you start to experience disconnects and it get’s to the point where it no longer works. Becomes complete trash at that point. Never had those issues when paired to my S7 and Nexus 6.
      Either Apple is sabotaging Android Wear functionality to sale more Apple Watches or Google has no clue what their doing. I’m leaning towards the first option.

    • OligarchyAmbulance

      I couldn’t get my 360v2 to pair with my 7+ because of the bugs, so I also got a cheap Apple Watch (1st gen). It’s so much better than Android Wear. It’s much snappier (which was unexpected since everyone complains of them being slow), and it does a lot more. There are actually apps! I have a feeling Android Wear is pretty much dead anyway. Google is basically silent when it comes to AW 2.0 and it’s been months.

  • Cael

    “US firm had not been very collaborative”

    so they weren’t very collaborative as Huawei builds Google a tablet? Interesting…

    • TV Monitor


      Google insists that all OEMs use same build of OS straight from Google, no modification allowed.

      This means Huawei cannot add Huawei Pay, Huawei MarketPlace, LTE calling, etc.

      This isn’t the case with the Phone Android OS, which can be modified freely and there are like thousand different versions.

      • Cael

        I was over-exaggerating.

      • glimmerman76

        Um thats true and not true. Look at the lg urbane 2 it has calling and LG’s poor attempt at a health app.

  • DC_Guy


  • sc0rch3d

    If all my google services worked perfectly on an iPhone, I’d probably ditch Android as well. ATT warranty replaced my daughter’s aged 5c with an SE and that hardware is incredible (and I’m hearing good things about ios10 and apple watch).

    as much as I don’t like apple, i would welcome iMessage. 🙂

    • Dlang123

      As a Googler and Pebble wearer (never did like the Android wear stuff, and I tried, the Gear S2 was better), I just ditched Android for an iPhone 7+ and an Apple Watch. So far, I am not missing much. For the most part it is just little things that took longer than it did on my Notes, e.g. Screenshot, write on it, and share it. Otherwise Inbox and Hangouts work just fine.

  • Nick V

    Maybe this is a lead in for what’s happening next week? We are told this is going to be completely different from what Google has done in the past, maybe this is the year we see Google do everything Google???

    • Tyler Durden

      Pretty sure if they were gonna be different they wouldn’t do anything Google because that would be they do the same old bs they’ve always done

      • Nick V

        You are never any fun… 🙂

        • Tyler Durden

          I’m just realistic

    • sc0rch3d

      What’s sad is that, let’s say G goes “ALL IN” on making phones and OS closer to the “apple standard.” G’s track record is so bad that this one good year could be overshadowed by 2/3 mediocre or bad years fragmenting again.

  • mlm5em

    This stinks. I was waiting to buy Huawei watch 2.0. Guess now I’ll have to search elsewhere.

    • TV Monitor


      Your choices are getting limited. With Huawei gone, LG might go back to WebOS for its watches as well.

  • Cory S

    They way that is phrased makes it sound like Huawei wanted to do some deep UI skinning and Google doesn’t allow that. I really dont blame them for ditching google though…Google is all over the place, I cant even take them seriously anymore.

    • Turb0wned

      Google really is losing it.

      • ddevito

        losing what exactly?

        • Brian Himes

          I’d imagine he/she is referring to Google constantly making new products/services and then abandoning them. They really do have a terrible track record.

          Hell even the much loved nexus brand has lost it’s timely updates.

    • calculatorwatch

      Huawei has a great history with UI skins (/s). Sounds like Google was trying to save them from themselves.

    • ddevito

      lol wtf are you talking about? “all over the place”

  • zgetdemize

    bye bye Huawei

  • Erik Tyler

    Google will never make their own smartwatch. It’s a pipe dream…

    • glimmerman76

      there making there own phones… The pixel and pixel xl will be google branded. You wont see HTC anywhere on them. Just like foxconn builds all apples phones.

  • Tyler Durden

    And people will ditch Huawei

    • No they won’t

      • Tyler Durden

        Then they’re hypocrites

  • Stabby McKnifington

    The impact will be felt by dozens of people. DOZENS!

    • Francisco Peña

      That’s too many…..

      But at least we will see Groupon having the watches down to $49.99

  • tnt

    For those that like the Gear S2 (myself included) – the more support the better.. more apps!

  • James Bray

    Well that’s annoying. I wish Samsung would just hurry up and ditch Android altogether so that Google isn’t held hostage by them.

    • LaFave07

      Seems like nobody wants to play ball with Google anymore..

      • crimraw62

        Seems like Google is feeling the same…

      • James Bray

        Looks like Google might not need them to if they start making their own hardware…

        • Turb0wned

          Oh, google needs Samsung.

          • Brian Himes

            Well they needed Samsung.

          • PerhapsNever

            No they don’t. Hardware/Android/Software is a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to their revenue streams. Samsung could go under today and Google would be just fine monetarily.

          • AbbyZFresh

            No. Samsung is the largest Andorid OEM by far. Losing them would be a major blow since mobile is becoming an important part of Google’s revenue.

            And if these rumors about Huawei are true, it won’t be so far fetched to see them do the same in the future.

          • PerhapsNever

            Totally incorrect. Yes, they are the largest OEM, however, were they to go with Tizen, their adoption rate would plummet. Samsung is far more reliant on Google than Google is on them. Common folk may think every Android phone is a “Samsung” phone, but the reality is that they are still Android phones and that is what people know.

            For further proof, just look at when Samsung tried to make Tizen based phones. That didn’t exactly go over so well.

          • PerhapsNever

            That’s still incorrect. Samsung is much more reliant on Google than Google is on Samsung. When common folk see pretty much any Android device, they “think” it’s a Samsung device. However, it’s still Android. Were Samsung to go 100% Tizen, their market penetration would plummet. This is a fact that has been proven already; The largest amount of Tizen based devices sold was ~3,000,000 units in 2015. (source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/samsung-tizen-market-share-2015/).

            On their watches, people also notice that Tizen lacks there too; the biggest complaint is that there are no apps for Tizen based watches.

    • tnt

      You know, if they were able to get some major apps to support them, I could see this actually being feasible given their massive market reach.

    • James_75

      The only way that’s going to happen is if Samsung can retain the Play store and some of the Google services.

  • tmmacara

    I hope I still get Android Wear 2.0 on my Huawei Watch.