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Pokémon GO Beta Updated With All-New Tracker System

After yesterday’s update to the Pokémon GO app (you know, the one that brought us grass), beta testers are beginning to see what we would label as a major update for the in-game Pokémon tracking system.

Revealed last night by multiple testers of the game on Twitter and reddit, Niantic has been hearing our cries. Not only does the company intend on bringing a solid tracking system back into the game, but is making it easier to find select Pokémon you have around you in general. 

When and if this update rolls out for all, here’s how the new system works.

Down in your Nearby section, you will see Pokémon at Pokéstops by your location. The photos listed in the Nearby section represent the corresponding Pokéstop. To catch that Pokémon, simply head to that Pokéstop. Users can click on the Pokémon and the game will indicate which Pokéstop has the creature for you to snag, just in case you aren’t familiar with the picture provided for that Stop.

Before this beta update, the game only detailed how many “foot steps” you were away from a Pokémon. With this update, it becomes extremely easy to nail down the location of the Pokémon you are after.

As stated, this update is currently in beta testing, meaning it has the potential to launch for all players very soon. Of course, once it is live on Google Play, we will be the first to tell you.

Via: @ummjackson
  • Vera Lolita

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  • Ryan

    They need something that works for everyone. I would rather they show pokemon and give a regular plain general direction such as North, South, East or West, which ever longitude or latitude direction is greater so you still have to track. What they are doing isn’t really tracking but showing exactly where they are.

    Anyway, this game only works well for city dwellers. There isn’t much for pokestops out in the sticks. If your in a one pokestop town and even live right under a pokestop it will take too long to load up on balls to have any fun. I live in an urban suburb with 3 parks and a tourist strip loaded with pokestops, 15-20 in just a half mile walk and enough dotted around residential neighborhood parks to keep me loaded up with balls on a bike.

    I could think of so many more fun things and challenges they could add. When winter comes, I won’t be out and probably won’t be playing at all. I’m still having fun with this as of now but as any other fun game I’ve played, will grow bored of this. I hope for a next new game like this with new challenges to come out next year.

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  • Nicktrance

    There won’t be an update from the play store since it’s the same APK they just need to enable it based on location. So far I believe it’s only enabled in San Francisco.

  • SD_Scott

    This might be overkill and make it a little too easy to find Pokemon. Just bring back the original tracking paw prints and I’d be happy.

  • Rhas ‘Churol

    That seems like a bad idea. “Walk around and look for Pokemon” becomes “Go to the marked location and get the Pokemon that’s there”. Not only does it severely limit the play-ability of the game(having to go to a Pokestop just to capture a Pokemon), but it also takes the uncertainty and the actual ‘looking for’ out of the game.

  • bogy25

    I have never played it and never will. Like being different

    • hoosiercub88

      Cool story.

  • looks totally fake, why is his notification bar doubled?

    • Michael

      What’re you talking about?

      • Noeltorious

        It’s white and black almost like it has a shadow, have to admit that is strange

        • or like he put 2 videos on top of each other and forgot to edit the top out.

    • jabarri2

      i see what you mean, could it be the way it was recorded?

  • paul_cus

    Looks good

  • Bryan Slodden

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  • Andrei

    where can i get the beta?

    • sc0rch3d

      looks like it was open for a short time around April-May and is now closed (reading articles on Google)

      • jabarri2

        well i was a beta user but i still didn’t get this

    • Pokemon Go is no longer in beta. This new tracking system appears to be a server side switch

      • JRUIV

        No, but there are beta testers for updates doy

        • Michael

          It’s server side. They selected players and switched them over to the new system server side.

          • In Japan

            So the code is in the apk. But there is a switch server side that controls if we see the sightings tab or tracking tab? Is that what youre saying?
            So If I just create new user after user eventually ill get lucky and get the tracking?

          • DonEmu

            The app has millions of users, creating multiple accounts would only increase your chances by minor fractions.

  • Brandon Bergeron

    The only issue I see is what if you live somewhere where there are not a lot of Pokestops nearby. This tracking features seems to only track Pokemon near pokestops. Its a start I guess.

    • jabarri2

      exactly what I was about to comment. they aren’t playing nice for towns and country sides

      • Annejpatton

        <<tw. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!ir255m:……….

      • Miguel Martins

        thought it was only a problem in my country.

    • Mayoo

      It’s a restart actually … The old system was all that we needed. Let us search it, all we want is to know if we are close or far.

  • Defenestratus

    How about – Pokemon No.

  • rodney11ride

    Are we still talking about Pokemon… geesh lol

  • Synacks

    a worthy update to the current worthless setup