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Google Reported to Launch Huawei-Made 7″ Android Tablet

According to Evan Blass on Twitter, Google is working with Huawei to launch a new 7-inch tablet later this year. Will it be a Nexus? A Pixel? We don’t quite know yet. A single specification was provided by Blass, reporting that the device will feature 4GB of RAM. There’s no word yet on processor, LTE capability, or anything else. 

The last Android tablet Google launched was the Pixel C, a very nice, yet very boring device. As for the last Nexus tablet, that was the Nexus 9, being yet another mediocre Android tablet experience. Given that this new tablet may feature a 7″ display, it seems reasonable to assume Google would utilize the popular Nexus 7 name to market this product. However, with all of the Pixel vs. Nexus public branding confusion going on, it’s hard to say what Google might call it.

Earlier this year, a trademark popped up for “Huawei 7P,” but not much information followed since all signs were pointing at HTC to create this year’s Nexus phones. If this “7P” trademark was directed at a possible tablet device, that makes more sense. Additionally, don’t forget that the general manager of Huawei’s consumer group in South Africa stated, “We’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way.”

Regardless of what they call it, people enjoyed the Nexus 7 tablets, so a followup would likely be welcomed by the Android community.

Would you be interested in a Nexus 7 (2016)?

Via: @evleaks
  • Chris.Collins

    This might sound silly, but my dream device is an almost all screen 6.5 to 7 inch phablet. I look at the wasted space (bezel wise) and really just want a bit more screen with a good slab of battery underneath it. I would have no problems carrying such a device around.

  • Jay Ward

    If it has phone function, waterproof, front facing speakers, wireless charging, I might finally give up my Nexus 6. I need a big screen.

  • iluvthesoftsoft

    Front facing speakers, please. Does this mean it has a kirin as opposed to a snapdragon?

  • iluvthesoftsoft

    Nexus or Pixel? How about the Huawei 7p (p for pixus)

  • Firelight

    Hell to the yes! I was ‘this’ close to pulling the trigger on a Shield K1 Tablet since Amazon got them back in-stock. Then I saw the leak from Blass and have decided to wait.

    Now my new neurosis is when it does release: will there be enough quantities so I can get one before June 2017 because my 2013 N7 is dying!

  • Jay Quir
  • NYAvsFan

    I would absolutely buy it. I still use my 2013 N7 every single day whether at home or traveling. It’s held up incredibly well, wouldn’t mind seeing its heir arise!

  • br_hermon

    Any chance Google markets PIxels as Phones, Nexus as tablets and Chromebooks as laptops? Personally I kind of doubt it but it’s interesting to consider.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I’m ready for a new tablet. My N7 was too small, and SGN10.1(2014) was a little big. Here’s hoping for a Huawei 8 inch tablet. Love my Huawei Nexus 6P and would expect similar quality from a tablet of the red flower company.

  • knightracer

    I’m ready for a new 7 inch. Nexus 7 (2012) died a long time ago. Nexus 7 (2013) still works great a multimedia remote/reading device. My Nexus 9 is stuck in HTC customer service hell. My primary tablet is now a 9.7 iPad Pro, and it’s pretty close to the perfect tablet. I still think it’s overpriced, but it does everything I throw at it without issues.

  • Nexus 7 was PERFECT, I cant wait for this form factor again with clean Android…I would still be using mine if my son didn’t toss it in the toilet : (

  • Benjamin Oram

    With Nougat I want another nexus 10…really utilize that screen space.

  • Aardvark99

    Oooooooh, Even Blass is EVLeaks. I was wondering why some dude named Evan on Twitter was making the news. A little more context or a link to the tweet would have been nice.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Smaller Pixel phone, 4K Chromecast, Google Home, And this tablet?… I’m going to need a bigger wallet, because I want them all!

  • Glich

    7 is too small. I already have a 6p. I love the size of my nexus 9 its just a bit durpy at times.

    • hkklife

      Here’s what we need, Google:

      7″ is too small. But a high-quality 8 or 8.3″ (maybe even 4:3) Android Pixel/Chrome tablet would be great. Make it AFFORDABLE but still decentlys pec’d like the N7 2013 was ! $250-$300 ish would be perfect.

      Pixel C is too expensive, too heavy and too limited in storage. We need a lightweight 10″ or 10.5″ 16:10 tablet WITH a mcroSD slot or at least 64/128/256 storage variants as a media consumption device. Bascially, we need a Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ in Nexus form with modern specs. Maybe $400ish? or $450 with a keyboard dock standard?

      • BobButtons

        16:10 ftw. I use my Tab S 8.4 for video watching 95% of the time and I use it every day. I declined to upgrade to the S 2 because 1) my current one still does everything I want and 2) 4:3 just means bigger black bars on videos, not to mention them lowering the pixel density for who knows what reason. I hope the S 3 goes back but not expecting it. Luckily someone released Nougat for the Tab S as I plan to stick with it for the foreseeable future.

  • I would love an updated Nexus 9, please!

  • paul_cus

    Doubtful I’ll go for it, since I like bigger tablets now. I liked the OG Nexus 7 when i had it back in 2012, though. Bet it’ll sell well.

  • Nw_adventure

    Any ideas on what to do with a 1st Gen N7 that techincally “works” but is too slow for much of anything ?

    • Raven

      Alarm clock or dedicated music streaming device. Maybe if you have some “SmartHome” gear it could be a dedicated remote.

    • afda

      I have the dock so I use my 2012 bedside the bed with the time, weather and news Daydream (non-VR thingy). It’s barely usable for that. My 2013 is still going strong but it showing its age with slowdowns, and I’m always running out of space with the few (huge) games I play on it.

    • Bourne, Jason C.

      Use mine as either an E-reader or watching movies, I factory reset it and only loaded Netflix onto it.

    • Matt Virus

      Flash PhoenixOS. It runs very well on my 2012 n7

    • unknowngalaxy

      The trick is to downgrade to 4.4. 5.0 killed the performance, but once I downgraded I installed all of the various Chromecast-enabled apps (Netflix, Hulu, kids apps, etc.) and it’s perfect as a tablet on the coffee table that you use purely as a chromecast/remote control.

      I’ll also add that I have both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz networks in my house, and the fact that my N7 is on the 2.4 GHz network with my Chromecast means I can keep my Nexus 5X on the 5 GHz one and enjoy solid speeds there too.

    • Bowsek

      Install Greenify!

      I recently revived my 2012 Nexus 7 to use as an ebook reader cuz it’s just the perfect size. I had stopped using it because of the horrendous lag that came with the 5.0 update over a year ago. With a factory reset and Greenify installed, the 2012 N7 is now relativity lag free and properly usable again. I couldn’t believe it! It’s still chugging along nicely after a month since I dug it back out of the grave, so I’m pretty confident the Greenify app will work wonders for you with the 2013 N7

  • SEAN

    How convenient of them to launch this as they bricked 1000s of 2013 nexus 7s useless

    • Bricked 7

      I am in posession of one of these.
      How has there not been a class action or something? They never even admitted it. grrrr

    • Slainte Threeseventeen

      Missed that report….what happened?

      • SeanS

        Just google “bricked nexus 2013 7” and you’ll see endless reports and complaints

  • calculatorwatch

    I think they should go ahead and give this full phone capabilities. Seems to me there’s plenty of people on here who would love to use a 7″ tablet as a phone.

  • Mike

    I’ve been using a Chrome OS convertible device (Laptop that folds into a tablet) for a bit now and coming from a Nexus 10 I couldn’t be happier.

    I have access to both Android and Chrome OS apps, an actual keyboard and trackpad, and pretty decent performance for the price.

    I’m not saying it’s the absolute go to for folks looking for an Android tablet but to me, this definitely seems to be the better route.

  • evltwn

    I love N7, still have the 2013 version. Although it needs a new charging port. I also have the N9, and I’m ready to get rid of it. The only thing good about it is the front facing speakers. I hope this comes with stock Android and has a front speakers. 7in tablet is the perfect size for a small tablet. Easy to carry, and great for traveling.

    • BobButtons

      If they don’t release what you want any time soon you should look into finding an 8.4 Tab S. You can install stock Android on it (someone just released Nougat), great size screen, AMOLED, SD slot, the battery isn’t officially removable but it’s easy to replace if it dies, and while the speakers aren’t front facing, there are 2 and on the sides instead of the back.

  • Jeromeh

    Make it the same size as the 2013 N7 and I’ll drop it in my car and in the house and everywhere else I have a 2013 N7 mounted.

  • Suicide_Note

    As much as i loved my 2nd gen Nexus 7, there’s really no point to owning a tablet when you already own a phone like the 6P.

    Android on a tablet is no different than on a phone, so why bother at this point? There’s really no compelling reason for me to buy an Android tablet any more. If i want to view content on a larger screen, I’ll just cast it to my tv instead of viewing it on my phone.

    • Yea if you’re into the gargantuan N6 and N6P, there really isn’t a good reason to get a 7″ tablet. But if you’re like me and prefer ~5″ phones like the S7, you find uses for the N7. I still use mine to:

      Read on the toilet
      Read on the couch, especially if the phone is charging.
      Watch Netflix in bed without disturbing my fiancee who is usually asleep by 10pm (Especially handy with the flip cover case that acts as a stand too)
      Use as car nav / infotainment on long road trips
      Dedicated Chromecast device / remote
      Use with Android Device Manager when I can’t find my damn phone
      Reply to SMS (Hangouts GV) when my phone isn’t handy or is charging

      • BobButtons

        That’s what I’ve come to realize. I had an LG G3 and Nexus 7 and rarely ever used the tablet because of it, never cared enough to switch over. Now I’m on a 5X with an 8.4″ tablet and use it all the time. The bigger the difference you have between them the more likely you are to switch over to the other.

    • DanSan

      Yea, tablets are taking a serious beating. Majority of people are starting to own bigger screen phones so its kind of redundant for a lot of people.

      I never touch my Nexus 7 unless im using it on a flight or something.

    • Minecraft with the kids is much better on a 7″-10″ screen.

    • NYAvsFan

      Disagree. I have a 6P and a 7. I hate gaming or reading anything other than a text or email on the 6P. The 7 is the perfect size for entertainment purposes.

  • Dear Google/HTC,

    Take the N7 2013 and make it better. I don’t care if you make it out of metal, plastic or fairy farts. Just give me a black option.

    • vzwuser76

      Hey, we finally agree on something!

  • sc0rch3d

    Pixel phone and Nexus tablet? definitely sounds like an authentic Google possibility

    • don’t forget a new Chromebox and a Google Experience Ice Cream Maker

    • MattG

      Yeah, this seems like exactly the thing Google would screw up.

  • Daniel Thomas

    I’m not really sure where a tablet fulfills any need I have. The only reason I can see purchasing a tablet is for the kids to play with. My mom has a bunch of cheap Nexus 7s laying around for when the grandkids come over. As for me, there is nothing a tablet can do that I can’t already do on my phone and/or laptop.

  • Ryan

    All of the android tablets I have had slowed down terribly and constantly have memory issues. I think I will give up and go IOS, at least for tablets.

    • iluvthesoftsoft

      Yeah, the best deal out there is the ipad air 2, 64 gb version, for $399. Unfortunately, many android tabs are limited by build quality and/or specs. But I also own a pixel c, and it easily goes toe to toe with the air 2. Some folks like the s2 tab from Samsung…seems like a pretty good tablet, but Samsung’s history with tablets and updates is horrible.

  • mlm5em

    Yes! Requests:
    1. Smaller Bezels
    2. All Aluminum Frame
    3. Same footprint with 8″ Screen (see #1)
    4: $180 – $230

    • Agree with most of this but, why do you need aluminum frame?

      • mlm5em

        I’m not a huge fan of plastic, and I don’t tend to drop tablets. Though I would love a cutout of glass/plastic for wireless charging. Especially if it fit the 4 magnetic hooks on the Nexus wireless charger.

        • Can you make a compelling argument for why [mostly] metal is better than plastic?

        • Cory S

          Supposedly Qualcomm has a method of wireless charging through metal bodies built into their latest SoCs for a year or so now…but I haven’t seen anyone implement it.

          • vzwuser76

            I remember that. It broke around the same time last year’s Nexus devices came out. But it still seems like it’s an either or thing, either metal body or wireless charging. Maybe the costs to implement aren’t worth it?

          • bringus

            Yup, and a faster, more accurate 3D fingerprint reader that works through a metal back or the front display, but no one has implemented that either.

        • Jason B

          I’d be fine with metal if they put heat insulation materials under the areas you touch.

          Otherwise, they’ll just use the metal back as a huge conductor for heat dissipation, because performance! And these modern SoCs are mighty toasty.

    • vzwuser76

      The first three seem fine, but with all of those features and the latest components, the prices you mentioned probably aren’t doable. There’s a reason why cheaper devices have larger bezels and plastic bodies, they’re cheaper to implement.

  • Matt Heuer

    I’d be most interested if it comes with any type of fast charging. I use my N7 (2013) as a car GPS device and the charging can barely keep up.

    • I use it in the car for longer road trips instead of my phone. My 1a car charger keeps it topped off with bluetooth streaming and nav running, screen on.

      • Matt Heuer

        Interesting. Mine can’t seem to stay ahead of it as well for some reason.

        • TC Infantino

          Possibly the charger is at fault? I know that the charger I used for my Droid Maxx a few years ago didn’t want to keep up with the drain of GPS and streaming music through Bluetooth. I ditched the car charger for one from Verizon, and it fixed the issue. After that, it could charge fairly fast, even with the constant use of GPS, Bluetooth, and streaming music.

  • Bourne, Jason C.

    All I need you to do is capture the magic that was the Nexus 7 2013 (build, size, price, Neuxs updates, with some 6P magic sprinkled here and there).
    To this day, my Nexus 7 is still humming along NICELY but I’m ready for a refresh, ESPECIALLY if it takes full advantage of Nougat and the certain updates that only new devices will receive.

    • vzwuser76

      Agreed. Still love my 2013 N7. The battery on that thing lasts for days.

    • Raven

      Hell yes. I still use my 2013 Nexus 7 all of the time, but the charging port is getting a little wonky and sometimes inexplicably it will refuse to rotate the screen until I reboot, so it is due for a replacement. I have been seriously considering the nVidia Shield Tablet, but now I will hold out for more information on this new tablet.

      • Jim

        There’s a couple fixes for the charging port and the rotation issue. I had the rotation issue myself, I just pushed the connector in a little more and it helped, though now my screen isn’t as responsive as it was. As for the charging port, mine got yanked by the charger as it was charging, I just bent the port in a bit with pliers, all good since.

        I would LOVE a successor as my 7 2013 is used heavily. I’d prefer an 8 inch screen but would take a 7 inch screen again. Give me a bigger battery and front facing stereo speakers and I will buy asap.

    • Under the bridge downtown

      Need to keep wireless charging though.

      • Bourne, Jason C.

        If I have to choose between fast charging USB-C and wireless (to keep the price lower), just give me the fast charging.

        But for some reason, even though it doesn’t need it, I think they’ll put a fingerprint sensor on it…

    • Nick V

      My Nexus 7 (2013) runs even smoother than my Nexus 6p. I am not sure how, but there is a lot more lag in the 6p than in the 7. Love my 7, but I can tell it is getting a little worse for the wear..

    • palomosan

      I agree, I’m still rocking my N7 2013 and I wont replace it until it dies or Google decides to give me a worthy replacement and its seems that Google finally remember us, can’t wait.

  • Mike

    YES! Finally a suitable replacement for my 2013 7. Perfect timing too, since it’s not getting Google updates anymore as of Nougat.

  • TypoCorrecto

    Yeah, possibly. It all depends on price.

  • Dirge


    • Daishi

      Says the guy that said this:
      Dirge Daishi • 5 days ago
      I googled it and found only click bait titles on websites that are nothing more than click bait articles.

      It isn’t happening.

  • rebretz000

    Depending on price, I could use a new tablet.