Huawei Watch Pre-Order Hits Amazon, Priced From $349 to $799

The Huawei Watch, previously reported to go official next week during IFA, is now up for pre-order on Amazon. According to the listing, there are four models — Black/Black, Gold/Brown, Gold/Gold, and Stainless Steel/Black — priced rather high when compared to other Android Wear devices on the market.

To start, the “cheapest” model is the Stainless Steel/Black, featuring a steel-colored case and black leather band. This device is priced at $350. The most expensive, referred to as the Gold/Gold option, is listed at $799. Yup, that’s some serious dough.  (more…)

It’s 2015, Why Do All Android Phones Still Include a “But”

The year is 2015 and we still don’t have a perfect smartphone. I’d argue that there isn’t even a phone that is all that close to being perfect. I’m not saying that all of today’s phones are bad, because most are very, very good and you will probably be satisfied with whatever you choose. But every single one of them includes a big “but.” Hear me out.

Over the past few years, we have seen display technology from Samsung that looks more life-like than your TV and is mindblowingly good. We have seen processors reach PC-like power and efficiency levels. RAM is insanely fast. The Galaxy Note 5 has 4GB of it, people. 4GB. Storage is also faster than ever before. We even have fast wireless charging now! Cameras are reaching point-and-shoot territory. No, smartphone cameras are coming close to eclipsing some point-and-shoots. Metals are being used. Glass is too. Phones look like high-end watches or jewelry, yet do more than a computer in many instances. Technology is, well, pure awesome right now. So why is it that every single Android manufacturer can’t make us the perfect phone.

Why isn’t there a perfect option right now?   (more…)

Huawei Watch is “Right Around the Corner”

Huawei’s Android Wear-powered wearable, the Huawei Watch, is officially right around the corner. As shown on a dedicated webpage where anyone can register to be notified of its availability, the smartwatch will soon hit the market after what feels like months of waiting and speculation as to whether it would ever actually launch.

Previewed all the way back in February during MWC, we know the Huawei Watch will likely target the high-end of the smartwatch market, pitting itself against the LG Watch Urbane and the hopefully upcoming Moto 360 V2 from Motorola.  (more…)

You Decide: Is This the Huawei Nexus?

We’re getting closer to Nexus season, which means purported leaks of upcoming devices are going to surface more often. Take today for example, where we have a new video of a device that the internet wants you to believe is the upcoming Huawei Nexus, aka “angler.” Is it? I don’t think anyone actually knows outside of Huawei and Google, but there are some things worth discussing here.  (more…)

OpenSignal Posts 2015 Android Fragmentation Report

Note: Every year, OpenSignal publishes an Android Fragmentation Report, detailing a few conceptions about the relationship between how many different devices there are on the market to how this makes developing for Android more difficult. Everything from OS fragmentation to screen size fragmentation is measured, but in actuality, Google has released countless tools for developers to minimize any hardship there is to get an app working on any and all supported Android devices. Long story short, we enjoy these reports for the pretty graphs detailing all of the phones, not the misleading talk on how Android is a fragmented mess and is scaring developers away. Enjoy.

Fragmentation is an interesting word to Android users. It used to represent how bad Android was with regard to OS updates and app development, but it’s really just the nature of having a free OS available to any OEM that wants to use it. Yes, Google does its best at making updates readily available for OEMs who want to implement them, and powering developers with tools to create the best apps they can regardless of a device’s screen size, but according to the latest Android Fragmentation Report posted by OpenSignal, there is still a long ways to go.  (more…)

Shots of Huawei Watch Retail Packaging Arrive, Looks All Sorts of Premium

Huawei still has yet to provide a release date and price for the Android Wear-powered Huawei Watch, so until then, we will continue to drool and wish Huawei could hurry up and release it to the masses. In the latest leak, it appears images of the smartwatch’s retail packaging have been posted online, with a working unit inside. Could we hope this means the rumors of it launching in September or October are wrong? Anything’s possible at this point.  (more…)